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9 02, 2021

201 (Actually Good) Publishing Company Name Ideas to Get Inspired

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It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think online publishers now hold 90%+ of consumer attention. In spite of the digital transformation of all content from written word to video, print media is far from dead. According to Publisher’s Weekly, sales of books have continued to grow increasing 10.8% over five […]

4 02, 2021

301 Stylish Clothing Boutique Name Ideas to Increase Online Sales

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Dream of breaking into the fashion industry with your own boutique? If you’ve got a distinct vision there’s never been a better time than right now from a technology perspective to sell unique clothing items globally whether it’s through an e-commerce store, Etsy shop, Instagram account, or a mobile store […]

21 01, 2021

250+ Inspiring Stationery Brand Name Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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In spite of the rapid digitization of most paper products like books and magazines, the stationery industry remains a vibrant business sector valued at $25 billion a year. What’s even more interesting is the industry is expected to grow 1.4% per annum over the next four years. This […]

19 01, 2021

200+ Professional Home Repair Service Business Name Ideas (2021 Update)

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The home repair industry is a whopping $407 billion dollar industry. You can grab your slice of that massive market by opening up a small home repair or handyman business in your hometown. Even for basic repairs, home renovation projects will be north of $1,000 for consumers. And with […]

18 01, 2021

200+ Best Storage Facility Business Name Ideas by Specialty

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The self-storage industry is valued at $39 billion dollars a year in the United States with more than 45,000 facilities across the country. This statistic is even more surprising when you stop to realize these companies are not complex to operate or particularly innovative compared to other parts of the […]