1206, 2021

200+ Best Available Storage Locker Marketing Slogans and Taglines

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Storage locker businesses offer solutions for people and businesses looking for a temporary space store belongings or even store food. The storage locker industry offers storage solutions for people with various needs. Some need a place to park an RV or boat during the winter. Companies like grocery store chains [...]

1106, 2021

181+ Classy Weed Dispensary Marketing Slogans and Taglines

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Weed, grass, pot, dope, hemp, cannabis, and ganja used to be a highly controversial issue. Most of the population opposed legalization of the plant for decades as it was considered a gateway drug into other bad habits. But public sentiment for the product shifted to the point it's a fully [...]

1106, 2021

165+ Funny Bacon Slogans, One-Liners, and Quotes (Ultimate List)

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With its umami flavor, saltiness, and smokiness, bacon can best be described as magical. This crave-worthy pork product dates back to 1500 BCE, making it one of the world’s oldest processed meats. These days, bacon is found in all sorts of unexpected recipes. You can find surprising combos like bacon-infused ice [...]

806, 2021

Best Restaurant Hostess Job Description Example Template (Download Free)

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A restaurant hostess or host is the first person your customer interacts with when they visit your restaurant. A restaurant hostess or host at a busy restaurant is extremely important to help record customer reservations and manage the flow of guests into the dining room. There are an estimates 342,000 [...]

706, 2021

201+ Powerful Anti-Bullying Campaign Slogans That Promote Change

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No matter if you're an employee at a restaurant or a student still in school, no one should be forced to put up with bullying. Bullying can cause long-term emotional issues and make you lost confidence. While it may have been defined in 2014 by the CDC and Department of [...]

606, 2021

155+ Unique Podcast Quotes and Taglines That Grow Audiences

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I've been podcasting since 2013 and built a back catalog of more than 125 episodes in the process. Back when I hit the record button on GarageBand for Mac for my first episode, the concept having a podcast was a pretty new idea. But not anymore. Now, just about every [...]