2312, 2019

47 Massively Profitable Concession Stand Menu Ideas

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Looking for concession stand food ideas with high profitability? Each of the menu items on this list is designed to generate between 50% - 70% profit after food cost and labor. This margin is a welcome change for many restaurant industry veterans that might be accustomed to generating 33% profit [...]

1812, 2019

How to Write a Food Truck Business Plan – Download Template

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Want to look inside the business plan of a real food truck business? We've organized detailed business plan templates from successful food trucks and made them available to you in PDF and Word doc in this post. In addition to offer templates, we give you detailed instruction how to complete [...]

1812, 2019

101 Best to Worst Chili Cook Off Team Name Ideas

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The challenge is accepted and date is marked on the calendar. Either a family member, spouse, or close friend has convinced you that entering a chili cook off would be a good idea. Fortunately, the secret "family recipe" discovered on Pinterest 15 minutes ago is sure to leave you hoisting [...]

1512, 2019

Catching up with The Ginger Pig

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In today's episode of the podcast, we catch up with Natascha Hess of The Ginger Pig in Colorado. Natascha was in our first ever Food Truck Academy program a few years back and has gone on to have tremendous success, including being awarded the Best Food Truck in Denver. Natascha [...]

1412, 2019

How to Start a Part-time Crawfish Farm

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Thinking about starting a crawfish farm? This business model can be bootstrapped on a small scale in your spare time with minimal investment. This all assumes of course that you don't mind putting sweat equity into the build out of your pond and raising the crawfish yourself. Ready to learn [...]

1312, 2019

47 Snack Food Industry Trends and Consumption Statistics

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Snacking has become big business. The salted snack segment alone is project to reach $109 billion in global sales by 2025. That's a lot of nuts, bars, and trail mix! In today's fast-paced world, more consumers are eating smaller meals, more frequently out of convenience. For many grabbing a quick [...]