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Our mission is simple. We are an education company helping entrepreneurs start or grow food businesses. We support the entrepreneurs through in-depth market research, case studies, podcast and our premium community.

This blog was first published in 2014. My plan was to use the blog to document the process of opening my own food truck business and build some buzz through the process. Back then there was almost no information online on the subject of starting a food truck business. It was a mystery of sorts how these little mobile units were able to legally open for business. I started interviewing food truck owners and published the interviews asking simple questions on how to get started in the industry.

Fast forward a couple years, I noticed that food truck industry was evolving. Food truck owners were parlaying their successes to open restaurants or create full-blown specialty food brands. They were publishing cookbooks, being featured on food television, and became an important part of the larger food industry. As a result, the coverage in our publication shifted to support aspiring food entrepreneurs of all stripes. Whether you want to open a coffee shop, restaurant, food or beverage brand we can help.

Our mission:

1.) Become the ultimate resource to support food entrepreneurship: When someone is considering getting into the food truck business, I want them to find all the resources they need to get started. This website is not there yet, but I believe that it can become achieve this mission in the future.

2.) Fund Startups: I want to be able to use this soapbox to raise capital for deserving entrepreneurs that want to start their own truck. Right now, FoodTruckEmpire.com has begun helping in small ways: like donating a few dollars to select KickStarter campaigns and helping to promote these campaigns. In the future I want to ramp up the funding power of this website big time. This is a key component of the longterm vision.

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Brett Lindenberg