The email newsletter is the most powerful tool I have to drive sales in my business. Push send on an email and I can (usually) bet on a few sales coming in. But I still see the majority of business owners overlooking this powerful communication tool. Why? I suppose part of the reason is that social media is talked about more often today. It’s a newer, more exciting way to communicate and gets more coverage in the press.

Not surprisingly, when we interview founders that sell direct to consumer, email marketing is one found to be one of the best ways to drive sales. Take for example our interview with the flavored water company Hydrant that went from doing $40k in sales to $2 million in just a couple years. One of the most effective marketing tips they shared was to use an email newsletter to encourage repeat purchases. And repeat customer orders is the name of the game.


Hydrant uses an email marketing newsletter to increase repeat sales.

Not only does a newsletter let you to communicate directly with your customers, it can be used to ask for a sale. A recent study by e-commerce software firm found email marketing can convert sales at 4.24%, as opposed to only 2.49% from search engines and less than 0.6% from social media. Not to mention, most of your followers on social media don’t end up seeing your status updates at all unless they are boosted.

I can speak from experience when I say that investing in a good email newsletter is worth your time and effort. I manage a newsletter with over 40,000 active subscribers.  Nearly 100% of the sales for books or our premium community join the newsletter before they buy.

In this post, I’ll share a bunch of newsletter name ideas that aren’t boring. An appealing newsletter name is extremely important to encourage readers to signup. The ideal name can be little bit sexy, out of the ordinary, or offer some type of unique value. These examples are the best newsletter names I could come up with.

Value bomb: Stick around to the end of the post, I’ll share some of my most practical tips for getting people to join your newsletter. Including freebies you can use to increase your signups fast. Let’s do this!

Newsletter Name Ideas

Postcard from an email newsletter.

An email newsletter is around 40 times more effective than social media at acquiring new customers, and sending newsletters is a high-ROI activity no matter if you’re selling digital training products or gift baskets. These newsletter name examples can be appealing titles to a wide range of publishers and businesses.

  • The Key Note
  • Alert
  • My Final Interview
  • The Profit Formula
  • Fully Invested Newsletter
  • Dividend Daily Newsletter
  • Well-Crafted Newsletter
  • Access Granted
  • The Final Word
  • The Dispatch
  • The Green Mommy News
  • The Renegade Report
  • The Disruptor Daily
  • The Newz
  • The Information X Change
  • The Communique
  • The Forum
  • All Hands
  • The Right Note
  • First Forum
  • Hands Up
  • In Concert
  • In Touch, In Tune
  • In Tune
  • Mega Man Monthly
  • Epic Gamers
  • My Daily Routine Newsletter
  • Just the Facts
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Our Voices
  • The Rap Up
  • The Advisor
  • The Beat
  • The Bulletin

Food Newsletter Name Ideas

Food newsletter layout.

If you run a food blog or business a newsletter is a great way to share recipes or direct readers to products. While food bloggers have gotten pretty good at building email lists, the majority of food businesses overlook this medium or don’t do it right. Take a look at our food-based newsletter titles to help make your own food business the cream of the crop.

  • The Grapevine
  • Bakers Best
  • The Daily Bread
  • The Batter Blog
  • The Home Cook Front
  • The Good Food Journal
  • Tasty Newsletter
  • The Front Burner
  • Keto Recipe Newsletter
  • Best Baking News
  • The Neighborhood Chef
  • Bona Foodie
  • Cakes Galore
  • Food Business Monthly
  • The Business Minded Chef
  • Delivered Dessert Blog
  • Digital Meal Kit
  • 30-Day Meal Prep Guide
  • Botanical Beverages Magazine
  • My Kitchen Report
  • Inside My Kitchen
  • Cooking for You
  • Cooking Report
  • Eaters Digest
  • Food Report
  • Foodies Favorites
  • Fresh Ideas
  • The Juice
  • Back of the House Newsletter
  • The Squeeze Daily
  • Just Desserts
  • Meal Messenger
  • Smitten Kitchen

Education Newsletter Name Ideas

Ready to press send on your newsletter?

Educational newsletters are more than just outlines of new curriculums and teacher’s notes. They can help to bring the educational facility into a tighter community and are the perfect way to disseminate news and information that is relevant to both students and teachers. Instead of running an expensive school paper, you could publish an email newsletter instead.

