1504, 2021

150+ Creative Popsicle Business Name Ideas (Ultimate List)

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Created in 1905 in Oakland, California, Popsicles are one of the world’s most popular frozen treats and have come a long way since their inception. Frozen desserts represent more than $1.4 billion dollars in sales. Popsicles are consistently one of the top 5 frozen treats sold in the United States. [...]

1504, 2021

200+ Creative Grocery Store Slogan Ideas and Supermarket Taglines

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The supermarket is one of those steady businesses that doesn't seem to be impacted by big tech or changing times. We literally need a local market with nutritional food to survive.  Last year grocers brought in an eye-popping $6.2 trillion in the United States alone. Grocery stores and supermarkets continue [...]

1404, 2021

250+ Funny to Unique Gardening Business Name Ideas

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Gardening businesses continue to grow. Pun intended! According to industry reports, over the course of ten years from 2010 - 2020, the market size of went from $68 billion dollars a year all the way up to $105 billion dollars. The catalyst for growth in this industry comes from a [...]

1404, 2021

175+ Unforgettable Ice Cream Shop Advertising Slogans and Captions

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Ice cream shops also known as ice cream parlors trace their roots back to 17th century France. Whereas the origin of ice cream is a point of discussion, Francesco Procopio del Coltelli opened Paris' first ice cream shop in 1686, the earliest in recorded history. At the time, ice cream [...]

1304, 2021

200+ Catchy Beverage Advertising Slogans and Drink Taglines

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The global beverage industry is projected to be valued at will be worth $1.86 trillion by the end of 2024. If you’re interested in starting a beverage business, whether that includes alcoholic beverages or not, know that demand in this market continues to grow. Here are more than 200 beverage [...]

804, 2021

101 Little Chef Quotes to Inspire Your Child’s Interest in Cooking

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Spending time in the kitchen with your mom or dad is a shared childhood experience. In addition to bonding, there are important lessons kids can learn in the kitchen that will last a lifetime and eventually be passed down to their own offspring. Inspire your kids interest in cooking and [...]