Wondering what to name your podcast? I’m here to help you choose a name, topic, and even share how I make money with a podcast. I want you to know what to expect before pressing record on your first episode.

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Food Podcast Name Ideas

Instant rice is one of the most convenient ways to cook small amounts quickly

A podcast about rice?

Food is a terrific subject to publish a podcast about. There are cable television stations, magazines, and thousands of blogs covering all the different aspects of food so the potential audience is large. Podcasts in this category could cover cooking tips, coffee, wine, restaurant industry trends, interviews with chefs or reviews of cooking products. The ideas are nearly endless when armed with a little bit of creativity.

I consider my own podcast to be a hybrid of food and business program since we talk about food entrepreneurship and the business side of running food trucks, restaurants, coffee shops and more. Here are some approaches you could take with your own podcast name.

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  • Black Coffee
  • Coffee Shop Business Forum
  • Food Business Founders
  • The Turnip
  • Apple Slices
  • Organic Food News
  • The Epic Food Podcast
  • Totally Toasted Radio
  • Titanic Tomatoes
  • The Struggling Restaurant Podcast
  • Food Startup Founders
  • The Audio Chef
  • My Favorite Meals Radio
  • Piece of the Pie Podcast
  • Extra Cheese Radio
  • Audio Meals
  • Ear Pod Audio
  • Back of the House
  • Front of the House
  • Cutting Bananas
  • Competition BBQ Radio
  • The Maniac Chef
  • Home Cooking for Everyone
  • Street Food Weekly
  • Great Pie Debates
  • Talking about Meat Loaf
  • Friendly Foodies
  • Next in Line Cook
  • Keto Debates
  • No Diets Eating
  • More Than Salads
  • Vegetarian Living Guide
  • The Spirit of Beverages
  • Sports Drink Deep Dive
  • The Night Cap
  • Mental Meals
  • How I Started a Food Business
  • Lessons from an Italian Kitchen
  • At-Home Tastings
  • Tasting Spirits
  • Baking Bliss
  • Baked Belly
  • Baking Abroad
  • The Business of Bread
  • Raising a Loaf
  • Rancid Eggs
  • Think Like an Egg

Business Podcast Name Ideas

business podcast

You could start a business podcast from your home office.

Recording a business podcast is a smart approach if you’re passionate about the subject and have a goal of making money from the show. After all, people interested in starting a business usually need to buy products or services to make it happen. There will be plenty of natural income generating opportunities in this category.

There are many areas of business you could decide to focus on like accounting, sales, real estate, flipping houses, starting a restaurant, investing, starting a home based business, marketing, e-commerce and more.

Just make sure to pick a subject you’re really interested in talking about regularly. While I think covering the subject of accounting could be interesting, I personally wouldn’t have the stamina to do 100+ episodes on it. Make sure the podcast matches your passion so you can enjoy the process of creating.

  • E-Comm Megaphone
  • Accounting for Everything
  • Big Business at Home
  • My Crazy House Flip
  • Losing on Investments
  • Fully Invested Radio
  • The Dividend of Life
  • Saving the Family Business
  • Business Hurdles
  • 20X Your Marketing Podcast
  • Sell More Stuff Online
  • Market The Heck Out of It
  • Sell like Crazy
  • Sell like a Car Salesman
  • Knocking on Doors
  • Door to Door Podcast
  • Inside the Entrepreneur
  • New Record Sales
  • The Sales Pipeline
  • Your Dream Business Podcast
  • $500 or Less Business Startup
  • The Evening Hustle Podcast
  • Yard Sale Flippers Radio
  • The Oil Business Podcast
  • Growing Your Gym Radio
  • Imagine Your Company Radio

Interview Podcast Name Ideas

interview podcast

You can use guest interviews as the foundation of your podcast.

Some of the most popular podcasts are built around guest interviews. In other words, you find a guest that’s usually a subject matter expert, ask them questions, and publish the conversation as a show. I’ve conducted interviews like this with over 100 entrepreneurs to date.

The appeal of running a podcast that brings on guests is that you don’t need to come up with a detailed outline for every episode. More often than not, going through a list of 5 – 7 prepared questions will take 30 minutes or more. Here are some name ideas I believe would work well for a program based around publishing guest interviews.