  • The Post
  • Between the Lines
  • High School Times
  • Front of the Class
  • Straight A Gazette
  • Class President Newsletter
  • The Principle Report
  • The Educator
  • The Cable
  • The Reader Review
  • The Lead
  • The Bulletin
  • The Honor Roll
  • Community Action
  • This Just In…
  • Kid’s Corner
  • Kids Chronicle
  • Kids Corner
  • News Flash
  • Playground
  • School Roundup
  • Talk Back
  • Teacher Times
  • The School Scoop
  • The Beat
  • Getting Schooled!
  • College Bound Monthly
  • The Wild Cat Broadcast
  • Calling all Rough Riders

Financial Newsletter Name Ideas

There’s never a shortage of topics to write about in the financial space.

Financial newsletters are the perfect way of letting consumers and investors to understand the ever-changing market trends in the financial sectors, as well as being a good way to introduce new financial products such as savings accounts with high interest and other investment and savings opportunities. If you run any type of financial services or investment company, you need a newsletter.

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There are literally thousands for free and paid finance newsletters covering the financial space. There’s a niche for just about everyone too: personal finance, stock investing, real estate investing, saving money, and student loan debt are all topics you could cover. Our selection gives you the best financial newsletter names available for your use.

  • The General Ledger
  • Bits and Bytes
  • The Banker’s Note
  • Tech Investors Talk
  • Ten Steps to Dominate Debt
  • Crypto Currency Weekly
  • The Investment Portfolio
  • The Finance Daily Download
  • My Two Cents
  • The Bottom Line
  • In the Black Newsletter
  • In the Red Newsletter
  • The Truth about Student Loans
  • Real Estate Connections
  • Business Enterprise
  • Fast Financiers
  • Finance Digest
  • Frugal Finance
  • Full Account
  • The Daily Deposit
  • Hockey Stick Growth
  • Insider News
  • The Trader’s Pulse
  • Investor Insight
  • Money and More
  • Money Funds
  • Debt Sucks
  • 12-Month Debt Reduction Guide
  • Million Dollar Mentorship
  • Secrets of Top Investors
  • Lessons from the 1%
  • A Record Year
  • The Sales Tips Newsletter

Business Newsletter Name Ideas

Doing business at a farmers market.

Businesses newsletters can operate on many levels. Most often they are intended to build trust, nurture and generate sales among prospective customers.

But a newsletter can also be used internally to dissemination information to employees of new practices, new policies, company events, birthdays, and other related information. This is an affordable and time-efficient way to share information instead of scheduling yet another hour long meeting.

  • Better Business Buddies
  • Inside Our Company
  • The HR Update
  • Around the Water Cooler
  • The Virtual Water Cooler
  • Coffee Chats
  • Competitive Edge
  • Our Vision Weekly
  • Insider News
  • News from the Desk
  • Smoke Signals
  • Telegraph
  • The Community Hub
  • The Business Bulletin
  • The Business Edge
  • The Corporate Buzz
  • The Communique
  • The Daily Bulletin
  • The Daily Dispatch
  • The Friday Extra
  • The Monday Morning Quarterback
  • The Monthly Monitor
  • The Morning Report
  • The Quarterly Advisor
  • The Week Ahead
  • The Weekly Wrap
  • The Thursday Report
  • Monday Update

Non-profit Newsletter Name Ideas

We cook because we care.

If you run a non-profit business or charity, an email subscription newsletter can be a good way to let your readers know about new ideas or products, events that are happening in the future, ways to help out the non-profit/charity in many different ways. It’s fair-game to ask for contributions from your newsletter broadcasts as well.

Make sure you’re providing a mix of entertaining news in between asking for contributions so you don’t wear out subscribers. One good approach is to share stories on how contributions are impacting the local community. Here are some title suggestions that could work for a non-profit newsletter.

  • Are We There Yet?
  • Helpers Cliff’s Notes
  • Who You Helped Monthly
  • Serving Our Community
  • Community Pathways
  • The Soup Kitchen Monthly
  • The Non-Profit Dispatch
  • Doctor’s Orders
  • Going Places
  • Anti-Racism Times
  • Grassroots Gazette
  • The Contributor Newsletter
  • Look for the Helpers Newsletter
  • Rewarding Those Who Give
  • Doing Good Pages
  • Rebels with a Clause
  • Feeding Our Kids
  • No Short Cuts
  • Charity & Tech
  • The Daily Diva
  • The Glam-o-Gram
  • The Guided Light
  • The Heartbeat
  • The Lifeline
  • The Monthly Ride
  • A Better Future
  • The Supporter
  • The Write Up
  • Under the Microscope
  • The Social Justice Mailer
  • People in Need Mailer
  • Cookies for Kiddos Newsletter
  • Tomorrow Looks Good
  • Thanks for the Help.
  • Standing Together

B2B Newsletter Name Ideas

burger photo

I run a B2B newsletter in the food business space.

