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19 08, 2020

How To Name a Reptile Business: 100+ Best Ideas

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Caring for reptiles on a daily basis is not everyone’s idea of the perfect pet. But for those that find reptiles cute and cuddly there’s the opportunity to turn this hobby into a thriving business. Reptiles and amphibians are among the most popular animals sold in the billion dollar […]

14 08, 2020

88 Mobile Bartender Business Name Ideas: Ultimate Guide

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With more than 70,000 bars across the United States, there is little doubt that the drinks industry is still booming, despite recent events. And for anyone looking to set up their own business, the mobile bartending business is a growing and low-overhead option.

This is an industry that generates an […]

3 08, 2020

All Aboard: 125 Legit Bus Company Name Ideas

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Starting a bus company in the U.S. is a lot easier since the industry was deregulated in the early 1980s. Price flexibility and state regulation easing has made running a bus company a lot simpler than it used to be. But despite the reshaping of the long-distance bus industry in […]

30 07, 2020

Top 75 Available Cannabis Dispensary Name Ideas

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Once considered to be a dangerous narcotic for which you could be arrested and imprisoned, cannabis use has come a long way since those days of getting high in the sixties as shown below in the video from Civilized Life.

Today, the […]

28 07, 2020

Salute to Service: 78 Military Themed Bar Name Ideas

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Themed bars are always a popular destination for people with similar interests to meet. And for the 18.2 million U.S. citizens that served in the military, having a nearby bar that pays tribute to their branch is an appealing way to connect with other like minded vets. For service […]