Thinking about going independent and starting your own trucking company? You’ll need to come up with a professional name that isn’t claimed first. Fortunately, we’ll help you with both in this article.

Whether you’re looking for a name suggestion that expresses dependability, timeliness, or something memorable this guide is organized into different categories so you can explore the ideas that apply to your business. So start your engine, put the clutch into drive, and let’s find your trucking company name!


Dependable Name Ideas

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Being reliable is key to running a successful trucking business.

Will the load get there on time? Will my product arrive in tact? These are the most common concerns of any shipper. If a shipment fails to arrive on-time or safely there can be major financial consequences for a business. These names like these, you’ll (at least partially) put these customer’s minds at ease.

  • Flawless Shipping LLC
  • On-Time Delivery Inc.
  • Reliable Shipping Enterprise
  • Safely Shipped Corporation
  • Trusted Travelers
  • Trouble-Free Carrier
  • Proven Carrier Co.
  • Precision Driving
  • Steadfast Trucks
  • Highway Stalwarts
  • The Honest Trucking Company
  • Practical Carriers
  • Secure Shipments
  • Proven Load Delivery
  • Carrier with Credentials
  • Quality Transporters
  • Safe and Sound Truckers
  • Dependable Land Shippers
  • Careful Transport & Delivery Company
  • Established Conveyors LLC
  • Surefire Route Inc.
  • Faithful Road Warriors
  • Steady Route Delivery Services
  • Smooth Roads Pickup and Delivery
  • Generations Trucking Group

Speedy Name Ideas

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On the road again.

While you never want to exceed the speed limit in a big rig, getting a shipment fast and safe will always be important to customers. Positioning your business as quick and reliable are features that will never go out of style. Here are some suggestions you can use as inspiration.

  • Faster Pace Delivery
  • High-Velocity Trucking Company
  • Minutes Matter Delivery Group
  • Punctual Carrier LLC
  • Without Delay Trucking
  • Instant Load Company
  • Racing Ahead Shippers
  • In the Lead Trucking
  • Out Front Coach
  • Expedited Load and Delivery
  • Half the Time Carrier
  • Full Throttle Trucking
  • Speedy National Group
  • Same Day Carrier Cruise
  • Zippy Zip Trucks
  • ASAP Trucking Collective
  • Teamsters with Timely Results
  • Vrooooom! Transporters
  • Performance Travelers Organization
  • Driven to be Timely

Personal Trucking Company Names

This is a common way trucking company names are created. It’s not very original, but it works. Often, the last name of the founder is whose name is proudly displayed on the side or front of the big rig. If you have a less popular name like Hackenberg (may have just made that name up) this approach can work well and will be available. On the other hand a name like Jackson Trucking… is likely already claimed. Here are a few examples how this might look.

  • Brendenberg Trucking Company
  • Bernstrom Trucks LLC
  • Kovar Carriers Inc.
  • Brodie Long Haulers
  • Gertrude Safe Shippers
  • Nick’s Comforting Carrier

Funny Trucking Company Names

These names might get a laugh out of your drinking buddies. But be careful when trying to get overly clever with your business name. Not everyone has the same sense of humor as you do and you might lose out on some runs if you select any of these. Still… some of these are worth a laugh.

  • Sixpack Trucking
  • BS Trucking
  • Middle Finger Transporters
  • The Cursing Dispatcher
  • Smoke Stack Truckers LLC
  • Up in Flames Trucking
  • Five-o-Clock Somewhere Transportation
  • Reckless Transportation
  • Purpler Cow Truck Drivers LLC
  • Red Neck Trucking LLC
  • Plumber’s Crack Trucking Inc.
  • Motley Cruise Trucking Co.
  • Making Trucking Great Again LLC

Catchy Trucking Company Names

There aren’t many transportation company names with truly clever or memorable names. Most of them adhere to the following formula (Insert Name) Trucking Company LLC. Here are a few ideas we think will keep you top of mind.

  • The Pink Trucking Company LLC
  • Momma Know’s Best Transportation Services
  • Heavy Metal Trucking
  • Rock & Rolling Trucking Services
  • Sing the Blue’s Trucking Inc.
  • Making Trucking Great Again LLC
  • Elephant and Donkey Transporters

Trucking Company Name Generator

If you really want to crank up the number of ideas, you can use an online name generator. How these generators work is you enter a core word or phrase that you want included in your brand name. Then click submit and a computer program will return all sorts of name suggestions. Some of these will be pretty lame. But you can find some interesting ideas you would have never come up with otherwise.

One tool I really like is the business name generator from Shopify.  As an example, I typed the keyword “trucking” into the results page and here’s a small sample of the results.

  • Lakefront Trucking
  • Country Trucking
  • Jackpot Trucking
  • Limitless Trucking
  • Viewpoint Trucking

Here’s a few more examples using the search “carrier” instead:

  • Carrier Labs
  • Open Carrier
  • Freedom Carrier
  • Independence Carrier
  • Lifetime Carrier

Is a Business Name Important in the Truck Industry?

Some will argue the name of a long haul truck company doesn’t matter. You could name it just about anything under the sun and it would still work assuming you do a good job. After all, we’re not starting the next Apple here. We’re driving big rigs from point A to point B.

There is truth to this perspective. While the name of your company, won’t be a primary consideration, your reputation will be important and will be attached to your name overtime. If you have a history of working well with others and delivering loads on time, you’ll get repeat business. If not, you’ll at best be less successful.

What’s the Future Hold for the Transportation Industry?

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What does the future hold for the transportation industry?

No one has a crystal ball tha