Commonly understood to be a combination of breakfast and lunch, and often including some form of alcoholic beverage, brunch as we know it originated in England in the late 19th century. Not surprisingly, the concept became massively popular in the United States too. The word was first used to describe as a meal for “Saturday-night carousers” on Sunday so they wouldn’t need to wake up early for breakfast.

Brunch is not just a “Millennial thing” like many so people think. Everyone from the Baby Boomers to Generation X has gotten onboard the brunch train. After all… What’s not to like about the concept?

From a business perspective operating a brunch restaurant can be smart too. One of the highest margin items and lowest work effort items you can sell on a menu is alcohol. Even if you’re offering unlimited mimosa’s from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m., you can still turn a healthy profit at the end of a shift by serving these beverages.

For anyone starting their own brunch or breakfast restaurant, choosing the right name is critical for success. These are the best brunch inspired restaurant names we could come up with organized by category below.

Brunch Restaurant Name Ideas

A truly epic brunch with a view.

Brunch Culture is alive and kicking in most major cities across America today. While Millennials are the target audience credited with this trend, you need to be catering to everyone with a mouth. Here’s our all-purpose list of brunch restaurant name ideas available for you to use.

  • American Brunch
  • Baristas Brunch Bar
  • Never late for brunch.
  • Lakeside Brunch.
  • The Mimosa Man
  • Barbara’s Brunch House
  • This Counts as Breakfast.
  • Brunch on and on and on.
  • Before Lunch.
  • Blue Line Brunch Lounge
  • The Grand Forks Brunch Club
  • Brunch is not a four letter word.
  • The Baller’s Brunch
  • A Brunch with a View.
  • Boston Brunch
  • Brunch Box Diner
  • Brunch Coffee House
  • Brunch Delicious
  • Brunch Shack
  • The NYC Brunch Club
  • Brunch Waffles
  • Cafe Brunch
  • Eleven AM
  • Go Cafe Brunch
  • Go Simple Brunch
  • Hash Brown House
  • Manhattan Brunch
  • The Brunch Bar
  • The Brunch Basement
  • The Brunch Biscuit
  • The Brunch Chow
  • The Brunch Club
  • The Brunch Deli
  • The Counter
  • The Munch Box
  • Tick Tock Brunch Diner

Breakfast Restaurant Name Ideas

This could be brunch.

Breakfast focused restaurants or diners offers casual dining to people from all walks of life. One appealing aspect of operating a breakfast restaurant is you can close around 2 p.m. for the day. On the flip side, this means you’ll be expected to open in the early morning as well. These name suggestions all fit the breakfast theme.

  • Another Breakfast
  • Bacon Bros. Diner
  • Hash and Hipsters
  • Alarm Clock Diner
  • Eggs are Awesome.
  • AM Meals
  • Broken Eggs
  • The Essential Meal
  • Feast on Fried Eggs
  • Burnt Toast
  • Café Early
  • The Sunrise Cafe
  • Dawn Grub
  • Daybreak Diner
  • Scramble Masters
  • The Epic Egg.
  • The Snooze Button Cafe
  • Egg Platter Diner
  • Good Morning
  • The Giddy Griddle
  • Bacon Buddies
  • The Bacon Brothers
  • Hash the Browns
  • Just the Juice
  • The Gifted Griddle
  • Joe’s Coffee & Breakfast Bar
  • Kick Start Cafe
  • Poached or Scrambled
  • Porridge Café
  • Rise n Shine Diner
  • Tom’s Breakfast Nook
  • Sunny Side Up
  • Sausage Sisters
  • The Breakfast Club Diner
  • The Coffee Captain
  • The Coffee Cleric
  • 24/7 Breakfast Spot
  • Jive and Juice
  • The Breakfast Joint
  • The Breakfast Place
  • The Frying Pan
  • The Great Breakfast Diner
  • The Morning Place
  • Toasty’s
  • Waffles & Eggs
  • Wide Awake Cafe

Funny Brunch Restaurant Name Ideas

While brunch is a serious event for many diners, the name of your business doesn’t need to be. Your establishment will be a destination where patrons can kick back, enjoy a good meal, and relax. Here are some light-hearted name ideas that fit the bill.

  • 10am’s
  • BB’s Brunch Bar
  • Before 11
  • Better Brunches
  • Brunch Bitch.
  • Black Rooster Brunch
  • Bonefish Brunch Diner
  • Brunch for Two
  • Brunching Bound
  • Brunching Out
  • Brunching Together
  • Brunchioso’s

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  • Bruncho Bros.
  • Getting’ Brunched
  • Brunching with Babes
  • Late Break Brunches
  • Let’s Do Brunch
  • Mid-Mornings
  • My Brunch Wrap
  • The Brunch is On
  • The Brunchalo
  • The Not Breakfast Place
  • Beans n Brunch Cafe
  • Steamy Beans brunch Bar
  • Tatiana’s Brunch Cafe
  • The Roasted Brunch Club
  • The Split Brunch

Popular menu options.

There are hundreds of potential menu items to consider for a brunch restaurant. Some are traditional breakfast items you’ll find at any diner like scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns. While other brunch spots emphasize their high-end breakfast entrees like Eggs Benedict, poached in an artisan Hollandaise sauce.

Feel free to get creative with your brunch menu and explore different options diners might enjoy. With that in mind, and in no particular order, here are some of the top brunch menu ideas found across the country.

  • Avocado Toast
  • Bagel & Cream Cheese or Bacon
  • Biscuits & Gravy
  • Bizcocho
  • Blintz
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Brunch Casserole
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Croissants and Crepes
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Eggs Neptune
  • English Muffins
  • French Toast
  • Grillades
  • Grits
  • Hash Browns
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Oeufs en Meurette
  • Omelettes
  • Pastries (assorted)
  • Potatoes O’Brien
  • Quiche
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Steak & Eggs
  • Stratta
  • Tartines
  • Waffles

How to come up with a name for a brunch restaurant

Fancy poached eggs.

Naming a brunch restaurant depends on what you are planning to serve, whether typical American brunch foods or branching out to other ethnic brunch styles from different countries. So consider your menu options first, and then consider what you can call it based on the menu choices. If you have a core menu item like chicken and waffles for example, you could come up with a creative spin on this item.

Some suggestions include: 

  • Sarah’s Chicken and Waffles
  • The Chicken and Waffle Truck
  • Grandma’s Southern Style Chicken and Waffles

You also need to consider the local competition. You wouldn’t want to select a brand name that’s too similar an existing diner. You could miss out on word-of-mouth custom that are confused where to eat.

Brunch restaurant names should be short and easy to remember for your customers. Generally speaking a 2 – 3 word brand name is a good rule of thumb. Of course there are always exceptions to rules such as the Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery popular for brunch in the greater Boise area.

If you didn’t find any ideas that resonated with you from the list above, try conducting a free-form brainstorming session. In this brainstorming session you’ll write down words and phrases that resonate with you for the diner.

After going through an independent brainstorming process, share the ideas with friends and relatives to solicit feedback. Run a tally to identify the name idea that gets the highest number of responses. You can use this simple voting system to identify the most popular choice.

When in doubt, you should stick with a name that’s obvious and clearly explains what you do. Including the  word “brunch” in your brand name will give prospective customers a clear understanding of what you serve. Many brunch restaurants use this approach differentiate from other eateries.

If you haven’t figured out your cost per menu for your brunch restaurant yet, don’t forget to check out our free cost calculator here. Using this tool will ensure profitability of all your menu items when used correctly. 

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