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11 01, 2021

159 Catchy Pool Hall Name Ideas You Can Use

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Originating in the United Kingdom from the games of billiards and pyramid pool, the variety of games collectively known as “pool” have become hugely popular games in America since it was first introduced in the early 19th century. Played on a six-pocket table, pool in the United States is

1 12, 2020

101 Unique Gas Station Business Name Ideas (2021 Update)

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Gas stations, filling stations, petrol stations; there are a multitude of names used to describe the same thing. A service center that sells gasoline, sometimes known as “gas” or petrol (UK), and diesel to the public. Most of these gas stations offer the added convenience of offering all sorts of […]

30 11, 2020

100+ Unforgettable Mobile Home Park Name Ideas You Can Use

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Mobile home parks, also called trailer parks (a term widely used that carries a slightly negative connotation), are a larger and can be more profitable business than you might think from the outside. In fact, investment activity in mobile home parks rose by 20% in 2018 with Real Estate […]

3 11, 2020

152 World’s Greatest Towing Company Name Ideas for 2021

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Owning your own tow truck business is a big opportunity with the industry expected to reach $7.1 billion in revenue in the United States. According to interviews we conducted with independent owners, it’s not uncommon to make $50,000 – $200,000+ per year operating a single tow truck according to […]

2 11, 2020

159 Handmade Craft Business Name Ideas You’ll Wish You Came Up With

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Handmade crafts, also known as handicraft, is a hobby or profession that requires the skills to create something by hand. Often these skills are mastered over years or even decades among dedicated individuals with a passion in their area of expertise. Examples of this craft work include crocheting, embroidery, knitting, […]