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5 06, 2021

My Best Condom Marketing Slogans: 175+ Taglines to Wrap It Up

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Condoms are the most commonly used contraceptive for safe sex in the whole world. To solidify this statement, the sales of condoms reached $35 billion in 2020. Plus, the global market value is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) […]

3 06, 2021

300+ Ultimate List of Firefighter Slogans and Quotes (2021 Update)

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Fire brigades, better known as fire departments, are one of the three main branches of emergency services along with police (law enforcement) and EMS or emergency medical services. Firefighters not only protect property, they save lives.

There’s an estimated 1,115,000 firefighters are working in the U.S. Of which […]

1 06, 2021

200+ Student Council Campaigns Slogans That Win Elections (Real Examples)

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Planning to run for a position in student council? Before you can claim that position, you’ll need to win-over your fellow students first. Fortunately, I’ve organized a long list of student council campaign slogans that can help explain to your classmates the benefits of voting for your ticket.

In general with […]

17 05, 2021

150+ Awesome 50th Birthday Quotes and Slogans You Can Use

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Getting older is not the fearful event so many of us believe it to be. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people are living longer with more than 125 million people over 80 years of age alive right now. In fact, turning fifty can be a step into […]

12 05, 2021

400+ Profitable Etsy Shop Name Ideas: (Vintage + Rustic Examples)

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Etsy has grown to become global destination crafters and artists to sell one of a kind goods. Everything from handmade arts, crafts, soaps and vintage products can be sold through the marketplace. According to the latest industry reports there are more than 4.36 million Etsy sellers. This also means there’s […]