2 02, 2021

50+ Subway Restaurant Slogans and Jingles You’ll Never Forget

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Subway is one of the world’s top quick-serve industry chains with more than 24,000 locations in the United States alone. Subway is the leading sandwich chain in the U.S., topping the sales of its nearest competitor, Arby’s, by more than three times. Among other quick service restaurants in the world, […]

26 01, 2021

The Complete History of Jimmy John’s Marketing Slogans and Quotes

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Jimmy John’s sandwich shop was founded in 1983 by 19 year-old high-school graduate James John Liautaud in Charleston, Illinois. Over the past 4 decades, Jimmy John’s has grown into a widely popular sub sandwich concept with 2,800 stores (including franchises) across the United States.

Opened with a $25,000 capital investment […]

18 08, 2019

The Story of 810 Billiards & Bowling: Franchise Review & Fees

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Hello! Give us a brief overview of your business?

I’m Michael Siniscalchi, Founder & President of 810 Billiards & Bowling.

810 is an upscale entertainment, dining and bar experience that focuses on bringing families and friends together for social interaction, friendly competition […]

7 08, 2019

The Story of California Tortilla: Franchise Review and Fees

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Hello! Who are you and what business do you run?

I’m Bob Phillips, president and CEO of California Tortilla. Our brand is a ‘California-style’ fast-casual Mexican restaurant franchise that reimagines what Mexican food can be through chef-driven menu creations made with the freshest ingredients and […]

2 08, 2019

The Story of Growler USA: Franchise Review and Fees

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Back in 2014, a group of entrepreneurs and friends decided to embark on a new business – one that was based off data and business opportunities. As a group, we had previous success starting other businesses, so we created a list of requirements for what this new business […]