While a business can benefit from its own internal newsletter, knowing what is going on in the business world is just as important. If you’re selling products or services to other businesses, publishing a newsletter that offers practical advice that solves your customers problems is always a good approach.

A few common pain points in other business: technology implementation, sales, marketing, payroll, HR, and hiring in a remote world. Having a Business to Business (B2B) newsletter can help other businesses understand the market trends or provide annual market research in their own area of business too. If you do this thing right, you can offer a lot of value and build trust with readers.

  • B2b4U
  • Business Alert
  • Business Digest
  • Electronic Components Review
  • Marketing Directions
  • Marketplace News
  • The Restaurant Guide
  • On Target
  • Online Digest
  • Engineered to be Great Newsletter
  • The Automotive Mailer
  • The Modern Oil Industry Newsletter
  • Jeff’s Sales Strategies
  • The Woman’s Guide to Selling
  • Outsider Business News
  • Roadmap to Success
  • The E-commerce Beacon
  • The Bacon Biz
  • The Business Bulletin
  • The Final Word
  • The Real Estate Forum
  • The Grocery Games Newsletter
  • Customer Service Broadcasts
  • The Top Agent Lineup
  • The Online Markets
  • The People’s Press
  • The Ride Share Publication
  • The Right Direction
  • The Steering Wheel
  • Cross Country Trucking Monthly

How to Start a Newsletter Business


Don’t worry… You won’t need to get your hands dirty to get started.

So you want to start a newsletter? As mentioned earlier I have an email list of 40,000+ active readers so I can share some guidance on the topic based on my personal experience.

First, I wouldn’t get too stressed out about the technology you use to publish your newsletter. There are dozens of email service providers that allow you to setup and send newsletters. Pick a major one that provides appealing email templates and move on.

If your goal is to make money from a newsletter, you’ve got to think about what you have to sell and who might want your product. So for example, if you have a stock investing course, you’ll want to build an email list filled of people that are interested in investing. If you have a weight-loss product, find people interested in getting fit.

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It’s critical that your newsletter content matches what you plan to sell. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way on a few occasions. One time, I tried to sell a restaurant startup course. The problem is most of the readers on my list wanted to start a food truck business, not a restaurant. It was a total flop that I think only two people signed up for.

When people say an email newsletter didn’t work this is usually the reason why… they didn’t send out the newsletter long enough. I don’t have any hard data to back this up, but I’d bet 8 out of 10 most newsletters don’t go beyond issue #10. Businesses send out a couple emails, they don’t get any sales and they think a newsletter won’t work in their market.

Getting people to sign up for your newsletter

You need to give people a specific reason to sign up for your newsletter. No one wants more emails so you’ve got to come up with something specific.

If your current idea is to offer a weekly newsletter giving away “free tips” you’re pretty much destined to fail. No one wants more free tips. You need to get more specific than that. Here’s what’s worked for me.

  • A business kit. Offering a free free startup kit is a terrific way to encourage readers to join your list. I do this all the time. Once readers subscribe make sure you send some really good stuff. Ideas include a stock investing kit, a meal planning kit, or a business idea kit. Get creative!
  • Offer audio or video lesson. If you’ve been podcasting or doing videos for awhile, offer people a free lesson on a certain subject. Make sure it’s a lesson that people are actually interested in. I repurpose my podcast interviews all the time and make people sign up for them as bonuses. It works well!
  • Challenge: This is all the rage right now. Create some type of a 7 day or 14 day challenge and take people through the challenge each day. Challenges could include doing a certain number of pushups each day. Maybe it’s a goal planning challenge that’s always popular around the first of the year. As long as they are good, people will sign up for these events.

The email newsletter is a marketing approach that takes time to figure out. I’m still figuring it out myself and I’ve been doing it for over half a decade. If you want to give it a real go, commit to test sending one newsletter a week, on the same day, for one year. This will give you the time to find out what your readers respond best to and find your unique voice in the process.

With all of this complete, you have the foundation you need to come up with a catchy newsletter name that people will actually want to sign up for. Remember to keep sending the newsletters regularly to maintain your subscriber and reader base. Persistence is the key here! You probably won’t hit a home run on your first at bat.

Here’s another good article I found on the subject of making money from a newsletter. I think it was helpful if you want to go deeper on this subject and I agree with the perspective.

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