Every company must make sure that its new hires possess a high level of moral character and honesty. Employees who falsify accounts or steal from the cash register should not be allowed to work in a retail establishment. Food theft is also a common challenge at restaurants. Less obvious forms of unscrupulous behavior can also be for employers like lunch theft between coworkers. Such cases have the potential to be financially disastrous for a company and create a poor culture. But delicate subjects like these can be challenging to write about in a performance review.

Here are some performance review examples on the important subject of honesty and integrity. Examples of both constructive and negative feedback are provided below.

Sample Integrity Comments for Performance Reviews

158+ Honesty & Integrity Comments for Performance Reviews.

Performance Reviews for Honesty & Integrity.

Positive feedback

As a customer service rep, John has consistently demonstrated integrity in dealing with customer concerns. He is always willing to listen and take action to address the client’s issues.

Jen is reliable and trustworthy, setting a great example for her peers. She is always willing to take on extra tasks and go the extra mile to help the team achieve success. Jen is a great asset and an integral part of the team.

Ray has been an exemplary employee throughout his tenure as a chef. His commitment to excellence and consistently positive attitude has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the quality of our dishes as well as customer satisfaction.

Maggie is a positive, dependable employee who goes above and beyond to get the job done. She has an excellent work ethic and consistently demonstrates integrity in her role as a server at a restaurant.

Desiree is an outstanding account manager. She consistently shows strong integrity when interacting with clients and colleagues. She is positive and organized and takes initiative in her area of responsibility.

Craig has consistently demonstrated exceptional levels of integrity throughout his role as a carpenter. He is always open, honest, and reliable when it comes to completing tasks, taking feedback, and providing positive feedback to his colleagues.

The worker has consistently demonstrated integrity and positive feedback throughout her career as a bartender. She is well-informed on the latest product offerings, is always professional with customers, and handles difficult situations with poise.

The worker is dependable and reliable, making her an ideal front desk supervisor. She always makes sure customer satisfaction is the top priority and her positive attitude sets a great example for her team.

Dana is an outstanding nurse who consistently displays integrity in her work. She is a positive role model for colleagues and always puts the needs of patients first. Dana has a unique talent for providing excellent care while following all safety procedures to ensure patient satisfaction.

Greg is a positive and reliable shift supervisor. He can be counted on to always do the right thing, even when it isn’t easy or popular. He consistently demonstrates strong ethical integrity and personal values in his work and consistently puts forth positive feedback for his team members.

Bill has consistently demonstrated a high level of integrity in all his duties as a cargo analyst. His positive attitude shines through in the feedback received from colleagues and superiors alike, which speaks volumes about his value as an employee.

Fred has been a positive role model for others on the team, setting an example of professionalism and integrity. He is a strong team leader who can be trusted to handle difficult tasks with grace, understanding, and commitment.

Bob is a field supervisor who consistently demonstrates integrity in his daily duties. He takes pride in making sure that tasks are completed accurately and on time while maintaining positive relationships with colleagues and customers.

Needs improvement

Mike needs to improve his sales techniques in order to be more successful. He needs to take the initiative and be proactive when it comes to sales and developing rapport with his clients.

Randolph has exhibited a negative attitude toward his subordinates. He has failed to show respect or demonstrate commitment to the team, and this lack of integrity has adversely impacted the team.

Jimmy is a manager who needs improvement in his communication skills. He often fails to take full ownership of tasks and projects, which can lead to delays and even project cancellations.

Rod needs improvement in his ability to maintain the highest standards of integrity. He needs to be mindful that even small errors can lead to large problems and needs to take ownership of his actions. Going forward, Rod needs to demonstrate a higher level of commitment to ethical behavior so as not to jeopardize the reputation of the organization overall.

Mario needs improvement in his communication and time management skills. As foreman, he is responsible for leading the team effectively but has fallen short of expectations in this area. Moving forward, Mario needs to work on improving these aspects of his performance to better serve the needs of the team.

Jay needs improvement in communicating his ideas and work progress to other colleagues. As the department head, it is important that Jay is able to clearly articulate his plans and keep others informed as needed.

Michael needs improvement in the area of integrity. He has shown a lack of commitment to acting honestly and fairly, which needs to be addressed. On one occasion he was caught attempting to cut corners on safety procedures while working as a garbage collector, an action that is completely unacceptable.

