Whether you’re a manager seeking to empower your team, or an employee aiming to reach new heights, these performance review samples offer feedback for a variety of roles and levels of performance. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry as a server, dish washer, and burger flipper so I’ve got first hand experience receiving and offering feedback in this industry.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the heart of the kitchen, the soul of the dining floor, and the spirit of the back-of-house operations. It’s time to turn the routine task of performance reviews into an opportunity for growth, learning, and culinary excellence with these feedback examples.

Performance Reviews for Restaurant Workers Who Went Above Expectations

51+ Performance Review Examples for Restaurant Workers.

Performance Review for Restaurant Workers.

Positive Feedback for Servers

In our bustling Italian restaurant, finding a server who can handle the high demand with grace is rare. Not only do they take client orders with an infectious smile, but the accuracy when entering orders into our system is impressive. They consistently ensure that every detail is captured, leading to smooth and error-free service. Their attentiveness in providing refills and promptly addressing customer needs is commendable. They are a true asset to our team.

Their dedication to providing top-notch service is evident. [Employee Name] regularly checks on tables, offering refills proactively. Their attentiveness to customer needs is exceptional, often anticipating requests before they are made.

[Employee Name] is a valued member of our team, contributing significantly to the positive ambiance of our restaurant. Their ability to balance attentiveness and discretion is a skill that greatly enhances customer satisfaction.

[Employee Name] stands out for their exceptional service as a server. Their positive attitude and professional demeanor have consistently impressed both customers and management.

Their service is characterized by frequent refills and a keen eye for customer needs. [Employee Name]’s ability to provide service that is both timely and unobtrusive is remarkable.

Their skill in swiftly taking and entering orders into our system is notable. [Employee Name]’s accuracy and speed prevent any backlogs, even during peak hours.

Positive Feedback for Chefs and Line Cooks 

[Employee Name] exhibits mastery in food preparation, consistently delivering dishes that meet our high standards. Their understanding of flavors and ingredients is exceptional.

[Employee Name] is meticulous in following recipes and instructions, ensuring consistent quality in every dish prepared.

Their commitment extends beyond cooking. [Employee Name] takes the initiative in prepping food efficiently and ensures the kitchen is impeccably cleaned at the end of each day.

Your best effort isn't just a job requirement; it's a recipe for success.

The recipe to success.

[Employee Name] handles special requests with creativity and flexibility, often exceeding customer expectations.

Their attention to detail in plating is noteworthy, consistently presenting dishes that are not only delicious but visually appealing.

[Employee Name] has proven to be a highly reliable and skilled line cook. Their performance in the kitchen has significantly enhanced our operations and customer satisfaction.

[Employee Name] has been an outstanding sous chef, demonstrating exceptional culinary talent and leadership in the kitchen.

Positive Feedback for other Restaurant Employees

[Employee Name] has been an exceptional dishwasher, demonstrating remarkable efficiency and dedication in their role. They handle a high volume of dishes with speed and thoroughness, ensuring that cleanliness standards are consistently met.

[Employee Name] is always punctual and dependable, often going above and beyond during busy shifts. They willingly assist other staff members when needed, showcasing a commendable team spirit.

[Employee Name], in their role as stewardess, has consistently demonstrated exceptional service and professionalism. They interact with guests in a warm and welcoming manner, enhancing the dining experience.

[Employee Name] works effectively with the kitchen and serving staff, ensuring a seamless service flow. [Employee Name]’s exceptional service and dedication greatly contribute to our restaurant’s reputation for excellence.

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[Employee Name] has been a highly efficient and dependable dish washer, playing a key role in maintaining our restaurant’s high standards. They swiftly clear and reset tables, minimizing wait times for incoming guests.

[Employee Name], as a manager, has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and organizational skills. [Employee Name] excels in managing daily operations, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently between back of house and front of house staff.

[Employee Name] shows proficiency in managing the restaurant’s financial aspects, from budgeting to cost control. They are also able to calmly communicate with customers that have a bad experience.

Without [Employee Name] handling our orders at the counter, the restaurant wouldn’t be the same. Customers look forward to placing their order with [Employee Name] and seeing their smiling face. They are one of the reasons our customers continue coming back.

Performance Reviews for Restaurant Workers Who Met Expectations

Feedback for Servers Who Met Expectations

[Employee Name] has reliably met the expectations set for their role as a server. Their consistent performance in handling typical serving tasks has contributed to the smooth operation of our restaurant.

[Employee Name] effectively manages to take orders from guests, demonstrating good memory and attention to detail. They ensure orders are accurately captured and communicated to the kitchen.

They consistently deliver food and beverages to guests in a timely manner. [Employee Name] maintains a steady pace even during busy shifts, ensuring that no guest is left waiting for too long.

[Employee Name] interacts with customers in a polite and professional manner. They address guest inquiries and provide menu recommendations when asked.

When faced with minor issues, such as special dietary requests or customer concerns, [Employee Name] handles them competently, often resolving them without the need for management intervention.

[Employee Name] collaborates well with fellow staff, contributing to the overall teamwork required in the restaurant setting. They effectively manage their assigned tables, ensuring they are clean and properly set for incoming guests.

Feedback for Chefs and Line Cooks Who Met Expectations 

[Employee Name] consistently prepares dishes according to our menu standards. They show an acceptable understanding of recipes and cooking techniques. They work with other kitchen staff in a cooperative manner. While there is room for improvement in leadership, [Employee Name] generally contributes to the team.

They display competence in preparing ingredients and assisting in cooking tasks. [Employee Name] follows recipes accurately, although there is room for improvement in speed and efficiency. They listen to instructions and execute them adequately. A more proactive approach in seeking clarification or offering suggestions could be beneficial.

