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30 07, 2020

Top 75 Available Cannabis Dispensary Name Ideas

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Once considered to be a dangerous narcotic for which you could be arrested and imprisoned, cannabis use has come a long way since those days of getting high in the sixties as shown below in the video from Civilized Life.

Today, the […]

28 07, 2020

Salute to Service: 78 Military Themed Bar Name Ideas

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Themed bars are always a popular destination for people with similar interests to meet. And for the 18.2 million U.S. citizens that served in the military, having a nearby bar that pays tribute to their branch is an appealing way to connect with other like minded vets. For service […]

27 07, 2020

99 High-Profit Name Ideas for Vape or Smoke Shops

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Planning to start a vape or smoke shop? This is a low-barrier to entry business model you’ll want to understand before opening.

From a startup perspective, it will cost anywhere from $28,000 – $60,000 on average to get open the doors to a small shop according to the VapeMentors website. The […]

23 07, 2020

150+ Unforgettable Karaoke Bar Name ideas You Can Use

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I can still remember my first trip to a karaoke bar. When I moved from the Midwest to California after graduating college, I didn’t even know these places existed.

By chance, I happened to work with some Vietnamese guys around my same age that took me to my first karaoke bar […]

14 07, 2020

Angler Bait: 150 Compelling Fishing Company Name Ideas

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You’d think with the huge number of fish out there in the ocean, naming your company would like shooting fish in a barrel. But the reality is this is an important business decision with lasting implications. You have to make sure your company name has all the elements to capture […]