Mel needs improvement in terms of his janitor duties. He must be more thorough in his work and display greater attention to detail when cleaning. His performance has been satisfactory so far, but he needs to demonstrate a heightened sense of responsibility toward the tasks at hand.

Renato needs improvement in his transfer agent performance. He needs to take ownership of issues and be more responsive when resolving customer inquiries. By being more proactive and timely, Renato can ensure a better overall experience for customers.

Kayam is a brand associate who needs improvement in the area of integrity. He needs to take ownership of his mistakes and strive for accountability in all of his actions. Kayam should recognize the importance of making decisions with honesty and fairness, and show an understanding that ethical behavior is paramount to success.

Your reputation is built on the foundation of your character, which is rooted in your integrity. - Barbara Jordan

Your reputation is built on the foundation of your character.

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Marco needs to improve his attention to detail and accuracy when working on tasks related to quality control. He needs to take more time and focus on the details so that he can provide a higher level of assurance for quality results.

Integrity is an important part of any job. Don needs to improve in this area as a quality assurance manager. He needs to ensure that all processes and procedures are followed and that his team understands the importance of integrity in their work.

Roxy is a capable manicurist, able to provide excellent service to clients. She needs improvement in her attitude towards colleagues and customers alike. Roxy needs to be mindful of the effect her words and actions can have on others, so as not to create an uncomfortable or unprofessional work environment.

Meets expectations

Randy consistently meets expectations in his role as a cashier. He is always punctual, and reliable and has demonstrated strong customer service skills. Randy takes pride in his work and consistently demonstrates a high degree of integrity that should be commended.

Jessica is an excellent editor who always ensures the accuracy of her work. She has a great eye for detail and she consistently meets deadlines. Jessica’s ability to provide constructive feedback on her team members’ work offers positive reinforcement which helps them succeed.

The employee meets expectations as an accountant, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in accuracy and timeliness. He consistently displays integrity in their work ethic and adheres to the highest ethical standards.

Brenda meets expectations in the role of law enforcer. She is dedicated to upholding justice and integrity within her duties, and she is always looking for new ways to ensure that all laws are followed.

Julie meets expectations in all areas of her role as store manager. She excels in customer service and consistently meets sales goals. Julie is efficient and organized when it comes to running day-to-day operations and is an excellent mentor for her team members.

Jeff meets expectations as a highway patrol officer and upholds the highest level of integrity in all his duties. He has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ethical standards and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that proper procedure is followed.

Ned is an exemplary transport safety supervisor whose commitment to integrity meets or exceeds expectations. He consistently meets deadlines, ensuring that all transport-related procedures are in compliance with governmental regulations and company guidelines.

Anna meets all expectations for her role as a server. She is efficient, friendly, and proactive in ensuring that customers are well taken care of. Anna understands the importance of integrity and delivers on her commitments without fail.

Robert meets expectations by consistently demonstrating integrity. He has the ability to assess complex situations and make decisions based on his personal values and beliefs. As a marketing manager, Robert understands that success is directly related to maintaining a high level of trust with stakeholders.

Paul meets expectations in the graphic artist role, showing commitment and dedication to his work. He is a reliable performer with a strong sense of integrity. Paul always meets deadlines, even when faced with challenging tasks or tight timelines. His work has consistently been of high quality and he often exceeds expectations.

Joe meets the expectations set for him as a sales manager. He is reliable, punctual, and trustworthy in all his interactions with clients and colleagues. Joe shows great integrity in every aspect of his work and is an asset to the team.

Alex, our social media manager, consistently meets our expectations when it comes to fulfilling his job duties. He is reliable and meets deadlines efficiently. His skills in managing social media campaigns have been incredibly useful for our organization and he has demonstrated excellent communication and collaboration capabilities with other team members.

Dan meets expectations as a building security supervisor. He is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity while performing his duties. Dan works diligently to ensure that all safety and security protocols are followed and takes proactive steps to address any potential risks or breaches.

Drew has consistently met expectations and contributed effectively to the team. He is reliable, dependable, and always meets deadlines. Drew is a valued member of staff and demonstrates high levels of integrity in everything he does.

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure. - James Altucher

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.

Honesty Phrases for Performance Reviews

Positive feedback

Rick is a manager who has consistently demonstrated integrity and honesty in his work. He invests in strong relationships built on trust with his colleagues and communicates openly and honestly about challenges and successes alike. Rick values truthfulness in himself as well as from others, making him an invaluable team member.

