1511, 2019

How I Started a $150K Gluten-Free Bread Company

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Hello! Who are you and what bread business did you start? I launched Orange Dot Baking Company to share the wildly nourishing and delicious gluten free bread that I developed for my son, Andrew, who has celiac disease.  You see, most gluten free bread is not only unhealthy and boring, [...]

1411, 2019

The 6-Step Marketing Growth Plan for a Home-Based Bakery

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Jennifer Jacobs is the owner and founder of Wandering Whisk Bakeshop in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jennifer owns a boutique bakery studio with an emphasis on custom-work for weddings, corporate events, and catering. Jennifer Jacobs, Founder of Wandering Whisk Bakeshop. But it wasn't always this way. Jennifer had extremely humble beginnings. [...]

1311, 2019

57 Rib-Tickling Thai Restaurant Name Ideas List

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For better or worse, Thai restaurants are prone to eye-rolling names. Punny titles like "Thai One On" or "Getting Thai" are the norm in this genre whether you enjoy a clever title or not. In this list we've organized a list of original Thai restaurant names you can use as [...]

911, 2019

Food Truck VS Restaurant: What’s the Best Option?

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For several years, I operated a food truck on the coast of a sleepy fishing village on the coast of Maine. Because that’s the dream, right? Gorgeous sun-kissed summers, abundant, fresh seafood and ingredients, making your own hours, and answering to nobody but yourself? It’s the kind of thing that [...]

811, 2019

How Startup Weekend Helped Me Launch a Healthy Cookie Business

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Hello! Who are you and what food business did you start? My name’s Julia Devecchi and I’m the Founder of HappyBites! HappyBites creates vegan (and coincidentally gluten-free) cookies that contain your daily needs of vitamins and minerals. Our main customers are vegans, sometimes also vegetarians and gluten-free people. I had [...]

711, 2019

57 (Good and Bad) Homemade Food Business Name Ideas

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Need help naming your homemade food business? No matter if you're selling artisan pickles, fresh-baked cookies or peanut butter smashed with your own hands we're here to help. We've organized a list of 57 name ideas ideal for small cottage food businesses like yours. In this list we've outlined titles [...]