Planning to start a food blog, but aren’t sure what to call it yet? I started the food (business) blog you’re reading right now so I feel qualified to pontificate about what you should name your food blog too. I hope you’re able to detect the hint of sarcasm from the previous statement.

Over the past decade, I’ve started (and failed) blogs focused on topics like marketing, air-traffic control, and remote control airplanes. During this time, I’ve watched as some blogs grow and eventually thrive, while others ultimately fail (even when they’re really good). These opinions come from years of writing about food myself, ultimately creating a successful blog, and paying attention to other people’s blogging journey.  


Taking photos with food and drink is an important part of a food bloggers work.

At the end of the day, view these as suggestions based on what I believe to be true about choosing a name that will set you up for long-term success.

Let’s get started with some of the top ideas I came up with for the most popular types of food blogs that publish recipes, restaurant reviews, meal plans, and lifestyle related pieces. It may seem like all the good names are already taken, but with a little creativity you’ll find that isn’t the case.

If you make it to the end of the post, I’ll share my tips and mistakes to avoid when naming a blog drawn from my experience. Here’s the blog post outline:

General Food Blog Names

These are some all-purpose suggestions you can use for any kind of food or lifestyle blog.

  • Eating with Amanda
  • The Epic Pancake
  • Round About Recipes
  • Eating My Empire
  • Tried Something New
  • Side Hustle Line Chef
  • The Culinary Cloud
  • You Need to Eat Here
  • My Kitchen Collective
  • My Grandma Taught Me This
  • Secret Coffee and Cookie Club
  • Underground Baker Foundation
  • Getting Baked Up
  • Mom and Dinner Simplified
  • Dude and a BBQ
  • Boast about My Roast
  • Yum Yum and Tum Tum
  • Food for 40 Somethings
  • Our Frugal Farmers Market
  • The National Eating Contest
  • Creamy and Crunchy Grandma
  • Plethora of Pizza Blog
  • The American Beverage Guide

Restaurant Review

Want to be a roaming food critic that helps readers discover little known mom-and-pop restaurants? Here are a few ideas that fit well for this genre.

  • The Restaurant Review Letter
  • 365 Dining Habit
  • My Food Review Formula
  • Skin Deep Eating Guide
  • American Restaurant Critic Magazine
  • 1001 Dinners with Sal
  • Group Dining Decision
  • Fish Stick Debates
  • Austin Dining Review Guide

Meal Plan Blog Ideas

When blogging about food having some good photos helps.

These sorts of blogs help people plan their evening meals for days, weeks, or even months in advance. People love getting meal plans like these especially busy moms with kids or people that need to adhere to strict diets.

  • Heritage Meal Planning
  • Yellow Meal Plans
  • Mega Mom Meal Plans
  • 1001 Meal Planning Guide
  • The Pasta Meal Planner
  • Noodles on Schedule
  • Monday to Friday Meal Kit
  • 7 am Meal Emergency
  • Little Money to Big Meal Plan
  • Mommy Daily Meal Strategy
  • Meal Planning in Your 50s
  • Meal Ideas for Infants
  • National Meal Plan Digest

Recipe Blog Ideas

The most popular kind of food blog is a recipe blogs. In a nutshell, you cook something, document the process, take photos, and provide a list of ingredients for all the things you cook. These blogs work the best if you have a common type of food you like cook or bake (like Keto friendly meals for example) to attract and grow a specific audience.

  • Always Green Recipes
  • How I Made This Cookie
  • All These Pantry Ingredients
  • My Wife’s Best Recipes
  • The Yellow Measuring Cup
  • One Egg, Two Sugar
  • Healthy Salads for Every Day
  • Welcome Home Cooked Meals
  • Our Shopping List Hobby
  • 17 Dollars or Less Recipe Blog
  • Over the Hill Cooking Directions
  • Over 30 Cooking Instructions
  • Organic Method of Attack  
  • Too Much Dough to Make
  • American How-to Cook Magazine

Editor Note: Always makes sure to conduct your due diligence to ensure the name is available on and not a registered trademark. If you find your great idea is already taken, continue to use the brainstorming ideas provided below.

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Tips for Choosing Food Blog Name

Don’t Go Too Narrow: If you’ve been reading other online tips about food blog URL and name selection, you may have heard the advice that you need to choose something super specific that identifies your niche. Something like “North East Organic Smoothie Chick” as an example.

hooch book
Well positioned beverage photo for the blog.

This isn’t the worst advice in the world, but I have different advice drawn from my own experiences. I would rather choose a URL and blog brand that is somewhat broad and could be used to publish content across a variety of topics overtime.

One example is with the blog you’re reading now called Food Truck Empire. I wish I would have titled it something more general like Food Empire Pro so I could cover a broader range of food entrepreneurship topics without it being weird.

Side note: I will likely change my blog name in the future to expand the things I can write about. Going overly narrow can be very limiting.

Don’t get me wrong, in retrospect I would 100% still start my blog by focusing exclusively on a narrow topic such as the food truck industry. But after blogging about the same topic for a couple years it’s nice to be able to go out and speak with a restaurant owner or baker about their business to change things up.

The same issue could impact you too. If you start a meal planning blog, you might love creating food calendars for years. But eventually, you might want to do a review of a local restaurant you love to change things up. For these reasons, I like the idea of selecting a name that is a bit more broad.

You can still apply the popular advice of niching down your content by adding a tagline that identifies exactly what you plan to write about. For example, a general name like Yum Yum for Your Tum Tum: An Austin Texas Food Review Blog.

Should You Use Your Personal Name?

Should You Include Your Name?

There are hundreds of successful bloggers that incorporate their God-given name into the title of their blog. One popular example is What’s Gabby Cooking? started by Gabby Dalkin. Gabby has parlayed blogging success into exposure on broadcast television, multiple cookbooks, products sold through Williams Sonoma and of course makes a lot of money through advertising too.  

Integrating your personal name into the blog works well for a couple reasons. First, it helps people connect with you directly. Readers can identify you as a living, breathing friend they can connect with instead of a faceless corporation.

The second advantage to using your name is that it’s practical. By including your name in Gerald’s Keto Meal Blog, it becomes much easier to find an available domain name and brand that isn’t registered. This works best of if you have a less common name. Sorry to all the Jim’s out there.  

There is a downside to be aware of when using your name though. If you ever decide to sell your blog, it will be more difficult if it includes your personal name. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell it, but it will be more complex since most business buyers are usually looking to invest in a brand, not a personality. 

If Tom from Tom’s Hot Dog Haven suddenly stops blogging, the regular readers will take notice if a business or another blogger buys it.

So there you have it. My two cents on coming up with a good name that will serve you well for years to come. Happy brainstorming! Feel free to add any idea you’re thinking about into the comments field below and I’d be happy to give my opinion on your future blog title.

After you’ve got the blog name figured out, you’ll need something interesting to write about. Check out my process for coming up with awesome blog topic ideas here.

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