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15 03, 2021

My Ultimate Food Truck SWOT Analysis Template: Free Download

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Planning to conduct a SWOT analysis for your food truck business? That’s really smart! Going through the process of identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) will help you be more prepared for the realities of operating a mobile food unit.

The SWOT analysis offers a deeper understanding of what […]

14 02, 2021

Market Analysis for the $100+ Billion Per Year Burger Business

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Thinking about starting a burger restaurant or truck? We conduct a deep dive into the $100+ billion dollar burger restaurant industry in the United States, the estimated costs to get started, and profit potential for this massive food business opportunity. The companion podcast for this market analysis is brought to […]

14 12, 2020

6 Smart Tips to Test Market Your Food Product

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I got a question from one of our food business academy premium members last week that I felt would be valuable to share with all the readers / listeners of this podcast. She asked about the best ways to test market her new food products and get feedback.  The […]

7 11, 2020

How to Generate Hundreds of Profitable Podcast Name Ideas Like Me

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Wondering what to name your podcast? I’m here to help you choose a name, topic, and even share how I make money with a podcast. I want you to know what to expect before pressing record on your first episode.

Click on the navigation links below to jump straight to the […]

27 04, 2020

How to Run Social Media Ads for Restaurants in 2020

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This is an emergency podcast episode for restaurant owners that need more customers right now.

In these challenging times, people are staying at home, watching Netflix, and spending even more time on their phones than ever before. Much this is being spent scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeds.