Starting a bus company in the U.S. is a lot easier since the industry was deregulated in the early 1980s. Price flexibility and state regulation easing has made running a bus company a lot simpler than it used to be. But despite the reshaping of the long-distance bus industry in the 1990s there are still only about 100 national-range bus companies across the entire United States. These larger companies, however, accept each other’s tickets and often align schedules to meet the needs of passengers.

If you’re starting up your own bus company, finding a unique name won’t be difficult considering the small number of companies that run national services. But there are a lot of smaller companies serving local routes only so you’ll want to be sure to complete full due diligence before making your final pick. Here are some of the best of the unused bus company names you can utilize for your bus company. And if you’re in the market for a used school bus, check our our inventory of skoolies here.

Creative Bus Company Name Ideas

bus interior

Plenty of empty seats.

You can be as creative as you like with your bus company name. When you consider one of the largest in the U.S. is called Peter Pan, you realize the name doesn’t need to include the word bus in it. So be as creative as you like as long as it expresses professionalism and reliability. Here are our best options we could identify are still avialable for use to the best of our knowledge.

  • Real Bus Co.
  • AAA Buses
  • Access Nationwide
  • American Clipper
  • Arnold Transportation
  • Atlantic Express
  • Big Blue Bus
  • Big Moose Buses
  • Champion Express
  • Charter Bus Co.
  • City Hoppers
  • Compass Buses
  • Compass Transport
  • Cowboy Express
  • Cross Transport
  • Dart Transit Company
  • DragonLines
  • EasyBus
  • Enterprise Transportation
  • Explorer Bus Lines
  • Express Lines
  • Express National
  • First Bus Co.
  • Goat Mountain Buses
  • Green Goose Bus Lines
  • Heartland Express
  • JB Hunt Transport
  • Low Peak Buses
  • Loyal Transport
  • Origin Tours Coaches
  • Overlando
  • Rapid Run Transport
  • Rapid Transit
  • Renowned Buses
  • Route Master
  • Royal Bus Liners
  • Seventy Seven Express
  • Stage West Coaches
  • Stars n Stripes
  • The Big Bus Co.
  • Trans-American Buses
  • Transporty
  • United Bus Lines LLC
  • Vantage Buses
  • Voyganics
  • ZoomStar

Party Bus Name Ideas

Interior view of a modern party bus

Interior view of a modern party bus.

Party buses are basically extended limousines that can hold from 10 or more people recreationally drink in a safe way. This is a proven way to travel around between your party stops. Many of these vehicles include minibars, music systems, televisions, nightclub lighting, lasers, dancing poles, and plush upholstery to keep your party rolling. These are a popular way to celebrate events like bachelor parties, weddings or graduations.

  • Allridy
  • Almost Famous Limo Bus
  • Austin Party Rover Bus
  • Boogie Knights Party Bus
  • Booze Bus
  • Bus Buzz, Party Bus
  • Celebration Express
  • Class Act
  • Cocktail Express
  • Double D Party Service
  • Double Deckousine
  • Double Red
  • Double Shot Party Bus
  • Fast Forward
  • Great Wheels of Fire
  • Journey Liner
  • Le Bus
  • Libation Express
  • Limore
  • Mind the Party Bus
  • Pampered Britches
  • Party Hoppers
  • Party In Progress
  • Party Pickers
  • Party Wheels
  • Red Diamond Party Bus
  • Regal Limo Services
  • Retro Party Wheels
  • Ride n Party
  • Road King Party Bus
  • Roof Top Party Bus
  • Round and Round\
  • Seeing Double Party Line
  • Squeals on Wheels
  • Style Rides
  • Texas Tea Party
  • The Knight Bus
  • The Magical Mystery Bus
  • The Party ’57 Bus
  • The Party Line
  • The Party Ride
  • The Ultimate Party Bus
  • The Upper Decker
  • TheEntertainment Wagon
  • Top Flat Party Bus
  • Towne & Country Party Limo
  • TP (Top Priority)
  • Transport On Demand
  • Twin Party Bus
  • Vintage Celebrations
  • Vintage Party Machine
  • VIP Lounge Buses
  • VIP Transport
  • Wonder Wheels
  • Ya Baby! Party Bus

School Bus Company Names

The classic All-American school bus

The classic All-American school bus

Having a school bus company means you are responsible for taking other people’s kids to school. Words that describe safety and reliability are essential in this segment of the industry. Depending on the school zone you live in, the school may hire out third-party drivers or use part-time help including in some instances teachers.

Take a gander at our school bus company names and run them by the kids for good measure:

  • Big Yellow Buses
  • Reliable Drivers
  • Safe at School
  • Bus to School
  • Classy Schools
  • Daily Drivers
  • Kids in America
  • Kids on Board
  • Kids To School
  • Learning Journeys
  • Mom’s School Bus
  • Off To School
  • Pack ‘n’ Send
  • Pride Transport Inc.
  • Rapid Run Transport
  • Ride of your Life
  • Road to School
  • Senior High Buses
  • Sharkey Transportation Inc.
  • Ship Shapers
  • Shipemoff’s
  • Sound Transit
  • The Best School Bus
  • The Kid Carriers
  • The School Bus Co.
  • The School Run
  • Careful Drive
  • Skillful School Bus
  • The Common Commute

Famous Bus Names

Greyhound, the largest and best known bus company in America

Greyhound is the largest and most recognized bus company in America.

There are a lot of famous names of bus companies across the United States, such as Greyhound and Jefferson. Many of these well-known bus lines offer cross-country trips, align their fares and schedules to meet each other’s connections, and work in conjunction with each other to maintain a on-time network.

Here’s a list of the more famous names for you to remember. Make sure you avoid similar names for your own company buses to help avoid any potential litigation.

  • Adirondack Trailways
  • Baron Bus
  • BestBus
  • Bieber Tours
  • BoltBus
  • Express Arrow
  • FlixBus
  • Florida Red Line
  • Greyhound
  • Jefferson Lines
  • Jet Set Express
  • Lux Bus America
  • Megabus
  • Miller / Hoosier Transportation
  • New York Trailways
  • OurBus
  • Peter Pan
  • Pine Hill Trailways
  • RedCoach
  • Southeastern Stages
  • Supertours
  • TripperBus
  • Vamoose
  • Washington Deluxe
  • Travel 10

Tips for Naming Transportation Companies

Modern buses are much more comfortable than the stagecoaches were

An old-school form of mass transit.

Naming a transport company is not a simple process for many startups. After all, identifying the right brand name can make generating press and winning over new customers much easier. But with the different options available, it can be tough to lock down on the right one. Here are some naming strategies you can choose by category:

  • English or non-English names.
  • A word that includes a numeral.
  • Single words
  • Multiple words or a phrase
  • Descriptive names

There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach that we will walk you through. First off is the descriptive name. This is a great approach that helps explain the type of business you’ll be operating. By going this route, you ensure that prospective customers understand the exact service or product you sell. Descriptive names in this group include transportation, bus, or commuting.

Another name approach to consider is the one word name. These can be challenging because so many single word names are already in use. Often the names selected in this category don’t describe the business at all. Some examples include plethora, Magnus, or repository.

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One of the major advantages of this option is that you have the flexibility to change your business model or services and still have the brand make sense. This might seem like a strange benefit, but if you start a new business, you often don’t know what the exact product and services will look like 5 – 10 years after opening.

Using this website as an example, we started publishing information only about food trucks at first. Now, we publish information about starting all sorts of food businesses from restaurants to donut shops. Due to this shift, I wish we would have selected a name that was more broadly described food startups. We still get a lot of people (understandably so) that think we only publish content about food trucks specifically.

There are some name types you’ll want to stay away from too in any part of the transportation industry. Don’t pick a name that will be difficult to spell. This will make it overly challenging for folks to refer you to others or spell your name correctly in an internet search. Stay away from any names that could be construed as being slow or breaking down as well. No one wants to buy a ticket for a cross country trip on the Snail Bus Corporation!

125 bus company name ideas

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