Ria has always been positive in her approach and attitude towards her work as a service crew. She always puts forth her best effort and is willing to learn new skills when needed. Ria has demonstrated honesty in all matters related to her job, holding herself accountable for any mistakes or oversights she makes.

Marcus is a positive retail sales representative who always strives to serve customers with honesty and integrity. He takes ownership of his work and never hesitates to ask questions when something isn’t clear. Marcus demonstrates strong problem-solving skills and continuously looks for ways to improve customer experience.

Mike has been an office clerk with our company for many years and we are positive that his work ethic and positive attitude have contributed greatly to the success of our company. He is always honest in all his dealings with co-workers and customers alike, often taking the initiative to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Mandy is a positive influence in the workplace and always keeps her colleagues informed of any changes. She is also well-organized, ensuring that paperwork and documentation are completed accurately. As a registered nurse, Mandy has been instrumental in improving patient care through her knowledge and experience.

Ron has consistently exhibited positive behavior as a customer service representative. He is reliable and trustworthy, always willing to assist customers with their questions or concerns. Ron’s commitment to providing exemplary customer service has been a great asset to the team.

Trish has been an outstanding receptionist for the past three years. She is always positive and cheerful, providing excellent customer service to all who visit our office. In particular, Trish’s honesty and integrity have been exemplary; she can be trusted to follow through with any task assigned to her.

Ely exhibited positive behavior, even in challenging situations. He was always willing to offer help and advice and displayed a positive attitude toward his colleagues and patients. Ely has an excellent understanding of the medical profession and is highly knowledgeable about procedures for medical assistant roles.

Ray is an automotive service technician who has consistently been positive and reliable in his work. He has demonstrated a commitment to honesty by accurately diagnosing issues with customer vehicles as well as providing transparent solutions.

typing on computer

Drafting an annual employee review.

Jess is a positive and motivated food preparation worker. She consistently maintains a positive attitude, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Jess takes initiative to ensure that tasks are completed quickly and efficiently while maintaining excellent quality standards.

Gloria has been an outstanding administrative assistant at our firm for the past three years. She is positive, proactive, and always willing to go the extra mile to get tasks done. Gloria consistently puts her best effort forward to ensure that her work meets the highest standards.

Buddy is an excellent copywriter with positive energy and a commitment to excellence. He is reliable, consistent, and always willing to go the extra mile for the team. In particular, his attention to detail and accuracy in grammar are remarkable.

Arnold has been an exemplary accounting assistant since his employment with us. He’s consistently positive and strives to meet deadlines as well as ensure accuracy in all of his work. Arnold is extremely reliable and trustworthy, always striving to produce the best results while being honest about any challenges or roadblocks he may face along the way.

Needs improvement

Joey, our stocking associate, has demonstrated a need for improvement in his regular duties. While he is diligent and committed to the job task at hand, he does not always maintain the quality of work expected from company standards.

Vic is a marketing specialist who, while possessing admirable qualities, needs improvement in certain areas. He shows great initiative and enthusiasm when tackling projects but has difficulty managing his time effectively. He often misses deadlines and lacks the attention to detail needed for success in this field.

Risa has the potential to be a great asset to the team, but she needs to improve in certain areas. She is often late for meetings and fails to adhere to deadlines. Risa is not meeting the expectations as a line supervisor in this regard.

Tito, our operations manager, has been a valued member of the team for many years. However, his performance over the past year has been below expectations and needs improvement. We have discussed this in detail and he understands that more effort is needed to ensure better results in the future.

Jose is a truck driver who needs to improve his time management and organization skills. He often finds himself falling behind schedule due to a lack of preparedness and an inability to prioritize tasks. His supervisors have noted that while James has good intentions, he needs to work on these skills in order to be successful in his current role.

James is a software developer who needs improvement in his coding skills. He has demonstrated potential for growth but requires additional guidance and support in order to reach his full potential. James should be encouraged to take on more challenging tasks and assignments as he demonstrates increased competence.

Tony has been loyal to the company for many years, but his performance in recent months needs improvement. He is a competent mechanic and follows instructions well, but often fails to take the initiative and could be more proactive in his work.

Tom, the electrician, is an employee who needs improvement on several levels. He has failed to complete tasks on time and failed to meet deadlines consistently. Tom needs to be reminded of his responsibilities and encouraged to take ownership of his work.