  • Two Way Podcast
  • Intersection Radio
  • Converging Views
  • The Clarity Connect
  • Head to Head
  • Ryan’s Debate Show
  • The Daily Chat
  • Conversations with Tea
  • Mind Meetup
  • The Audio Mastermind
  • My Sports Story
  • The Weekly Conversation
  • Deep Talkers
  • Who Should We Meet?
  • The Introduction Show
  • Sally’s Kitchen Table
  • Renegade Public Forum
  • The Patriot Hour
  • Dirty Dialogue
  • Guest Probe
  • 10 a.m. Interrogate
  • One on One Coverage
  • 11 Questions Podcast
  • For the Audience
  • All Topics Conference
  • The Personal Examination
  • Probe and Profile
  • Looking for Answers
  • Silent No More
  • Answer the Man
  • Reporting Up
  • Making the Charge
  • Talk to Me
  • Confer with Kelly
  • Cross Examine Everything
  • Wednesday Rap Session
  • Red Line Talks
  • The Ideal Exchange
  • Dynamic Digital Debates (DDD)

Girl Podcast Name Ideas

female podcast

Inspire women with your podcast.

Do you want to inspire, teach, or connect with women as your target audience? Whether you’re a mommy blogger looking for a new way to spread your message or a career expert with the goal of helping women break through the glass ceiling this group applies to you. According to reports, women now represent 49% of total podcast listenership making this an essential channel for any brand.

One important tip when selecting a name that appeals to women. Be sure to pick a name that matches your ideal listener wants to learn about. Some ideas include business, career, entertainment, motherhood, health and wellness, fitness, celebrity gossip and cooking. Here are some ideas that fit this theme.

  • Moms Inc. Podcast
  • Fighting Fit Girl
  • Girl Talk Celebrity News
  • Women Rule Radio
  • Single Lady Podcast
  • Girls Share
  • No Judgement Radio
  • Mommy Shaming
  • The Remote Career Woman
  • Full-Time Mom Podcast
  • Surfer Girl Podcast
  • Sally’s Fashion Podcast
  • Inside Sarah’s Mind
  • LOL for Moms
  • LOL for Women
  • Women over 40 Podcast
  • The Breadwinner Podcast
  • Female Motivation
  • Lady Time Conference
  • 1,000 Ladies Stand Strong
  • Next Generation Women
  • Marketing for Girls
  • The Girl Code
  • Pro Nurse Podcast
  • Receptionist Stories
  • Stories from Child Birth
  • Women in Corporate America
  • Breakthrough Female Entrepreneurs
  • Supporting Each Other
  • Let’s Get Really Real
  • No Apologies
  • The No Limit Mom
  • Even Footing
  • Faster Together
  • Gal Pal Support Group
  • Gals with Gusto
  • Gabbing with a Grandma
  • The Grumpy Grandma
  • Something about Sisters
  • The Ultimate Sisterhood
  • Girl Power Business Network
  • How to Manage a Man
  • Broke Gals Personal Finance

Funny Podcast Name Ideas


Record your jokes and publish them online.

There are all sorts of reasons to use a silly podcast name. For one, you might be a comedian that wants to get their name out there in a new way. Second, a clever name can pique the curiosity of new listeners to the program. No matter your reasoning these are my best ideas. You might very well be funnier than me and can come up with something better.

  • The Laughing Pod
  • The Bro Podcast
  • Nothing But Nerdy
  • The Potty Pod
  • Comedic Casting
  • Pickle Me Podcast
  • Pissed Off Podcast
  • Mailing it in Podcast
  • Boring Radio
  • Ugly Model Podcast
  • Look at My Abs Radio
  • Hear Me Out!
  • Second Best Podcast
  • When Pigs Fly Radio
  • All Washed Up
  • Nothing but Bet
  • Funny Talk Show
  • Laugh Out Loud Media
  • Funny Girl Radio
  • Funky Masters
  • A Billion Laughs
  • Rednecking Radio
  • The Big Hick Podcast
  • Finicky Fisherman
  • Old Dude Radio
  • Technically Challenged
  • Bummed out Boomers
  • Sun Burned Sinners
  • Negative Nancy
  • Put in Neutral
  • Running Red Lights
  • Turkey Talkers
  • So You Think You’re Funny?
  • Not Another Comedian Podcast

Real Estate Podcast Name Ideas

real estate podcast

I’m bullish on real estate podcasts.

There are all sorts of podcasts that fit into the broad real estate category. Areas of focus include house flipping, rentals, property management, commercial real estate, residential real estate, apartments, multi-family investing, and real estate agent podcasts.

I believe this is a major opportunity for real estate agents. You could discuss home sales and prices in your area, tips for selling or buying a home, and interview influential people in your community. Don’t forget to share success stories too! If someone spends a few hours listening to your voice, they’ll be more likely to hire you as their agent. I think this is a huge opportunity for people that are willing to grind out the slow growth in the early days.

