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3 07, 2020

How to Name a Smoothie or Juice Shop: 150+ Ideas

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Planning to start a smoothie or juice shop, but don’t know what to call it yet? We share our strategy for naming profitable businesses in this post in addition to helping you shape a distinct brand for your future company.

If you’re serious about operating a juice bar, we created a […]

30 06, 2020

183 Artisan Pet Food Company Name Ideas

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Starting a pet food company? You’re entering one of the fastest growing and competitive segments of the entire food industry. In 2018, global pet food sales hit $91.8 million according to industry reports. This annual sales figure could reach $30 billion in the United States alone by 2022 according […]

28 06, 2020

167 Scrumptious Cookie Company Name Ideas 

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Plan to start your own cookie company? That’s exciting news! Whether you intend to bake at home or open your own shop, one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new business owner selecting the name of your cookie company.

The brand name is the first impression for […]

27 06, 2020

153 Distinct Personal Chef Company Name Ideas You Can Use

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Personal chefs are increasing in demand and with many individuals still not feeling safe about venturing our to restaurants there is no better time to start a personal chef business. According to, there’s an estimated 25,000 people employed as personal chefs in the United States with a respectable […]

26 06, 2020

The Ultimate 100+ Sports Bar Name Ideas You Can Use

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On just about every holiday in memory, my family has trekked out to a sports bar. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, you name it. If there’s one collective priority, it’s watching our favorite sports teams (hopefully) win. After all, can’t we spend time as a family while also […]