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Dexter needs improvement when it comes to accurately entering data into the bookkeeper. He often makes mistakes that take time for other team members to correct. Dexter needs to be more mindful when entering information and pay closer attention to detail in order to reduce errors.

Mitchell needs improvement in the area of work performance. Although Mitchell may be a hard laborer and willing to take on difficult tasks, his lack of attention to detail and conformity with procedures has hindered his overall performance.

Carl needs to improve his ability to effectively complete tasks in a timely manner. He needs to show more initiative and demonstrate that he is able to think ahead when completing his duties as a personal care aide.

Kim needs improvement in her order-filling process. She needs to be more organized and systematic when fulfilling orders. Kim should prioritize accuracy over speed, as mistakes can be costly for the company.

Devin needs improvement in his ability to interpret and apply financial accounting standards when auditing. His approach is often too conservative, leading to delays and potential inaccuracies in the audit.

Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back.

Integrity is how you behave behind their back.

Meets expectations

Barry has been an asset to the landscaping team. He meets expectations and meets deadlines in a timely manner. Barry is organized, reliable, and punctual. He consistently demonstrates excellent customer service skills, which have led to positive feedback from clients.

Gina meets expectations in her role as a cook. She takes pride in the quality of the food she prepares and is consistently willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Her enthusiasm for cooking is apparent in every dish she creates, making her an asset to the kitchen team.

Nina meets expectations and exceeds them as a teaching assistant. She provides honest feedback to students, giving constructive criticism when warranted in order to ensure the best possible learning experience. Her willingness to go above and beyond helps create an atmosphere of learning that encourages students’ development.

Lester is a highly competent and honest management analyst, meeting expectations on all fronts. His ability to manage time effectively and be flexible with job demands are both outstanding. He maintains an open line of communication which helps him build strong relationships with his peers.

Dennis has a strong sense of integrity and meets expectations consistently. He follows the company’s policies for honest business operations and provides valuable insights to help others in their roles.

Jamie is a reliable and honest security guard who meets expectations in every aspect of his job. He always maintains a positive attitude while carrying out the tasks assigned to him. Jamie is proactive when it comes to identifying any potential security risks or threats and takes appropriate action quickly and responsibly.

Sandra, our inventory clerk, meets expectations in her job performance. She follows instructions precisely and is reliable when it comes to meeting deadlines. Her attention to detail ensures accuracy in her work. Sandra takes initiative and is comfortable working independently on tasks assigned to her.

Liz is a project management specialist and has been an integral part of our team since joining in 2019. She meets expectations on all her projects, turning them around quickly and efficiently. Liz consistently meets deadlines, communicates regularly with stakeholders, and provides valuable insight into the process that helps us to be successful.

Harry has a solid work ethic and meets expectations for the tasks assigned to him. He is always eager to take on additional responsibilities and shows great initiative. He collaborates well with other team members, and his interpersonal skills are a great asset to the workforce.

Steve is a reliable and dedicated project management specialist who meets expectations consistently. He has an organized approach to his work and demonstrates excellent problem-solving skills when faced with difficult tasks. Steve takes initiative and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure successful outcomes.

Henry meets expectations in his role as a tractor operator. He always arrives to work on time and consistently meets the required standards for operating the tractor. His willingness to learn new tasks is commendable, and he is a reliable team member.

Ken has consistently met expectations as a financial manager. He takes initiative and is a reliable team member who meets deadlines and goals. Ken communicates effectively and works well with colleagues at all levels of the organization. He strives to provide valuable contributions, both internally and externally.

Dominique is an excellent medical secretary who meets expectations and beyond. She has a thorough understanding of the role, demonstrates exceptional customer service skills, and proactively takes on tasks that are outside her job description. Dominique always meets deadlines and works diligently to ensure the best possible outcome.

Lani is an excellent insurance sales agent who meets expectations in every way. She is a strong communicator, able to build relationships with clients and listen carefully to ensure they are matched with the best product for their needs. Lani consistently meets her targets while also maintaining high levels of customer service.

Sample Performance Reviews about Ethics

Positive feedback

Hailey is an admirable information systems manager who consistently maintains high ethical standards in the workplace. Hailey sets an example for others to follow and always puts ethical considerations first when making decisions.

Dino has consistently demonstrated excellent ethical standards as a construction manager. He is always highly considerate and respectful of everyone on the job site, including colleagues, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients. Dino leads by example in his commitment to fairness and integrity.

