Limousines offer a touch of luxury and a professional driver to get you from point A to point B safely. Historically limos are often used for events like weddings or rights of passage like high school dances. I remember attending a homecoming dance in such a vehicle although I wouldn’t describe the experience of being crammed into a vehicle full of 17-year old as luxurious. But I digress…

While the limousine services industry is part of the larger transportation industry, these services in particular have taken a major hit due to social distancing. Market research firms predict a 10.6% revenue decline for these limo services due to lower demand and stay-at-home orders. No doubt many service providers could be completely shut down depending on where you plan to operate.

But if you plan to stay small and operate the business yourself to reduce costs this could be a viable business in the longer-term future.

A limousine business needs a name that conjures images of luxury and prestige for clients. Limousine businesses are usually positioned as classy, up-market, and prestigious. Make sure your brand matches this expectation if you want to attract the best paying clients (i.e. not high schoolers looking to impress a date) Whether you’re running a limo hire service, chauffeured car service, or provide an on-call staff of excellent drivers for corporations, your name is your reputation so choose wisely.

Limousine Company Name Ideas

Limousine companies should have the luxury clients expect from this kind of service

Limousine companies should have the luxury clients expect from this kind of service.

Having your own limousine business can be a way to earn an honest living and opportunity to get around successful people. A limousine company relies solely on branding to differentiate services so don’t take this decision lightly.

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As a general rule of thumb, the industry divided into corporate (i.e. businesses, casinos) and occasional markets (i.e. weddings, proms). you can choose one or the other, or even both. But your name should be aligned to showcase the luxury and prestige that your firm offers to its high-class clientele. These are our top suggestions for a limousine business name.

  • A-1 Limousine
  • A2B Limos
  • AAA Pro Limo
  • Able Limousine Inc.
  • Advantage Limousine Service
  • AJ Prestige Limousine
  • All City Limousine
  • All Star Limousine
  • Allure Limos
  • Ambassador Limousine
  • American Limousine Service
  • American Luxury Limousines
  • Arrow Limousine
  • Aspen Limo Tours
  • Bayview Limousine Service
  • Derben Limousines
  • Duefrett Limousines
  • Genext Limousines
  • GoodCrest Limousine
  • Graphon Limousines
  • Irene Limousines
  • Joyful Journey Limousines
  • Majestic Limousines
  • Marvella Limousines
  • Memorella Limousine
  • Merlin Limousines
  • MindStar Limousines
  • Mossis Limousine
  • Mysteva Limousines
  • Occasia Limousines
  • Ride Loft Limousines
  • RockStone Limousine
  • Spruce Limousines
  • Tripplin Limousines
  • UpTown Limousines
  • Prestige Limousines
  • King Limousines

Limo Car Name Ideas

Driving the car yourself means you can be very hands–on with your service to your clients

Driving the car yourself means you can offer white-glove service.

No matter what target market you choose to provide transportation services, you’ll need a name that’s easy to remember. Word of mouth is one of the best business promotions there is and selecting a name that portrays the classy ride will help you capture more free reccomendations.

  • Aeron Limo
  • Angel City Limo
  • Angel Limo
  • Arena Limo
  • Ariene Limousine
  • Avente Limousine
  • Black Tie Limousine
  • Blue Epic Limousine
  • BlueSquare
  • BrandStix Limousine
  • Broadway Elite
  • Cardiff Limousine
  • Cassa Limo
  • Celebrity Worldwide
  • Chromon Limo
  • Cortona Limo
  • Crescent Limousines
  • Crown Hill Limo
  • DriveSpring Cars
  • Dynemo Limo
  • Elite Cars
  • Goldenline
  • Limo Essence
  • Limo Lift
  • Retro Limousine
  • Silver Luxury
  • The Apollo Limousine
  • ThreeWave Limousine
  • Urban Active Limo
  • Urban Style Limo

Catchy Limo Phrases / Tagline Ideas

Having a catchy, but not sleazy, tagline can help to promote your business

Having a catchy, but not sleazy, tagline can help to promote your business.

While it is not always necessary if you have a reputation for excellence, a tagline or catchy phrase can help people to remember your company when thinking of limo services.

Taglines normally complement the name and give a little detail of what the client can expect from your service. Check out these short taglines that could be applied to your limo business.

