Generation-Food-TruckJeremy Gomez’s promotion company Generation Food Truck is the reigning Guinness World Record holder of the World’s Largest Parade of Food Trucks. Gomez plans to hold his next major event later this year in October, 2015.

Jeremy also operates his own food business called Not Your Ordinary Food Truck based out of Tampa, Florida. Today, we’re speaking with Jeremy about how to launch a ridiculously popular event and how you can get involved in these festivals as a vendor.

Quotes From The Show

Back in the day when you used to do a simple food truck rally, in our town at least,  just put trucks on the street you used to have 5,000 – 6,000 people show up. It didn’t matter where you were. Fast forward five-years later, everyone’s been to a food truck event. – Jeremy Gomez on how attracting people to food truck events has changed in just a few years.   

If somebody thinks we can’t do it. Then we’re going to do it. – Jeremy Gomez on mindset and approach to organizing amazing events.

If your food is one point without fail and everybody loves your food, it doesn’t matter what your truck looks like.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling around in a tent, if you have the best food out there you’re going to get people. – Jeremy Gomez on mobile food business. 


What You’ll Learn

  • Some of the attractions outside of food trucks that Jeremy has brought in to attract people to his events such as live rock bands, monster trucks, bounce houses, and even dodge ball tournaments.
  • How Jeremy was able to attain the world record for most food trucks at a single event.
  • Why your food needs to stand out when you’re serving at big events with lots of eating options.
  • Why word of mouth still trumps other forms of marketing for a food business.
  • How Gomez’s event attained a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for most food trucks in one place.
  • The promotion strategy Gomez uses to get the word out about these massive events.
  • How Gomez used a little bit of controversy to create a story and help his recording breaking food truck event get more press from newspapers and television.
  • The importance of sitting down with your family before you start a food truck business, due to the long nights, long hours, and lifestyle.

Mentioned in The Show

Not Your Ordinary Food Truck – Jeremy Gomez’s food truck serving the Tampa Florida area. Not Your Ordinary Food Truck got started selling exotic game like antelope, deer, and buffalo. 

Burger Beast – Today’s guest has a friendly rivalry with the promoter / owner of Burger Beast, Sef Gonzalez. Check out his blog to stay up to date with the Orlando food scene.

Generation Food Truck Official Website –  Visit for dates on the upcoming food truck festivals and events as well as find contact information to get in touch with today’s featured guest, Jeremy Gomez for consulting, festival coordinating, promotion and booking.

Guinness Records – Short blog post on that lists Generation Food Truck as the record holder for largest parade of food trucks at 121. There’s a good chance this record could be beat later this year!

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