Verified BuilderLooking for a high-quality manufacturer to build your mobile food unit? Not sure if the local builder you’re considering can fulfill their promises? Then food truck manufacturers directory at was assembled for you.

This directory was developed based on feedback from readers like you that wanted a place to locate quality builders and a voice to provide feedback about unethical shops that don’t hold up their end of the bargain. We’ve organized the most comprehensive list of manufacturers available to help entrepreneurs make more informed purchasing decisions about the biggest one-time investment you’ll make in your business. Each review page includes photographs of past builds, company descriptions, contact details, customer reviews other information that’s available.

We’ve also organized a list of Verified Builders to help you identify world-class builders as fast as possible. These are builders we’ve spoken to personally, have a proven track record of quality builds, and support the continued growth of the mobile food industry.

Finally, this directory needs your help to be even better. If you’ve worked with a world-class manufacturer in the past, write to us about your experience so that the community can benefit. If you can’t find your manufacturer listed here, complete this form to be considered for inclusion.

Verified Builders

M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks Located in Florida. 

Prime Design Food Trucks  – Located in Arizona.

Manufacturer Directory – Listed by State

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Prime Design Food Trucks  – Verified Builder


Carlin Manufacturing
Experiential Food Truck Rental 
LA Custom Food Trucks
LA Stainless Kings
Mobie Experiential Trucks
U.S. Catering Trucks MFG, LLC

Kareem Carts Manufacture & Commissary
Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co, Inc 
California Cart Builder 
WYSS Catering Trucks
MSM Catering Trucks Manufacturing
Legion Manufacturing
West Coast Catering Trucks
Plano Manufacturing
AA Cater Truck Inc.
El Monte Catering Truck
Food Cart USA


Carts of Colorado, Inc. 
Mile High Custom Food Trucks


Creative Mobile Systems, Inc
Cart Concepts International


Crown Food Carts


M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks – Verified Builder
High Standard Customs
Miami Trailer
Food Truck Heaven 
Trailers USA
AAA Concession Trucks and Trailers
Trailer Factory
ADG Food Trucks
Concession Nation
Cool Blue Customs Food Trucks
Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks
One Fat Frog Food Trucks and Trailers
Concession Nation


Food Trucks South
Advanced Concession Trailers
Best Built Trailer 
RPM Truck and Trailer


Double R Trailer Mfg., Inc.
Sno Shack, Inc. 


Schantz Mfg. Inc.


Custom Concessions
Prestige Food Trucks
Southern Yankee BBQ 
Millennium Trailers


Merchandising Frontiers Inc


Mobile Kitchen Solutions 


Red Door Trucks
Bostonian Body, Inc.


Detroit Custom Coach
Morgan Olson LLC


Chameleon Concessions


Coastal Concessions 


Missouri Great Dane
APEX Specialty Vehicles 


Ibarra’s Mobile Kitchen Solutions

New Jersey 

Custom Sales and Services Inc.
Push-Cart International
Vending Trucks, Inc.
Experiential Truck Rentals, Inc.
Custom Mobile Food Equipment

New York

800 Buy Cart
All Star Carts and Vehicles
Willy Dogs
Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions
M Design
Road Kitchens USA

North Carolina 

Biz on Wheels
JRP Concession Trailers 
Jack of All Trades by George
Concession Works


All a Cart Mfg. Inc.
C. Nelson Manufacturing Co.
Trailex Concession Trailers 
Cleveland Custom Trucks
Custom Creations 


Northwest Mobile Kitchens
Carriage Works
Ross RV & Food Carts
Quality Food Trailers


Eri Vending Cart

South Carolina 

Gorilla Fabrication 


Chef Units, LLC
Cruising Kitchens 
Houston Food Truck Masters
CKF Venus
On the Move, Inc. 
Texas Mobile Kitchens


Snowie LLC
Utah Food Trucks


East Coast Launch Pad 
Rolling Restaurants  
Cardinal Carts and Equipment Inc.  
Kitchen Corps, Inc
Joe The Cart Guy


Caged Crow Fabrication


Bella Manufacturing


Silver Star Metal Fabricating Inc.
Kitchens on Wheels
Apollo Food Trucks
Mobile Kitchens Canada
Food Trucks Inc
Venture Food Trucks
Camion Unique Truck Inc.

How to Work with a Custom Food Truck Builder 

Here’s what you can expect with a professional food truck builder after reaching out.

The process begins with understanding what you need in a food or trailer truck build. Everyones food truck quote will be a little different depending on your menu, needs, and preferences. Whether you decide to buy a brand new unit or a used unit will also determine cost.

A reputable builder won’t quote you a final price until understanding exactly what you need inside your food truck. For example, if you operate a pizza truck you’ll need a completely different set of equipment installed compared to a BBQ truck or coffee truck. These equipment needs will determine the cost of installation and a completed build.

To get a general sense of what you can expect to spend invest with a food truck or trailer check out our post on the total costs of opening a food truck here. You can expect to invest between $40,000 – $125,000 with a food truck manufacturer for a custom build.

Outside a basic food truck.

Getting a Free Custom Quote on a New Build

After having a few conversations, you should be able to get a blue-print from the builder outlining exactly how the layout of your mobile food unit will look. The builder will also make sure the layout is designed with equipment to pass all local health inspections and permits for your area. Most reputable builders will be well-aware of local requirements like a 3-compartment sink, plumbing, and any safety requirements from the fire department.

Make sure to review the blue-print and design from the builder before signing an agreement. Make sure the layout works well for the workflow on your truck or trailer. You’ll be working inside this unit for years to come so you want to make sure it’s comfortable and functional.

After you sign an agreement with a builder, all you need to do is wait and get updates. More often then not it will take 3 – 6 months for a manufacturer to outfit a mobile kitten. Ask if the company will provide repairs fee of charge for at least 30 days after the build is complete in case minor adjustments need to be made. This is pretty typical.

Food Truck, Trailer, Cart or Van 

One of the simplest ways to save money on a new build is when you select a food truck, trailer, cart or mobile food van. Food trucks will typically cost the most money because they come included with an engine. Trailers are less expensive and typically can be purchased for $20,000 – $50,000. But you’ll still need a truck to tow the unit so you get what you pay for.

A good in-between option is investing in a mobile food van. A food van can give you a reliable vehicle at a lower cost then starting a food truck. But the space on a van will also be limited. Not all menus will be able to be executed with a van, especially if you’re planning a complex menu. Some concepts that can pull off a van include novelty ice cream, coffee vans, Hawaiian food, and tacos. Ask your manufacturer what option is best for your situation.


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