  • Temecula Real Estate
  • Nevada Real Estate Update
  • Twin Cities Home Value
  • The Real Estate Report Podcast
  • Valuing Your Home
  • The Equity Podcast
  • Home Loan Research and Tips
  • The 30-Year Mortgage Show
  • The Low Interest Rate Program
  • Real Estate Agent Interview Show
  • Understanding Your Market
  • Rent For More
  • Scaling Apartments
  • Property Management For Newbies
  • Neighborhood Agents
  • Bordertown Investors
  • Single Family Homeowners
  • Rent or Buy Lifestyle
  • Van Life Podcast
  • Urban Realtor Radio
  • Suburban Agents Podcast
  • Housing Crisis
  • Rent is Due Podcast
  • Managing Mortgage Debt
  • House Floating
  • 20-something Real Estate
  • Buying Farmland
  • Crop Renter
  • Mobile Home Podcast
  • Trailer Park Podcast
  • Real Estate for Seniors
  • Cash Flow Real Estate Show
  • Renting a Condo Show
  • Townhouse Rentals Podcast
  • Multi-Family Forecast
  • Millennial Real Estate Masters

Sports Show Podcast Name Ideas

soccer field

What sport do you want to cover?

I’m not a real big fan of starting a sports podcast even though it’s a popular subject to cover. One reason is there’s so many people that get a kick out out of pontificating on their favorite football. Most of these independent podcasters don’t make much money sharing these opinions either.

The other challenge is that every regional sports radio station shares their programming on iTunes already. Sports channels like ESPN have a whole bunch of podcasts under their umbrella and so do many of the well-known commentators. This means there’s plenty of free programming to quench the demand for sports news and opinions.

  • (Insert Town Name) Sports Show
  • Best Sports Podcast in (Insert Town Name)
  • Football Freaks Podcast
  • Pro Volley Podcast
  • Grateful Golf Podcast
  • The Killer Slice Podcast
  • Weight Lifting For Weaklings
  • Push Up Podcast
  • Distance Running Show
  • Trailer Running Radio
  • Under Water Radio
  • Gridiron Hero Podcast
  • Track and Field Coverage
  • Drive to the Hoop Podcast
  • Hockey Hell Radio
  • Arm Chair Sports Podcast
  • The Ping Pong Times
  • Bowling Weekly Podcast
  • Basketball from My Basement
  • Metro Sports Coverage
  • The Coaches Office
  • The Coaches Perspective
  • Pickle Ball Tips Show
  • The Sports Betting Edge
  • Vegas Perspective Pro Sports
  • The King Hockey Show
  • Soccer Media Wrap up
  • The Ultimate Soccer Podcast
  • Real Life Horse Racing
  • Meet Me at the Race Track
  • Silver Medal Podcast

If you do decide to get into the sports podcasting game this is one way I would approach entering the market. If you live in a mid-sized town with a college or university that doesn’t get much press coverage become the sports department for the market. This is sort of the approach The Athletic has taken to producing content.

According to reports, The Athletic is a sports blog worth $500 million and employs more than 500 people. The concept of the website is that national sports writers at newspapers are getting laid off. As a result, there’s a major void in local sports analysis and commentary. This created an opportunity for The Athletic to provide sports journalism.

If you wanted to try to replicate this model in podcast format, you’d have my blessing. Your content calendar could include annual previews of the major college and high school sports teams in your area. You could also interview coaches and players on the teams. Eventually, you might be able to bring on advertising from local businesses, ask for donations, or charge a subscription for premium content.

How to Pick a Profitable Podcast Topic?

podcasting topics

What can you get paid to talk about?

If you’re starting a podcast just for fun, pick any topic you enjoy and record away. Knitting, space aliens, what you ate for lunch. It’s a free country and you’re welcome to talk about anything you’d like.

On the other hand, if you want to actually make money with a podcast, you’ll want to pick a topic other people are interested in. If you don’t have any listeners, you can’t make any money from a podcast. Period. Full stop.

Here are the three guidelines for picking a winning topic in my opinion:

  • Lots of people like the topic already. If there are television shows, magazines, online forums, and websites that discuss your subject then you should feel confident that there are people who might want to listen to your tips and opinions on the subject.
  • There are products or services to sell. Are there future products or services your future listeners might like? I have a food podcast so kitchen equipment is a natural product I could sell. If I had a business, personal development or real estate podcast I could sell training packages.
  • Something you enjoy. Unless you are genuinely interested in the subject you’re covering you probably won’t be able to build an audience. You won’t have the passion to push through during the early days when no one is listening and you’ll be miserable.

