2 10, 2020

200+ Creative Burger Shop Business Name Ideas for 2021

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With an industry valued at more than $130 billion dollars a year and annual growth rate of 1.6% over the past five years, it’s no surprise burger restaurants are big business. There are more than 50,000 burger joints in the United States. California boasts more than […]

1 10, 2020

89 Unforgettable Turkish Restaurant Name Ideas You Can Use

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Turkey is a country that sits in Asia and Europe. A large portion of the country is located in Western Asia while a small section is considered part of Southeastern Europe, part of the Balkan peninsula. The city of Istanbul, historically known as Constantinople and Byzantium is the most populous […]

29 09, 2020

Hire a Rockstar Line Cook in 4 Easy Steps: No Experience Required

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It’s a simple fact: In order for your business to grow, you’ll need to eventually stop trying to handle 100% of the cooking duties yourself, and learn to delegate responsibility for some tasks and some dishes to other capable, qualified people, who you can trust to execute your vision consistently […]

26 09, 2020

101 Brilliant Filipino Restaurant Name Ideas That Aren’t Taken

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Did you know there are an estimated 3.8 million Filipino Americans in the United States? In the coming decades, census experts anticipate this number to surpass well over 4 million. With increased awareness of Filipino people and culture especially in states like California, Hawaii, Texas, and New York where […]

24 09, 2020

Download Templates: Printable Restaurant Tip Reporting Forms

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During my college days, I worked as a waiter in a family restaurant. It was an eclectic place that could only be owned by an independent operator and served every kind of food you could imagine. I’m not exaggerating when I say this.  I’m talking Mexican, Italian, pizza, burgers, fried […]