5 01, 2020

DIY Ideas: How I Designed a Really Cool Restaurant Logo

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The dream almost always starts with a logo. Long before many of us start hammering out the specifics of a business plan, doing market and demographic research on the town in which we plan to open our business, or figuring out where we’re going to raise the capital we need […]

2 01, 2020

57 Creative Waffle and Crepe Shop Name Ideas

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Planning to open your own crepery or waffle house? We’ve got a giant is of suggestions to help you come up with a memorable name for your little crepe shop. We’ve also compiled a list of successful crepe brands so you can get a sense of what’s already working in […]

31 12, 2019

10 Licenses and Permits Required to Open a Small Restaurant

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You’ve named your business. You’ve secured the financing you need to get started. Maybe you’ve even started sketching out a few menu ideas, or identified a signature dish that’s going to set your restaurant apart and generate a loyal local following.

But there’s a major part of launching your business that’s […]

30 12, 2019

Five Restaurant Tax Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Renee Kleiner joins on us on the podcast to share some of the common mistakes restaurants make when preparing their taxes and specific ways to avoid them. It’s the time of year when most business owners are starting to think about filing taxes so this is a timely discussion.

Renee is […]

29 12, 2019

Pros and Cons of Rotating and Seasonal Restaurant Menus

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When I decided to open a takeout restaurant in my tiny town of just 2,500 year round residents (with a population that swells into the tens of thousands in the summertime), it was important to me to find a way to keep both myself and my relatively small customer base […]