12 01, 2021

100+ (Actually Memorable) Hand Washing Awareness Quotes and Slogans

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Hand washing is one of the simplest steps we can take to prevent the spread of germs. If you operate a food truck, restaurant, or catering business, encourage employees to wash their hands thoroughly is actions you can take to ensure customers feels comfortable eating at your establishment.

Did you know […]

9 01, 2021

The Nine Smartest Community Outreach Ideas for New Restaurants

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The goal of a community outreach program for a restaurant is to engage with some part group of people in your neighborhood or city. Usually this outreach includes an educational or mentorship component, helps raise funds for a worthy cause, or is designed to make the area you life and […]

7 01, 2021

11 Best (No Cost) Restaurant Marketing Ideas for 2021

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The right marketing gets your restaurant’s name out there farther than where you expect it to reach. It’s a business strategy that helps you reel in customers whether old or new to check out what you are offering. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a conglomerate. […]

4 01, 2021

150+ (Actually Profitable) Healthy Restaurant Name Ideas for 2021

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Want to open a restaurant catering to specific diets or consumers trying to live a healthier lifestyle? With increased demand among consumers for food with more nutrients, restauranteurs have responded with healthier alternatives on many menus, This is especially national fast-food restaurants where a kids meal may include apple slices […]

29 12, 2020

150+ Authentic Russian Restaurant Business Name Ideas

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A vast collection of the different regional cuisines across the country, Russian cuisine is hugely diverse. Flavors have been influenced over the centuries by cuisine from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Siberia, and East Asia. Founded in the ancient peasant foods from the rural population, Russian food includes meat and […]