2005, 2020

200+ Ideas To Find The Best Cereal Brand Name of All Time

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Trying to figure out what to name your cereal brand? We're here to help! When consumers think of cereal brands what often comes to mind is the mass-market ready to eat breakfasts of their yesteryear. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. Rice Krispies. And of course what child of the 90s doesn't remember [...]

1905, 2020

68 Good and Bad Craft Brewery Brand Name Ideas

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The value of a distinct craft brewery name can't be overstated. At the time of writing there are over 7,400 breweries operating in the United States. There's probably entrenched competition in your area making it more difficult stand out from the herd even with a catchy name. If you're reading [...]

1705, 2020

27 Critical Goat Milk Industry Market Share Statistics

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The goat milk market is a billion dollar industry thriving as one of the top nutritional drinks in the beverage industry. In fact, global goat milk production increased by around 60% from 1990s up to 2017. Goat's milk production is scattered globally from developing countries such as the Middle East, [...]

1505, 2020

33 Mostly Depressing Bottled Water Industry Statistics

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The bottled water represents 25% of total beverage consumption in the United States. Pair that with steadily increasing international sales, the drink is positioned for even greater dominance as a category leader. But there's also growing headwinds and louder criticism in this industry that's blamed for over 100 million bottles [...]

1405, 2020

149 Profitable Indian Restaurant Name Ideas by Menu Theme

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Starting an Indian restaurant, takeout place or even a food truck? We've got you covered with a huge list of brand name suggestions you can use to create a profitable food service business. This resource is organized by theme below. If you already know the menu you plan to serve [...]

1305, 2020

55 Disruptive Soup Industry Statistics and Market Data

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Soup is said to have existed as early as 20,000 B.C. Our ancestors boiled soup using sealed baskets out of tree barks and animal hides, cooking instruments of the time. Safe to say, soup has evolved with the over the centuries right alongside mankind. Through the invention of canning and other [...]