16 06, 2021

My Own Restaurant Manager Job Description Sample (Free Template)

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Restaurants need trustworthy and skilled managers to oversee food establishments. There’s estimated job growth of 8.97% for restaurant managers over the next 10 years. As states continue easing dining restrictions again, we expect hiring for restaurant managers to continue picking up and get even more competitive.

But how do you […]

8 06, 2021

Best Restaurant Hostess Job Description Example Template (Download Free)

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A restaurant hostess or host is the first person your customer interacts with when they visit your restaurant. A restaurant hostess or host at a busy restaurant is extremely important to help record customer reservations and manage the flow of guests into the dining room. There are an estimates 342,000 […]

4 06, 2021

Fine Dining Server Job Description Examples (Copy and Paste Template)

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Fine dining restaurants require a different type of server than quick-serve restaurants or diners. There’s the expectation when visiting a high-brow restaurant that you’ll be offered better service with staff that’s more attentive to your needs and knowledgable about menu items.

According to an industry survey, 7 out of 10 […]

2 06, 2021

Download Now: Food Truck Manager Job Description Sample Template

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Are you hiring for a food truck manager role? If you don’t have the time to write a proper job description, have no fear. I’ve drafted a sample template you can copy, paste, and edit to advertise the position. I walk you through each part of the role description including […]