Mistakes to avoid when picking a podcast name.

Here’s what I would avoid. Don’t include any curse words or other nasty terms (you know what they are) in your podcast title. You can come up with an edgy name, but if it’s too controversial no advertiser is going to want to associate their brand name with your little podcast.

Another mistake would be going too broad or too narrow with your title. One example of going too broad would be a title like “Learn About Everything Radio.” Most people don’t want to learn about everything… they just want a few things.

On the flip side you could go too narrow like the Southwest Nebraska Crafting Podcast. While there might be 5 – 10 people who love listening, you’ll never be able to build up a big enough audience to make a real money from the podcast. The audience is too small.

What you need to start a podcast?

podcasting equipment

This is the equipment I use to record podcasts.

There are a lot of really in-depth guides online on the subject of the equipment and software you need to start a podcast. If you want to find out all the different options, the pros and cons, Google it.

Here’s what I use to recording a podcast. I’m not compensated in any way for mentioning any of these tools or services. This is just what I use.

  • Apple Laptop with GarageBand – GarageBand recording / editing software that comes free with Apple products. If you have an iPhone, you can get GarageBand for free and use it to edit podcast episodes. I love it.
  • Libsyn – This is the service I use to host my podcast. It’s really affordable and they have plans for only $5.00 per month.
  • Blue Yeti Microphone – I have used this microphone for over 5 years without any problems. It’s fantastic. I know many more popular podcasters that use nothing more than the voice memo app on their phones. If you’re just starting out, don’t get too stressed about having the best audio quality ever. You can go really deep into this subject.
  • Headphones – I use headphones while recording to avoid audio issues. Anything headphones or earbuds will work fine.

This is all you’ll need to get started. I’d bet you own some of this stuff already.

How I make money from a podcast.


What do you like to listen to?

Some of you read every word of this article. Well done! But I bet you jumped right down to the money section didn’t you? If I’m honest, I would do the same thing so no worries.

Before I get into my personal income numbers, I do want to direct you to a couple reports about the podcasting industry as a whole. Podcasting in recent years has become a legitimate business opportunity.

In 2020, podcasting ad revenue is expected to hit $1 billion dollars. More big advertisers are discovering the marketing power of a podcast and putting more dollars there. This is a great sign for you as a podcaster.

Here’s how most podcasters (including me) make money from a podcast:

Advertising: Podcasts make money in pretty much the same way radio has done it for decades. They run commercials and get paid directly from advertisers based on the number of podcast downloads or listens they get.

I have a small podcast that gets around 5,000 monthly listens. Sometimes this will increase if I cover a topic of broader interest. I also have a narrow topic so I accept that I’ll never be as big as some of the other podcasts out there that appeal to a wider audience and that’s okay. On average per episode, I’ll make about $150 running a 30-second audio spot that features my voice.

If you want to see how much a big podcast company makes look into Gimlet Media. While they don’t make revenue numbers public, they were projected to haul in $17 million mostly through advertising revenue in 2017. I’d bet they make significantly more revenue than that today.

Right now, I need to work out deals directly with companies to run a podcast ad. But in the future, we are getting closer to a place where ads will be “automatically” included in the podcast audio through something called programmatic ads. When the technology becomes more wide spread, I believe it will be a good way for smaller podcasters to generate a little revenue from their shows in the early days.

Selling Stuff: Another way that podcasters make money is by selling their own stuff. This could be anything from online training, books, conference tickets, vitamins, vacations, or services. Sometimes these products are owned by the podcaster, while other times hosts will refer you to other peoples products or services in exchange for a small commission when you buy something.

As you may know, I also run a premium membership program for food entrepreneurs and sell a few digital training books. This podcast helps more people become aware of this community. I don’t have a clue how my podcast listeners covert to subscribers, but many of them mention listening to my podcast prior to purchasing. I know it helps good people discover our community, but don’t know how much.

Another example from a personal finance and investing podcast I like. The host sells his own book, but also provides wealth management services to listeners with at least $100,000 in investable funds.

Non-Money Benefits: Want to talk to someone and ask them anything? Even if you have a really small podcast with hardly any listeners, you can reach out to just about anyone and ask them to be on your show. Getting access to these is easier than you might think. After the interview concludes, you’ll have another person that knows about your show and a new connection for the future.

I hope this guide has helped answer a few questions about starting your own podcast and come up with a catchy name. If you have any questions about podcasting, let me know in the comments below. I’ll even give you my two-cents on a podcast name free of charge. Not that you should listen to me. I just love talking about this sort of thing. Best of luck on your podcast idea!

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