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27 10, 2020

200+ Name Ideas for a Small-Batch Candle Business

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Candles have been used for thousands of years, but they they remain extremely popular today with over 1 billion pounds of wax candles made each year with more than 10,000 distinct scents. Candles are produced in just about every sizes and shapes you can imagine. A candle can set […]

23 10, 2020

175 Epic Scentsy Team & Launch Party Name Ideas

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Scentsy is a multi-level marketing company selling unique candles based in Meridian, Idaho. The company is led by CEO couple, Heidi and Orville Thompson. The company primarily deals with selling wickless candle company which can either bought through an independent consultant.

Scentsy traces its roots in Salt Lake City back in […]

14 10, 2020

135 Unique Essential Oil Business Name Ideas For You

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Aromatherapy got its start back in 1937 yet after a French chemist discovered the healing power of oil by accident. This  approach to improved wellness has continued to grow in popularity as more consumers look for ways to improve overall well-being with natural products. These oils, which are extracted […]

11 10, 2020

Best Organic Fertilizer & Compost Company Name Ideas for 2021

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Made with animal matter, manure, and vegetable matter, organic fertilizer is a big business in the United States now that’s approaching $1 billion in annual sales. Due to lockdowns across North America, we anticipate swifter growth of sales to support home gardens than previous projections over the next two years.

With […]

3 10, 2020

157 Cute and Catchy Lipstick Business Name Ideas

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Lipstick businesses succeed or fail based on the power of the brand. It’s the emotional feeling your customers associate with before you ever wear it. Some of the most successful cosmetic brand launches in recent time have been connected with the power of celebrity. One example of a successful reality […]