If you’re anything like me, you can’t live without your smart phone. I use this tool, not only to communicate, but to find recipes, educate myself, and be entertained. Of course, inside my office I also have a television and two laptop computers to be productive. Understanding this it may come as less of a surprised that electronics stores are an $82 billion industry in the United States alone.

People get the electronics and supplies they need from either online or retail electronics shops. If you’re running one, these slogans, taglines, and captions will improve your branding and help sell more.

Electronic Store Slogans

Computers help us learn, play, and connect.

These slogans are perfect for you if you own, run, operate, or manage an electronic store.

  • Your complete electronics store.
  • Everything electronic!
  • Components of electronics.
  • Electronics bonanza!
  • Your fine electronics supplier.
  • Electronically yours.
  • The techies you love.
  • We love electronics!
  • Loving electrons.
  • Where electrons flow.
  • Electronics galore.
  • Your super friendly electronics supplier.
  • Start electronics here!
  • The electronic hub.
  • Focal tech point.
  • Fuel for your electronics.
  • Well, well, well. It’s electronics!
  • The electronic paradise.
  • For the avid electronic hobbyist.
  • Be electronic.
  • Fantastic electronics!
  • The house of electronics!
  • Mr. Electro’s home!
  • Where electronics are on every shelf.
  • (name of the city you’re living in)’s electronic junction.

Electronics Repair Slogans

Let people know that you and your team are professionals in fixing their electronics and gadgets.

  • Healthy electronics that actually work.
  • The electronics hospital.
  • We help old guys fix the latest tech.
  • The wholesome electronics clinic.
  • Taking care of your electronic device’s health.
  • Your electronic pharmacy.
  • Repairing your electronics excellently.
  • Why is setting up a printer still this difficult? Fortunately, we can help.
  • The professional electronics repair service.
  • Your friendly electronics repair supplier.
  • Why buy? Just fix.
  • We care for your electronics and enhance speeds by 45% on average.
  • We extend the life of your laptop by an average of 24 months.
  • Fixing your electronics the right way.
  • Your electronics emergency room.
  • The iPhone ambulance.
  • We fix your gadgets with a smile.
  • Don’t worry about your electronics.
  • Making your used electronics brand new!
  • Where your electronics become new again.
  • CPR for your electronics!
  • Breathe a new life into your electronics.
  • Giving your electronics a second chance.
  • Re-flow those electrons!
  • Turning them on again.
  • It’s alive! Restoring green lights across the city.
  • Revamping electrons with the latest software updates.
  • Enhance your gadgets with our extended warranty protection.

Electronic Shop Slogans

Time to get the word out about your shop.

Selling electronics and electronic components? Use these slogans.

  • Don’t wait for your electronics to arrive at your door. Get instant gratification here.
  • Gadgetry pageantry!
  • Where gadget lovers come.
  • Experience electronic bliss by walking through our doors.
  • The house of gadgets.
  • The electronic pool. Dive in.
  • Home gadgetry.
  • Don’t stress out about having $1,000+ electronics delivered to your doorstep. Pick them up safely here.
  • You’re one stop tech shop.
  • Your electronics shop with a heart.
  • The shop of electrons.
  • Walk out of our doors with everything you need to start an online business.
  • Your complete electronics shop.
  • The ultimate electronic shop with nerds that are ready to help you set things up.
  • Electronics haven!
  • The gadget platform.
  • Affordable electronics for hobbyists and professionals.
  • Find your best electronic components here.
  • Innovative tech shop.
  • Innovation begins here.
  • The electronics shop for hobbyists.
  • Electronically inclined? We feel you.
  • The electronics superstore.
  • The way of electrons.
  • The gadgetry haven.
  • Components of innovation.
  • For the tech lover in your life.

Slogans about Consumer Electronics

Cellphones, laptops, tablets, televisions—these are all consumer electronics that everyone uses. If you sell any of these gadgets, use these slogans to promote the inventory.

  • Your personal electronics stockpile.
  • Put on a watch that you can watch a movie on.
  • The home of personal electronics.
  • Electronics on your neck, arms, and feet.
  • Time to turn on the latest consumer electronics in your life.
  • The electronic fashion that never needs an upgrade.
  • Electronics in your pocket.
  • Trust us for a more connected world.
  • Gadgetry for your convenience.
  • Here be the gadgets you want!
  • Where you can find the best consumer electronics.
  • Consuming electronics heartily!
  • The hearty electronics store.
  • Your electronic cafe with unlimited WiFi.
  • Your gadgetry Eden.
  • Where finding gadgets is an awesome experience.
  • TVs, computers, smartphones—they’re all here!
  • Be victorious in your hunt for gadgetry.
  • Electronically complete. Finally.
  • Personal gadgets galore.
  • Electronics for your home.
  • Sweet electronic home.
  • Modern consumer electronics here.
  • Building the home of tomorrow.
  • What you need is here. Time to strap on that smart watch.
  • A haven for consumer electronics.

