Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more people are taking measures to improve their total food security. For some this means planting a vegetable garden or stocking up on non-perishable food items. Others are starting small poultry farms to take control of their protein needs after learning about the susceptibility of our food’s supply chain. Others still just want to start a new project and save a little bit on groceries. Whatever your reason, we’ll help you come up with a catchy name for the hobby farm.

The advantage to raising poultry is that you can do so with a limited amount of space and low cost. You only need 3 square feet of room per chicken in a coop. Chicken feed is low cost and you can expect to spend less than $100 per month even if you purchase higher-quality, non-GMO feed.

I’ve organized a list of name suggestions below by category. I hope these suggestions will inspire a name that resonates with you personally. At the end of the post, I share my own experience raising chickens and the four things you need to consider before making the leap. Let’s do this!

Catchy Poultry Farm Name Ideas


A glorious hen.

Looking for some memorable names for your upstart farm? Here are some suggestions.

  • Cluck Cluck Plantation
  • Rooster Acres
  • Big Rooster Holdings
  • Wake Up Call Ranch
  • Egg Acres
  • Yolk Grange
  • No Cracks Chicken Company
  • Chucking Chicken Farms
  • Hot to Trot Poultry Farm
  • Welcome to Red Peckers
  • The Pecker Place
  • All Yolk Poultry Company
  • Organic Poultry Co.
  • Happy Farm Rooster Co.
  • Chicken Scratch Holding
  • Wholesome Hen LLC
  • Hickory Hens
  • Whispering Willows Chicken Factory
  • Open Range Poultry Group
  • The Rooster Delegate

Breed Name Ideas

chicken farm

Inside an organic chicken farm.

According to Wikipedia, there are hundreds of unique chicken breeds. This list of ideas only scratches the surface of what could be imagined. If you know the breed of chickens you plan to raise, it can be a effective way to name a chicken farm. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Barnvelder Barnyard
  • Red Star Farm
  • Brahma Momma
  • Buckeye Breeders
  • Jersey Giant Hen House
  • Naked Neck Farms
  • Orpington Estates
  • Sussex Settlers
  • Speckled Ranger Open Range
  • Plymouth Rock Grange
  • Rhode Island Homesteaders
  • Maran Ranch
  • Delaware Acres
  • Chantecler Chicken Farm
  • Black Star Beauty

Sustainable Name Ideas


Turning the cuteness nob up to 100.

Consumers purchase eggs or chickens directly from farmers because the product is perceived as more organic and responsibly raised. Meat packing companies have received a lot of bad PR due to the poor treatment of animals during the manufacturing process. These names suggest wide-open ranges and responsible animal treatment.

  • Honest Homestead
  • Open Fields Chicken Farmers
  • Friendly Fields Poultry
  • Raised Right Chicken Farm
  • Mission Chicken Farm
  • Native Farm Land
  • Cultivated Acres
  • NO BS Chicken Farm
  • Better Life Farms
  • Sustainable Egg Co.
  • Next Generation Farm Co.

Funny Chicken Farm Name Ideas

There’s no shortage of silly names in this category. With names like chick and cock, the pun combinations are almost endless. Here are a few examples of light-hearted ideas.

  • Cock’s Ranch
  • Big Cock Acres
  • The Chick’s Place
  • Out of the Egg Farms
  • Escape the Egg Ranch
  • Little Chicks, Big Cock’s Ranch.
  • Rocking Roosters
  • Above Average Hen House
  • Egg-City Acres
  • Egg-cellent Farms
  • Big Pecker Acres
  • The Breast Farms
  • Legs for Days
  • The Thigh Guys

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More Good Name Ideas

Haven’t found anything you like just yet? Here are a few more from an early morning brain storming session.

  • Standard Chicken Company
  • Rebel Roosters
  • Drum Stick Ranch
  • The Thigh Group
  • Peacock Patty
  • Red Rooster Valley
  • Quail Country
  • Doug’s Delicious Chicken Farm
  • The Chicken Farmers
  • Free-Range Farmer
  • Wide Open Farms
  • Dirt Road Holdings
  • Raising Daisy

My Own Experience Raising Chickens

group of chickens

A small flock of chickens.

I have experience raising chickens. Growing up in the 90s, my family had a chicken coop in the backyard. I grew up in a rural Minnesota town and the large yellow coop came with the purchase of the home.

The unit had been converted into a storage shed for many years before finally being used for its intended purpose one spring. After a trip to the Home of Economy (sort of like a Tractor Supply), we had everything we needed to care for backyard chickens. We raised about 10 chickens during that spring, summer and fall.

Here are a few considerations you’ll need to think about before moving forward with a poultry hobby farm based on my own experience:

  • Seasonality: If you live in an area that gets brutally cold (like Northwest Minnesota), you need a plan for keeping the chickens warm during the winter. Hens are hearty creatures that can puff up their feathers to keep warm in the winter. But during periods of extreme cold you’ll want to provide additional insulation in their home using old newspapers or cardboard. These will need to be changed out regularly to maintain cleanliness. For more information about caring for chickens during the winter, here’s a fantastic article on the subject.
  • Predators:  Make sure you’ve got a strong protective coop. Even if you don’t live in an area with say wolves there animals that could come along and harm your tribe even in town. We had a neighbor dog come along that tried to break into the coop. Domestic cats can also harm chicks so keep them out of harms way while young.
  • Time: Chickens are self sufficient creatures. They don’t require you to be around for companionship like a dog will. With that being said, you don’t want to take off for a week long vacation if you’re caring for these creatures either. If you’re someone that likes to travel and not be held down this is a serious consideration unless you can find a friend or family member willing to care for the animals while you’re out.
  • The Mess: The reality is chickens are messy. Like other animals, they poop and need to be cleaned regularly. If you don’t enjoy cleaning poop or regularly adding fresh water, feed, and cleaning out the nesting box this may not be for you. It can be easy while learning about this subject to romanticize what it will be like caring for these creatures. Take time to seriously consider how much on-going work this hobby farm will be and if you’ll actually enjoy it once it’s up and running.

Stating a small poultry farm can be extremely fulfilling, but you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. You can cultivate your own eggs and raise chickens to feed your family or to sell at farmer’s markets if you’re so inclined as a way to generate a little extra money.

Let us know about the size of hobby farm you’re planning to start in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your progress with this adventure. You can also download our food business model canvas free of charge if you plan to sell eggs at farmer’s markets or other nearby events.

73 Catchy Name Ideas for a Hobby Chicken Farm

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