Your dedication and passion can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary dining experience.

Their plating skills meet the basic standards, ensuring that dishes are presentable before serving. [Employee Name]’s performance as a line cook is satisfactory, meeting the essential expectations. There is potential for growth and increased contribution with further experience and training.

Positive Feedback for other Restaurant Employees

[Employee Name] has performed adequately as a dishwasher. Their work meets the basic requirements, though there is room for improvement. They manage to keep up with the dishwashing demands, although during peak times, there can be slight delays.

[Employee Name]’s performance is acceptable, but increased efficiency and punctuality could significantly enhance their contribution. [Employee Name] is generally reliable but has had a few instances of tardiness.

[Employee Name] has delivered an average performance as a stewardess. While they fulfill their duties, there are areas for enhancement. Their interaction with guests is polite but somewhat reserved. A more engaging approach could improve guest experience.

[Employee Name] has provided an average performance as a busser. They manage their tasks but have areas to develop. Tables are cleared and reset in an acceptable timeframe, though increased speed could reduce guest waiting times.

[Employee Name] assists servers, but occasionally needs reminders to replenish items or assist with tasks.

[Employee Name], as a manager, has shown an average level of performance. While they handle their responsibilities, there is potential for growth. They manage the team adequately but could improve in motivating and inspiring staff.

[Employee Name] adapts to changes but could benefit from being more flexible and open to new approaches.

Performance Reviews for Restaurant Workers Who Did Not Meet Expectations 

Great food can bring customers in, but it's the restaurant workers' performance that keeps them coming back.

It’s the performance that keeps customers coming back.

Performance Feedback for Servers who Need Improvement

[Employee Name] has unfortunately not met the expectations required for their role as a server at our bar and grill. There have been multiple instances where [Employee Name] has spilled hot coffee on customers, which raises serious concerns about their attentiveness and safety awareness. Their service often lacks promptness and accuracy, leading to customer dissatisfaction that has resulted in a few bad online reviews.

[Employee Name] has not been meeting the expected standards for a server in our Mexican restaurant. They frequently bring personal drama into the workplace, which affects their performance and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. This behavior has led to distractions and a decrease in service quality, impacting customer experience.

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[Employee Name]’s performance as a server in our diner has been below expectations. There is a noticeable tendency for [Employee Name] to spend excessive time socializing with kitchen staff who are their boyfriends/girlfriends, which significantly impacts their service efficiency.

[Employee Name] must prioritize their duties as a server and limit social interactions during work hours to ensure customers receive prompt and attentive service. Currently, [Employee Name]’s performance is not satisfactory, and immediate action is needed to refocus on their responsibilities and improve their service quality.

Feedback for Chefs and Line Cooks Who Need Improvement 

[Employee Name] has not met the necessary expectations for their role as a chef in our bar and grill. One significant issue is the consistently oversized portion sizes, which leads to food wastage and inconsistencies with our menu standards.

[Employee Name]’s performance as a line cook in our taco shop is below expectations. There have been multiple instances where [Employee Name] has forgotten about food in the oven, leading to burnt dishes and delays in service. At present, [Employee Name]’s performance is unsatisfactory, and significant improvement in attention and focus is critical.

[Employee Name] has shown difficulty managing stress, notably walking out during dinner rushes, which is unacceptable and disrupts the entire kitchen operation. Their frequent smoke breaks have resulted in missed orders and contributed to service delays. It’s crucial for [Employee Name] to demonstrate better professionalism and commitment to their role, especially during peak hours.

Feedback for Other Restaurant Employees Who Need Improvement 

There is inconsistency in the cooking of burgers, with instances of undercooked or overcooked patties. [Employee Name] must focus on improving cooking consistency and speed to meet the role’s demands.

[Employee Name]’s performance at the service counter has been below expectations. Their interaction with customers lacks enthusiasm and efficiency, often leading to longer service times. There have been instances of incorrect order processing, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

[Employee Name]’s performance as a restaurant manager has not met the necessary expectations. There have been several customer complaints that were not handled appropriately, reflecting poorly on the restaurant’s reputation. Food waste has increased by 23% since the employee started in June. There are signs that food theft is also becoming a problem.

Performance reviews in the restaurant industry are like the menu – they ensure we have a variety of skills that satisfy every customer's taste.

Performance reviews are like menu.

Checklist: How Can You Evaluate Restaurant Employees? 

Creating a clear and comprehensive checklist is essential for effectively evaluating the performance of a restaurant employee. This checklist should cover various aspects of their role, providing a well-rounded view of their strengths and areas for improvement. Here’s a suggested checklist that you can edit and tweak for your own restaurant. 

Customer Service (Servers)

Order & Kitchen Management (Servers & Line Cooks)

Efficiency & Time Management (All Staff)

Problem-Solving & Food Safety (All Staff)

Teamwork & Communication (All Staff)

Professionalism & Conduct (All Staff)

Cleaning & Maintenance (Cleaning Staff & Line Cooks)

Attendance & Punctuality (All Staff)

Appearance & Grooming (All Staff)

Do All Restaurants Conduct Annual Reviews?

No. All restaurants do not conduct annual reviews. I used to work at a small family-run restaurant in college as a server and I never got formal feedback for a manager or coworker like this. At the time, I didn’t mind it since it was a part-time job and I was mainly in it for the tips.

With that being said, if you work at a corporate or larger chain that has more formal operations and processes you will likely have formal reviews. This is common if you work somewhere like McDonald’s or Starbucks where the day-to-day work is more clearly defined.

A review can be an opportunity for employees to learn where they could improve or what skills they could focus on. But I also view these discussions and performance updates as an opportunity to share goals or ways the manager could help improve the work environment for employees.

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