Norman is an experienced pharmacy technician with over 20 years of experience. Norman has worked in a variety of settings, including retail pharmacies and hospitals, and is committed to providing excellent patient care. Norman has extensive knowledge of prescription medications, drug interactions, and dosage calculations.

Mayrene is an excellent real estate sales agent, who consistently demonstrates a strong ethical code and integrity in her work. She takes great care to ensure that she is acting in accordance with the highest moral standards and always seeking to do what is right for her clients.

Diego is an exemplary first-line supervisor who regularly demonstrates a commitment to ethical standards. He is highly respected for his strong values and commitment to ensuring fairness in decision-making.

Maine, as posting clerk, has consistently demonstrated high ethical standards in all her work. She takes the time to ensure that all her activities are conducted with integrity and diligence. Maine is an excellent example of a professional who upholds ethical practices in the workplace.

Phil has consistently shown commendable professional ethics as a bank teller. He is always courteous with clients and shows great respect for bank policies. Phil is a true asset to the bank, ensuring that all transactions are conducted in an ethical manner.

May has consistently demonstrated a strong ethical understanding and behavior as a dental assistant. She is always conscientious in following protocols and procedures to ensure that the highest standards of ethical practices are upheld.

Art is a training and development specialist who consistently conducts himself in an ethical manner. He always follows company policies, regulations, and guidelines, ensuring that his actions are fair and just. Art demonstrates a high level of integrity in all aspects of his work, going above and beyond to ensure that all tasks are completed with honesty and transparency.

Sandy, our loan officer, has consistently demonstrated high ethical standards in her work. She is committed to following the laws and regulations that govern loan officers and conducts her business with sound judgment and integrity. Sandy is a true asset to our company, setting an example of how loan officers should behave ethically.

Employee fraud can really hurt a companies bottom line.

Tim, a paralegal at our company, has always been a role model for ethical behavior. He follows the code of conduct with utmost sincerity and takes care to ensure that no one violates it. His commitment to professional ethics is exemplary and deserves special recognition.

Amanda has proven herself to be a social worker of strong moral fiber. She consistently demonstrates excellent ethical judgment and is highly respected for her commitment to social justice and equity. Amanda’s dedication to upholding ethical standards sets an example for those around her, and she should be commended for it.

Francis has consistently demonstrated a strong moral compass as a cafeteria attendant. His conduct is always professional, and he follows all the ethical guidelines set forth by our organization. He goes out of his way to ensure that everyone in the cafeteria is treated fairly and with respect.

Needs improvement

Mark is a highly motivated pharmacist who consistently follows all applicable laws and regulations. He displays strong ethical behavior, however, he needs improvement in his critical thinking skills to further strengthen his sense of right and wrong. Mark is aware of the importance of ethics but could benefit from additional training to hone his decision-making abilities.

Edmond, the machinist, needs improvement in regard to his ethical decision-making. He has demonstrated a lack of attention to workplace ethics guidelines and has failed to conduct himself with integrity on several occasions. Edmond must take steps to ensure that he is adhering to the ethical standards of the company going forward.

Macky, as an architect, needs to improve her understanding of ethical practices within the workplace. She needs to be mindful of the decisions she makes and their potential impact on both herself and her team. Going forward, we need Macky to have a strong sense of right and wrong in order to ensure compliance with our standards of ethics.

Joy has been a claims adjuster for our company for the past two years. Although she is generally conscientious, her approach to ethical decision-making needs improvement. She needs to become more aware of the potential legal and ethical implications when making decisions on behalf of the company.

Oliver’s ethical conduct needs improvement. He often takes shortcuts and fails to fully comply with the company’s code of ethics, which can put his work as a graphic designer at risk. He needs to take more responsibility in ensuring that he is meeting all standards of ethical behavior while working on projects.

Kyle, as the plant supervisor, needs improvement in his ethical decision-making. He has been observed to take actions that are not in line with our ethics policy or standard of professional conduct. His behavior needs to be addressed and corrected going forward.

Chris, as a mechanical engineer at our company, needs improvement in his ethical decision-making. He needs to carefully consider the consequences of his actions and be mindful that decisions should always be made with integrity and fairness. Moving forward, we will be providing additional guidance to Chris regarding ethical practices.

Desmond needs improvement when it comes to upholding ethical standards in the workplace. He has failed to follow protocol multiple times, which could put recreation workers and guests at risk. Desmond needs to take ownership of his actions and demonstrate a strong commitment to following all safety regulations in the future.

