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8 02, 2018

How to Start a Food Truck in San Diego like Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs

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Thinking about starting a mobile food business along the always sunny beaches of San Diego?  There’s no one better individual to learn from than Dan Hart, Co-Founder of Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs and Nana’s Heavenly Ice Cream Truck. Dan and his brother Jeff got their start in the mobile food […]

18 01, 2018

How to Setup and Organize a “Family Style” Catering Event

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The buffet line. It’s a tried and true way to serve a large group of people in an orderly manner. No matter where you go people understand exactly how it works.

You start on one side, pick up a plate and walk through the line until your plate is full. If […]

7 12, 2017

Should You Roll The Dice and Pay a $1,600 Event Fee To Vend?

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Are Event Fee’s Worth It?

When you watch long lines forming outside a food truck it’s easy to presume these vendors must be killing it. After all, it’s tough to order a meal for under $10 at festivals or events across America. […]

22 06, 2017

How To Convert a Shipping Container into a Mobile Kitchen

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Believe it or not you can convert an old shipping container into an up-to-date semi mobile kitchen. Unlike a food truck or trailer, you won’t have quite as much mobility. There’s no engine or wheels installed on these pieces after all making daily travel unpractical. Still, if you plan to […]

19 05, 2017

Full Kitchen Equipment List For Five Popular Food Truck Concepts

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Just another day on the S’wich It Up food truck.

Trying to figure out what kitchen equipment you need installed in your food truck’s mobile kitchen? We have a list of cooking equipment needed to execute five common food trucks menus. Most importantly […]