1212, 2019

FAQs: Starting a Bikini Barista Coffee Shop?

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Thinking about starting a bikini coffee stand in your town? In this post we evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, and answer your burning questions about this business model. Like any other business, you want to conduct significant due diligence before making a 5 - 6 figure investment. Needless to say this [...]

1112, 2019

101 Creative Bakery Names You Can Use Right Now

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Don't choose the name of your bakery before reading this post. There are plenty of would-be bakery owners routinely making these three mistakes when coming up with the business name. Don't let this happen to you! In addition to calling out these critical mistakes, we outline an expansive list of [...]

1012, 2019

37 International Chocolate Consumption Statistics and Industry Trends

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Chocolate is the world's favorite confectionery. In 2016 alone, the chocolate industry posted posted global retail sales of $98 billion. While it might seem like we've reached peak consumption for a product that's been enjoyed for at least three millennia, there's projections for further growth on the horizon thanks to [...]

912, 2019

6 Things That Stress Me Out as a Restaurant Owner

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This year, I made the transition from a small seasonal food truck in coastal Maine to a full-blown brick and mortar takeout restaurant. If you're interested in learning my restaurant buildout process, read my epic series of post on the topic. While the change has been almost overwhelmingly positive, there [...]

812, 2019

Startup BitterLiebe is Introducing Bitters to a New Generation

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Hello! Who are you and what food business did you start? Jan and I are the founders of the German Startup “BitterLiebe”. We started our business in our hometown Mannheim in February 2018. Meanwhile we have a team of eight employees. Our three products are full of bitter substances which [...]

712, 2019

37 Energy Drink Consumption Statistics and Trends

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The energy drink segment is currently valued over $53 billion dollars in annual sales and is said to have conquered the soda industry in the last two decades. This exciting segment of the beverage industry is seeing sales increase thanks to a growing base of people consuming these products for [...]