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29 05, 2015

FoodWheelin’ Improves Food Truck Location Information With Beacons

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Today, we’ve got co-founders Alex Weschler and Marlene Zenker of a new app called FoodWheelin’ joining us to share how this one-of-a-kind app is able to track food trucks using beacons to provide the most accurate location tracking information of any app. Other apps use unreliable data from places like […]

22 05, 2015

The “Magic” Formula for Determining Food Truck Profits | FTE Episode 069

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allan-branchTo find out how much money you’ll make running a food truck or restaurant, you need to work backwards from the result you want. Here’s what that means in the example of a food truck. Ask yourself how many customers you […]

25 04, 2015

Kansas City’s 6-Week Food Truck Workshop with Brandon Simpson | FTE 068

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brandon simpson Today’s guest Brandon Simpson in action.

Today’s guest is Brandon Simpson, owner and operator of Jazzy B’s food truck in Kansas City, MO. Simpson is a 4+ year food truck entrepreneur that understands the realities of what it takes start […]

17 04, 2015

Cool As Ice: Interview with CEO / Founder of Kona Ice Tony Lamb | FTE Episode 067

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tony lamb Tony Lamb, Founder and CEO of Kona Ice.

The success common denominator are people that come in and own it. They’re in their trucks. They’re all about their customer relationships. They’re all about their community relationships. – Tony Lamb, on characteristics […]

27 02, 2015

Interview with Jacob Hunter of Washington D.C.’s Dirty South Deli | FTE Episode 065

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dirty south deliI love sandwiches. I think they’re fun and they can be much more than meat, cheese and bread. You can almost create a meal on a plate between two slices of bread. – Jacob Hunter on his life-long obsession […]