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23 11, 2020

125 Inspiring Christian Business Name Ideas That Aren’t Taken

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According to smart people at Pew Research Center, 2.3 billion people identify as Christian. That’s nearly one third of the global population. Meaning if you plan to create food brand, books, or gadgets for this group of people with shared beliefs, you have a large audience to serve.

Christian businesses […]

20 11, 2020

How to Write an ATM Company Business Plan + Sample Template

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ATMs, also known as automated teller machines, are an appealing business to operate due to the passive nature of the business. But the industry has faced unexpected changes over the past few years that should cause pause before moving forward with the idea.

ATM manufacturing alone is an $185 million dollar […]

17 11, 2020

155 Creative Email Newsletter Name Ideas That Aren’t Boring

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The email newsletter is the most powerful tool I have to drive sales in my business. Push send on an email and I can (usually) bet on a few sales coming in. But I still see the majority of business owners overlooking this powerful communication tool. Why? I suppose part […]

13 11, 2020

157 Proven Food Blog Name Ideas I’m Giving Away (2021 Update)

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Planning to start a food blog, but aren’t sure what to call it yet? I started the food (business) blog you’re reading right now so I feel qualified to pontificate about what you should name your food blog too. I hope you’re able to detect the hint of […]

1 11, 2020

Download Liquor Store Business Plan Sample Template + Doc

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Want to open a neighborhood liquor store? This how-to guide gives proven business plan templates you can download and update for your future business in addition to providing tips so you have the best possible chance of success. Ready to get into the real-deal business planning for a liquor shop? […]