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Description:  Custom Creations is a custom made food truck and trailer builder based out of Ohio. Stylistically, most of our trucks fit the same basic design with differing options in length, though we can and do take on different styles and unique builds if they fit your budget. We take pride in every project we take, designing each to fill your needs and budget, customizing each to maximize your business potential. Part of our job is constantly researching to find the best and most affordable equipment and materials to use in the builds, as well as ensuring you meet all codes and regulations.

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Past Customers: Morels Food Truck, Blue Oven Bakery

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Avoid a costly mistake and shop for your truck elsewhere.  I am not going to go into all the negatively details because there are too many to mention.  Suffice it to say that the truck did not make it home, a two hour drive from Custom Creations Dayton area location, where we picked it up.  The problems were both major and minor from and ranged from their installation of a bad engine and a transmission that could not support the weight to rigging the water pump directly to the main battery using speaker wire.  Yes, speaker wire!  Worst of all they were completely unresponsive and would not allow us to take the truck back to their shop for checking.  In excess of $15,000 later in repairs we have met three other Custom Creations’ customers with similar problems. –  Yvonne from

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A graduate in Bachelors of the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes, Andrew Steifer has spent his days obsessing over everything food and drink. While working towards his Wine Certification, he started writing his own Food Truck Blog focused on reviewing all the mobile vendors of Minnesota. Being the first person to stubbornly pursue a blog like this for their newly budding street food scene, it's safe to say Andrew's love of food trucks is almost dangerous, at least to his wallet. He's been writing since 2013, drinking since 2010, and consuming every delicious morsel he can find every chance he gets.
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    The above blog from Cuban Pete Sandwiches are sadly mistaken about the chain of events that happened. First of all Custom Creations installed a engine for no charge on the labor and custom creations even paid for half of the engine! The owners of Cuban Pete Sandwiches then picked up the truck from custom creations and drove said vehicle over 75 mph to get to Lexington, Kentucky within a 1 hours time to get to a function he had scheduled. The owners of Cuban Pete exceeded the speed limit and pushed the truck to hard and blew the motor. Custom Creations had advised him to pull over and have the vehicle checked out, BUT owner keep driving the vehicle until motor locked up.. Then owner called wanting a new engine put in again! IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM IS CUSTOM CREATIONS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHAIN OF EVENTS THAT CUBAN PETE DID TO THEMSELVES!!! For them to say this about the quality of the build is libelous and fraudulent!!!! Anyone that owns a food truck knows you don’t go flying up a huge hill that is 4 miles long doing 75 mph in a truck!!! What happened to him is unfortunate, but HE DID IT TO HIMSELF!!!!!! Also custom creations never installed a transmission either. The lies never stop….. If anyone would like the facts of this event you can call custom creations and ask for james and he will gladly tell you the truth!!

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    Custom Creations has an excellent reputation within the food truck community and all of our clients (except Cuban pete sandwiches) are extremely pleased with their trucks! As far as the claims by Cuban pete that three other clients of custom creations has a problem with their trucks, then we encourage you to name them!!! Because they don’t exist that’s why!!!! Of course your mad that you damaged your engine and now you want another one for free. We’ll I guess next time when someone tells you to not go over 55mph in your food truck, maybe you’ll listen. INSTEAD OF TRYING TO BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR FOOLISHNESS!!!! Anyone who would like a picture of Cuban pete’s truck right before he picked it up and damaged the engine, contact james at custom creations and they will gladly send you some pics of a great looking and running food truck!!!! The next time Cuban pete wants to blame somebody for their truck, I suggest you look in the mirror and realize you are the one to blame and stop blaming anyone else!!!!!