  • We get you there in style
  • Now try the best in town
  • Matchless Transportation
  • It’s a Stretch
  • Limos Limos Limos
  • Your luxury transport partners
  • The best in worldwide trasnsportation
  • Where luxury begins
  • The style of celebrity
  • When you need the best
  • From A to B in comfort
  • Longer than your average stretch
  • We stretch our cars, not our prices
  • Luxury for less
  • Making life worth living
  • You Deserve the Limo Life
  • The Ultimate Limo Scene

Personal Driver Business Name Ideas

Personal drivers are more intimate in their dealings with clients

Personal drivers are more intimate in their dealings with clients.

If you’re running a personal driver business, then you will need to be seen as providing both the car and driver for clients, and your reputation needs to be excellent. The service you provide is a growing one in the United States among the busiest and most successful of clientele.

This is not the type of market you’ll want to compete on cost. To be competitive its essential that you provide reliable services when needed day, night, or weekend. While this is the most demanding sector of the industry, it can also be the most lucrative and steady work if you’re able to win the trust of wealthy individuals.  These are the top picks for personal driver services.

  • KZ Drivers
  • Coastal Car
  • Goldcrest Transport
  • Empire Drivers
  • Excel Drivers
  • Express Drivers
  • Five Star Drivers
  • Gem Limousine Drivers
  • Genesis Driver Service
  • Grayline Driver Service
  • Harrison Global
  • Highland Executive
  • iLimo Transportation
  • Legendary Drivers
  • Discrete Drivers

Chauffeur Service Name Ideas

Having a chauffeur service means you provide the ultimate in luxury transport

Having a chauffeur service means you provide the ultimate in luxury transport.

A chauffeur service offers the very best in driven luxury with a professional and courteous driver to attend to your every need. From providing transport from one place to another to opening doors, seeing to the luggage, ensuring your clients get to where they are going on time, and so much more.

Chauffeurs go well beyond providing a safe ride for their clients and are essentially personal servants to the people they work for. Here are some name ideas that fit this career.

  • Best Worldwide Chauffeurs
  • Town Car Chauffeurs
  • A to B Chauffeurs
  • Black Car Co.
  • Chauffeurs For Sure
  • Destination Drivers
  • Executive Fleet
  • Fancy Fleet
  • Bachelor Chauffeurs
  • Chauffeur Masters
  • Fancy Chauffeurs
  • Fleet of Fancy Chauffeurs
  • Great Length Chauffeurs
  • Red Carpet Chauffeurs
  • The Limelight Chauffeur Service
  • Dallas Limo Services
  • Crown Chauffeurs
  • Dolphin Transportation Specialists
  • Empire CLS
  • Executive Driver Service
  • Executive Las Vegas
  • First Class Chauffeurs

What Should You Name Your Limo Service?

Naming the business is one of the most important steps in setting up your limo service brand

Naming the business is one of the most important steps in setting up your limo service brand.

Working out what to call your limo service can be tough. You want the name to be catchy, but not sleazy. You want to aim for the higher end of the market so you earn a comfortable return on your time running the business.

You first need to determine how you want to be seen by the public. Set clear expectation of what your future clientele can expect. Essentially, figure out what type of clients you will have the most fun and profit by serving and work backwards from there.

Brainstorming is an important part of the naming process. There are a number of ways to kick off the brainstorming process. First tip, start with basic keywords for the business so you aren’t staring at a blank page. Looking down an empty page can be one of the most intimidating parts of the exercise.

Then move on to other words with potential to describe your services to the public to get some inspiration. Make sure to keep you cellphone nearby to write down ideas while you’re shopping for groceries or waking up in the middle of the night with inspiration. Pro tip: You’ll probably get the best ideas when you aren’t trying.

bus interior

A party bus is a related transportation business experiencing challenges in the current environment.

Explore the different brand names that already exist in your area to get some inspiration into what works and what doesn’t. This will also ensure you don’t pick out a name that someone else has already claimed.

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Location is another common way of choosing a name for your business. The name of your city or even state can help with making you more recognizable in the market. Think Boise Driving Co. as an example.

Using a local name like this can spark an emotional attachment from locals and help retain loyal customers. Reminders of personal experiences, enjoyable journeys, or travel memories can help to evoke an emotional response that can be good for business branding too.

While it’s important you can stand behind your limo business name, it’s equally important that it be memorable and easily recognizable. And to make it memorable, it is best to keep it short and to the point. Simple words and short names make things easier to remember.

Another popular ways to name any business is to use your own name in the brand. Linda’s Limos and Fred’s Luxury Fleet have a nice ring to them, and can help people remember you more easily. And if your business is a limo company with a decent fleet, you really don’t have to be called Linda or Fred to use them. Follow this advice, pick a name you’ll be happy with a decade from now and you’ll be on the right track.

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