Running out of blog post ideas? Spend hours struggling to find creative topics to write about next? By the end of this post, my goal is to deliver you more blog topic ideas than you’ll ever have time to write about. Seriously.

There are a few hundred posts online that outlining ideas for food blogging topics. Here are two such examples yielding solid lists advice:

My approach is a bit different and I believe valuable additional perspective. As supporting evidence of expertise on the topic, I’ve been writing and podcasting for years. I’ve published over 100 podcasts and even more blog posts. Yet, I still have an entire white board in my office full of (mostly) blog topic ideas. Check the photo below from my office as proof. I’ve got an Google Docs spreadsheet with even more planned posts too. Bottom line, I have way more ideas than time to write about them.

white board

My white board!

How do I get all these fabulous ideas? Am I some kind of super-special-blog-post-idea guy? Not at all. The main way I’m able to develop so many blog post ideas I attribute to following a few sets of themes I use to write about. Following this approaches often yields between 10 – 50 blog post topic ideas in a single sit down session that takes under an hour of time. This single brain storming brain session could literally get some bloggers their entire content plan for the next 12 months.

If you’ve been blogging for any period of time, you know how time consuming it is. Many active and highly valuable blogs don’t publish any more than 50 times per year (just under one post per week on average). Assuming you have a limited amount of time or budget, than you might be able to follow this process to come up with your entire blog topic list today.

Blogging Topic Ideas

In addition to sharing different types of ideas that can be brainstormed for your blog, I’ll be sharing how I’ve applied these concepts to my own blog posts below so you have some real world examples of how this is applied to the blog you’re reading right now. Let’s do this!

Cover Topics in Depth: One way to conjure topic ideas is to simply dive deeper and more in-depth into a particular topic. One way, we’ve been able to come up with limitless content ideas is that we’re diving deeper into the topic of operating a food truck than anyone else. So for example, while there are a lot of other blogs that have covered the high-level steps on how to start a food truck. There are very few that are showing how to start a mobile food unit in Las Vegas. There are also very few websites that provide a list of custom food truck manufacturers or a complete food truck case study. Going deeper not only allows you to come up with topic ideas easier, but it will separate your blog from others.

So ask yourself in what way can you develop more in-depth content that makes sense for your blog? Can you conduct a podcast interview the owner of a the new restaurant instead of writing a less unique post with a simple image and description of menu. Can you purchase that shiny new Global knife when doing the product review? Finding ways to go deeper into a specific topic than anyone else online is a great way to identify new topics.

Interviews: Conducting interviews isn’t a revolutionary idea. Celebrity chefs and restaurant-chain CEOs are interviewed all the time across blogs and industry websites. But just because it’s been done before, doesn’t mean you can leverage interviews to produce new blog posts for your website. While top-level celebrity chefs / business people are approached for quotes all the time there are plenty of interesting and successful people you can reach out to for quotes and to interview about different topic.

In addition to interview food truck owners of all different types (coffee trucks, shaved ice, pizza), I’ve also conducted interviews with hot dog vendors and business consultants in the food industry. Each person brings their own unique ideas and approach that yields great new content ideas. I wish I had the ability to interview thousands of people! Maybe someday I will assuming this blog continues for years to come.

Online Research: This fits well with covering your topic more in-depth. But conducting some basic online research can provide you with plenty of ideas for blog topics. Best of all, you don’t need to be a marketing genius to pull this stuff off or invest a dime into fancy tools.

Search Google: Here’s a quick technique I use to come up with writing topics. Here’s what you do. Plug your topic into Google whatever that might be. For example, you might be looking for “food blog post topic list ideas.” After you run a search, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a sample of searches related to your query.

Blog post topic ideas.

What you find at the bottom of these results can be gold in terms of finding related topics to write about within your niche. As you can see based on this example search you can find related topics around food article ideas, food blog description examples, and introduction examples. All of these might make for a quality blog post that people actually want to read and are actively searching online. This is a really cool tool. Plug in a topic you like to cover on your blog. Then this tool creates a mind map with related topics. You can pretty much use this tool to create a press button content marketing plan for your blog. In fact, I feel like you could literally press one button with this tool and come up with appealing blog topics for the next 6 – 12 months.

Document… Don’t Create: I’m going to credit Gary Vaynerchuck, the social media expert and entrepreneur (for lack of a better description), with popularizing this concept. The concept is simple but I don’t believe is very well understood. Record, podcast, and write about what you’re doing in your business and publish that on social media and blog.

There a few benefits to documenting what you’re doing inside your business. First, you don’t need to think about what you’re writing about next. If you’re testing a new recipe inside your restaurant… Great. That’s a cool blog topic and YouTube video. Are you out touring commercial space for your next restaurant? Wonderful. There are plenty of people that would be super interested in watching that. Preparing for a catering gig? I think you get the point. More often than not the best content is right in front of you.

Any type of food blogger, restaurant, or food truck can pursue blogging successfully by following this methodology. I follow the listed guidelines shown above with this food business blog. This process can be used by anyone.

So let me know, was this valuable in helping you come up with blog content ideas? Still struggling or does this help? I really would love to know your feedback on this one and if I should write more posts on topics related to food blogging. Thanks!

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