Electronics Taglines

  • For the love of electronics.
  • We sell refrigerators that talk. Never be lonely again.
  • Where technology and innovation go hand in hand.
  • Your gateway to electronics.
  • Come in and go electronic!
  • Welcome to electronic heaven!
  • No androids, just people.
  • The real tech stuff. No flip phones allowed.
  • Your electronics solution.
  • Your complete electronics provider
  • Games, home electronics, and many more!
  • For you and your home.

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  • Your fortress of electronics.
  • Do you love electronics? Us too!
  • The palace of electronics.
  • Your new electronics destination.
  • Gadgets for everyone.
  • The electronic experts.
  • The electronic difference.
  • The complete electronics supply junction.
  • Most convenient electronic crossroads.
  • The finest in electronic repair and refurbishing.
  • A thick slice of electronics.
  • Electronic empowerment for you!
  • Electronics is our passion.
  • Yes, it’s everything electronic!

Slogans for Technology and Innovation

You can order groceries on your phone.

Electronics are the physical manifestation of advancing technology and innovation.

  • Hi-tech hands!
  • The power of technology and innovation.
  • The future is right here!
  • Technology and innovation for creating a better future.
  • Technology and innovation for better lives.
  • Technology and creativity on your plate.
  • We make science and technology work for you. Personally.
  • Quite the creativity we have here.
  • When science and creativity combine.
  • We adore technology. We are passionate about innovation.
  • We have the power to innovate for you.
  • Science, technology, and innovation are just for you.
  • Harnessing the power of technology and innovation.
  • Taking you to the future.
  • Technology and innovation personalized.
  • The personification of science, technology, and innovation.
  • The passion for innovation and technology.
  • Hot for tech!
  • It’s some neat techie stuff.
  • Innovation that fuels the world.
  • Opening your mind, opening your future.
  • Paving the pathway to a better tech-oriented world.
  • Innovation and technology to make your day easier
  • The tech solution.
  • Your golden innovation provider.

Connectivity Slogans

If your business is about improving Internet connectivity and communications, you can use any of these slogans to tell customers that you’re actually linking the world to them.

  • Connecting you to the world.
  • The interconnected world.
  • Enhancing communications.
  • Putting the world in your device.
  • We help you communicate globally.
  • Brightening communications.
  • Strong connectivity for maximum efficiency.
  • The universal link to humanity.
  • Connectivity is life.
  • Linking the globe.
  • Making the world a little smaller.
  • Making the world closer to you.
  • The technological chain that binds.
  • Technological unity.
  • We are special because we are one.
  • Uniting the world through technology.
  • From here to there in a blink.
  • Light-speed communications.
  • Your efficiency network.
  • Boosted connectivity for boosted productivity.
  • Link up with technology.
  • Building the universal network.
  • Technology that enhances relationships.
  • Improving connectivity in the creative way.
  • Innovation plus relationships.

Computer Slogans

Computer stores like yours will benefit from any of these slogans.

  • Intelligent computing.
  • The brain in the box.
  • The second brain in your home.
  • The techie mind revolution.
  • Building computers smartly.
  • Simply high-tech computing.
  • The power of smart computing.
  • Computers galore!
  • From netbooks to desktops.
  • A computer for every home.
  • Your friendly computer station.
  • The house of computers.
  • Where computers rule.
  • The computer enthusiast’s paradise.
  • We’re passionate about computers!
  • The computer Mozarts.
  • Meet the tech wizards!
  • Making your computer more than a computer.
  • Explore the world of computers!
  • Your friendly computer experts.
  • You got the computer power!
  • The power of the byte.
  • Maximum computer power!
  • Teaching computers how to be smart.
  • Fine computer expertise.

Cell Phone Slogans

If you’re selling cell phones and phone accessories then you’ll want to include these slogans as part of your branding.

  • Ring, ring come again today.
  • The world is in your hands!
  • Making Star Trek communications possible.
  • More than a smartphone. It’s an intelligent phone.
  • A phone with a brain.
  • Your phone thinks of you!
  • Making your phone truly work for you.
  • Make your cell phone a workplace.

