19 08, 2019

37 (Good and Bad) Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas You Can Use

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Planning to start a seafood restaurant, but can’t come up with the right name?

We’ve compiled 37 business name ideas that will capture the imagination and appetite of future guests while providing you with specific do’s and don’ts when it comes to building the brand.

13 08, 2018

Cooking is My Passion. Should I Start a Restaurant?

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Thanks in part to the rise of some truly excellent modern food television programming, and the elevation of celebrity chefs to almost cult-like status, with lucrative book deals, wildly popular Instagrammable restaurants, and branded lines of barbecue rubs, everyone with a passion for cooking sooner or later wonders if they […]

23 05, 2018

Can You Start a Legit Buffet Business Out of Your House?

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For those of you in a hurry, and not able to devote the time you need in your day to reading a blog post here at Food Truck Empire, we’ll make it easy for you. Can you start a buffet business out of your house? No. No, you can’t.

Feel free […]

8 05, 2018

The Ultimate Guide To All-You-Can Eat Buffet Restaurant Ideas

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If you’re interested in joining the terrifying world of the restaurant business, adding a buffet to your town or city’s restaurant options may be the right fit for you. From a customer perspective, buffet restaurants are a no-brainer: There’s a huge variety of choices to support even the pickiest eater […]

9 04, 2018

6 Profitability Secrets Chinese Restaurants Don’t Want You to Know

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There’s one in every neighborhood. That run-down, hole-in the wall Chinese restaurant in the wrong part of town, with the big stock photographs on the wall of hundreds of different dishes, that all somehow taste the same as every other Chinese restaurant in the area.

The one with the dingy tile […]