14 04, 2021

175+ Unforgettable Ice Cream Shop Advertising Slogans and Captions

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Ice cream shops also known as ice cream parlors trace their roots back to 17th century France. Whereas the origin of ice cream is a point of discussion, Francesco Procopio del Coltelli opened Paris’ first ice cream shop in 1686, the earliest in recorded history. At the time, ice cream […]

5 04, 2021

101 Creative Fish and Seafood Restaurant Slogans (Ultimate Guide)

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The seafood market in the United States is worth $102 billion. A staggering 65% of this market spend is at restaurants revealing the large percentage of Americans that eat seafood outside the home. Of course the most recent health crisis has impacted these figures.

If you’re putting up a seafood […]

1 04, 2021

Top 100 Funny Chicken Wing Quotes and Advertising Slogans

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According to the National Purchase Diary (NPD), there were 1 billion chicken wings consumed by Americans in 2019. And you’d think that would decline considering the world is in a pandemic but according to the National Chicken Council, chicken wings from supermarket sales reached almost $3 billion last year […]

29 03, 2021

59+ Catchy Chinese Food Slogans and Quotes List

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Chinese restaurants in the U.S. command a market size of $16.4 billion as of 2021. The growth of Chinese restaurants stands is 6.9% per year, although the global pandemic did stymie growth. As of 2014, there were 41,000 Chinese restaurants scattered across the U.S., run mostly by […]

25 03, 2021

148 Delicious Caribbean Restaurant Names Ideas That Aren’t Taken

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While most American restaurants cater to Western cuisines, the growth in popularity of the Afro-Caribbean food and cuisine has a growing influence. The influx of this unique cuisine, from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and other islands in the Caribbean have exported many new flavors to the taste buds […]