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  • Your cell phone is the best.
  • We make your cell phone better.
  • Maximizing your cell phone.
  • The cell phone wonderland.
  • A pet in your hand.
  • Your trusty digital companion.
  • More than a phone.
  • Your life is in your hands.
  • The smart choice when it comes to smartphones.
  • The smart, smartphone store.
  • Our professionals are as smart as smartphones.
  • The smartphone professionals.
  • Smartphones are our passion.
  • Your smartphone is safe with us.
  • The smartphone station.
  • No phone is left behind.
  • The smartphone soldiers.

TV Slogans

Whether you’re selling or repairing TVs, you might want to include one of these slogans.

  • The tube experts.
  • The TV professionals.
  • We love your TV whether it’s 32 inches or 100.
  • Cleaning your window to the world.
  • Rescue the TV.
  • We take care of everything—even the remote.
  • Your friendly neighborhood TV repairman
  • Super TV!
  • The castle of TVs
  • We make entertainment come to life.
  • More than life on the screen.
  • Creating your personal theater.
  • Enjoy your favorite movies even more!
  • Presenting the world in your living room.
  • The real world on your screen.
  • Screen time!
  • The dream screen.
  • Big-time screen time!
  • Movie night has become even more fun!
  • Quality TVs for a more immersive experience!
  • It’s almost movie night!
  • Transforming your den into a theater.
  • Want a full-fledged cinema in your home?
  • The house of television.
  • The TV bin.

Electronic Captions

How many times do you check the phone during the day?

Energize your social media photos, videos, and infographics with these electronics-related captions.

  • Check out my brand new (an electronic gadget you recently bought).
  • I love electronics!
  • The wonder of technology and innovation.
  • Limitless capabilities in your hand!
  • Infinite possibilities!
  • The way to the future is through technology.
  • Adapt, live, and enjoy.
  • Cheers to electronic gadgets.
  • Without their electronic gadgets, millennials won’t be able to do anything.
  • ‘Tis the season for electronics!
  • I want a new smartphone this Christmas!
  • Time to throw away this phased-out phone.
  • With WiFi and a modern electronic gadget, you can do anything.
  • Technology? Bring it on!
  • Capturing treasured moments with my high-res smartphone!
  • My smartphone and a coffee on a relaxed Sunday morning.
  • I love those blinking lights.
  • I don’t think I can live without my gadgets.
  • Gadgetry all over!
  • I’m recreating a concert hall in our den.
  • It’s a big investment, but my home theater system is ready to go boom!
  • What a gorgeous laptop!
  • Time to reset me for a little while.
  • Peaceful, serene, no-electronics world.
  • Distancing myself for a while from electronics.

Electronics Quotes

You can use these quotes in your flyers, posters, and other marketing collateral. They also make perfect “advice” and insights when speaking to customers.

  • You need to adapt to the changing times or get left behind.
  • It’s difficult to imagine a world without electronics.
  • Electronics has a large role in shaping modern civilization.
  • I bet my last dollar that every house in the civilized world has an electronic device of some sort.
  • It’s amazing to see how technology advances each day.
  • Don’t be addicted to gadgets.
  • Being able to adapt to technology gives you a competitive edge.
  • Always find the best deals when it comes to electronics.
  • The nice thing is that electronics are getting more accessible now.
  • Electronics has opened the world to new careers, possibilities, and tomorrows.
  • Can you imagine living in the medieval era with no electronics? I can’t!
  • Many people buy electronics but won’t take them out of the box!
  • Today, almost everyone in the world is surrounded by electronics.
  • Electronics are becoming smaller and smaller.
  • Electronics and technology change, not people.
  • There’s an increasing need for electronics as people
  • A lot of things today can be done by pure electronics.
  • While others went to bars and played football, I built electronics stuff.
  • The Japanese conceptualize and make some of the best electronic products.
  • My dream is to make an electronic gadget that will one day change the world.
  • Too much electronics can harm your physical, mental, and psychological health.
  • Detox yourself from electronics.
  • Don’t let your toddlers use any form of electronics.
  • Power down and hibernate for a while.
  • Put away your electronics. Rewind.

Electronics have become an essential tool of daily life. Whether it’s refrigerators in the kitchen, blenders, home security systems, a smart watch, or your car,  there’s some appliance you probably can’t get through your day without. If your business revolves around the manufacture, selling, or repairing of these useful items then I hope you can make use of these marketing slogans, taglines, and quotes. Let me know if they were effective in promoting your consumer electronics store.

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