Don needs improvement in the ethical dimension of his role as a fraud head. He needs to ensure that all his actions are in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and ethics and that he proactively promotes ethical behavior within his team. Don needs to stay apprised of evolving regulations and lead by example when it comes to ethical conduct.

Luigi needs improvement in the area of ethics. He has been observed not adhering to the hotel standards and policies on multiple occasions as a housekeeper. As such, Luigi needs to be held accountable for his actions and receive proper guidance in order to improve his ethical behavior.

Marlon’s conduct in the workplace needs improvement when it comes to ethical standards. He has demonstrated inappropriate behavior on multiple occasions as a resort desk clerk, such as neglecting to document customer reservations and taking personal calls during work hours. Marlon needs to take steps to increase his ethical awareness in order to align with company values.

Trina needs improvement in the area of ethics. She has a tendency to make decisions without considering the potential ethical implications and needs to take more time to fully assess the situation before making any decisions. As a physical therapist, she needs to be mindful of her professional code of conduct, as well as her responsibility to patients and their families.

Tess needs improvement in the area of ethics. She has not consistently adhered to the established ethical standards expected of a tutor and needs to demonstrate more integrity in her work. Proper adherence to ethical principles is essential for success as a tutor and Tess needs to ensure that her actions reflect these values.

Meets expectations

Dale meets expectations as a medical records specialist in regard to ethical practice. He ensures that all data is collected, stored, and accessed appropriately while adhering to the highest standards of integrity. He is diligent in his approach to privacy and confidentiality ensuring that all records are only accessible by authorized personnel.

Joseph meets expectations in terms of ethical conduct, demonstrating sound judgment as a content writer. He follows company procedures and adheres to the highest standards of professional behavior. Joseph is highly conscious of his own reputation as well as that of the organization, making sure to remain honest and above board in all matters.

Jordan meets expectations when it comes to ethical considerations. As a food critic, Jordan holds himself to the highest standards of integrity and is scrupulous in his reviews. He has consistently proven that he can be trusted to prioritize objectivity and fairness in all of his writings.

Lyka meets expectations in terms of adhering to ethical standards as a healthcare social worker. She is respectful and mindful of the sensitive information she handles while performing her duties, and always puts the well-being of her clients at the forefront when making decisions.

Alvin meets expectations in ethical practices related to his role as a computer programmer. He has consistently followed the highest level of professional standards while performing his duties and adheres to the relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

Bernadette meets expectations for ethical behavior in her role as an emergency medical technician. She has consistently demonstrated integrity and sound judgment, ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality of care possible. Bernadette sets a strong example for her colleagues and is committed to upholding the core values of our organization.

Anthony consistently meets expectations as an Information Security Analyst. He is highly knowledgeable in the area of cyber security and always adheres to ethical standards when making decisions. His commitment to high moral principles has been crucial to the team’s success.

Christian meets expectations in terms of ethics both on and off the job. As head cook, he takes pride in ensuring that all employees are following the workplace ethical standards set by him and the organization. He is a role model for all other staff members, setting a strong example in matters of morality and integrity.

Richard meets expectations when it comes to ethical conduct. He exemplifies the standards expected of a pilot and takes his professional responsibilities seriously. Richard always operates with integrity and is a reliable source of ethical guidance for the team. His commitment to ethics is an asset in any working environment.

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Bryan meets expectations when it comes to ethical behavior. As a physician assistant, Bryan demonstrates honesty and integrity in all of his interactions with colleagues, patients, and other stakeholders. He is diligent in following the highest standards of ethical conduct as outlined by professional regulations and policies.

Carlo has consistently met the high standards of ethics that we expect from our sheet metal workers. He follows all safety protocols and always speaks up when he notices a potential ethical dilemma, demonstrating his commitment to doing the right thing. We are proud to have Carlo as part of our sheet metal working team.

Homer meets and often exceeds expectations for ethical behavior in the workplace. He sets an example for others by adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct, whether it is dealing with customers or fellow employees.

Felice has consistently demonstrated a high level of ethics and meets expectations in her role as an event planner. She is mindful of the need to act with integrity and uphold professional standards at all times. Felice is an exemplary member of our team, setting a positive example for others.

Clint has consistently demonstrated a strong ethical code in his role as an occupa