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6 06, 2021

155+ Unique Podcast Quotes and Taglines That Grow Audiences

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I’ve been podcasting since 2013 and built a back catalog of more than 125 episodes in the process. Back when I hit the record button on GarageBand for Mac for my first episode, the concept having a podcast was a pretty new idea. But not anymore. Now, just about every […]

19 05, 2021

Top 500 Profitable Travel Blog Name Ideas + How I Make Money

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An estimated 80% of travel planning is based on research done conducted online using the help of websites, blogs, and YouTube videos. If you enjoy traveling and sharing the cuisine of different cities or countries, it can be tempting to start a travel and food blog to document your journey […]

26 03, 2021

My 21 Best Under the Table Jobs & Side Businesses Offering Cash in Hand

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Looking for a job or business you can work on the side where you can walk away with cash in hand at the end of the day? The good news is there are plenty of options available thanks to the gig economy, work apps, and online marketplaces to connect with […]

26 02, 2021

500+ Unforgettable Bar Name Ideas I’m Giving Away (2021 Update)

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According to industry data, there’s more than 62,000 registered bars in the United States. While that figure has likely decline over the past year, businesses like this could boom when folks feel comfortable gathering together once again. With people being stuck inside for so long, bars could see strong demand […]

13 02, 2021

300+ Year Round Holiday Marketing Slogan Ideas (2021 Update)

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Searching for the perfect holiday marketing slogan to caption for social media or to display prominently on a chalk sign? We’ve compiled a list of the all-time best holiday taglines that will your marketing fresh throughout the entire year from the heat of the summer all the way to Christmas.

We’ve […]