Today, we’ve got co-founders Alex Weschler and Marlene Zenker of a new app called FoodWheelin’ joining us to share how this one-of-a-kind app is able to track food trucks using beacons to provide the most accurate location tracking information of any app. Other apps use unreliable data from places like Twitter or rely on a food truck owner to update their location manually. This unreliable and inconsistent information can make it difficult for customers to locate trucks to eat at. Fortunately, the FoodWheelin’ app seems to have solved this common problem through newly developed beacon technology that vastly improves location information over what’s currently available.

Getting setup with FoodWheelin’ is straight forward assuming you’ve signed up for software in the past. You register for an account like you would with just about any other software as a service platform and fill out general information about your truck, including it’s name, menu items and prices. From there you get a small beacon mailed to you (at no additional cost) that can be stuck on the inside or outside of your vehicle. The beacon is small and won’t take any additional space on the vehicle.

In addition to allowing customers to find nearby trucks, the app will also display menu options, coupons, and other basic truck information. Each food truck that creates a new account will also have a profile created on FoodWheelin’ website for additional exposure. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this exciting new technology for your mobile food unit, listen to episode 70.

The FoodWheelin' App for iOS.

The FoodWheelin’ App for iOS.

What You’ll Learn

  • How customers and food truck owners can benefit from this new app
  • The inspiration behind FoodWheelin’
  • How different technologies are leveraged to create this service
  • How to get setup with a free FoodWheelin’ account

Mentioned in the Podcast

FoodWheelin’ – Marlene Zenker and Alex Wechsler are co-founders of a this new food truck app that’s design to help food trucks attract more customers and food truck fans find their favorite mobile eats easier. Learn more by visiting their website or listening to the interview. – This is the company that creates the “beacons” used to automatically track the location of food trucks. As mentioned during the program, these are small, light-weight devices that can be placed on the inside or outside of a vehicle.

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