912, 2020

4 Smart Ways to Hold Down Your Farmers Market Tent

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A couple years ago, I visited to the winter farmers market in Burlington, VT. It was the last even of the year which means many vendors are gearing up for the outdoor market. The outdoor market brings more challenges. Wind, rain, cooler weather, can make late in the year events [...]

912, 2020

25 Key Tamale Industry Statistics, Consumption Trends and Predictions

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A tamale is a traditional dish made from dough and steamed within a banana leaf or corn by a husk. It is considered one of the most iconic foods from Mexico along with Tacos. Tamales can be filled with vegetables, meats, cheese, chilies, fruits, or anything prepared to satisfy the [...]

812, 2020

150 Captivating Cactus and Succulent Business Name Ideas

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An increasingly popular subset of the gardening industry is the subcategory of cacti and succulents. In fact, these plants have sprouted into a growing trend as of late. Ideal for those sunny windowsills, cacti and succulents are a pleasure to grow and collect. Adding to the broad-consumer appeal, they're some [...]

812, 2020

101 Timeless Supper Club Business Name Ideas You Can Use

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Are supper clubs still a thing? You betcha! You just need to know where to look. According to the official website of Wisconsin Department of Tourism, you can find 250 supper clubs operating throughout the state. Some popular examples include the HobNob and Smoky's Club. While the number of supper [...]

812, 2020

How MateCaps Raised $34,259 for Compostable Yerba Mate Energy Drink

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Hello! Who are you and what food business did you start? My name is Marcos and I’m co-founder and CEO of MateCaps, a compostable energy boost powered by organic yerba Caps that you can brew and enjoy in our custom multi use bottle, as a new source of clean energy [...]

712, 2020

29 Canadian Fast Food Industry Statistics and Trends (2021 Update)

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Canada loves their fast food chains. Fast food is a $27 billion industry that employs nearly one million people or about 2.7% of the total population of Canada. Canadians are particularly loyal to the local chain Tim Hortons. The company was founded when National Hockey League legend Tim Horton opened [...]