Thinking about starting a butcher shop, but can’t think of a worthy name idea? I’ve got you covered. After years of gradually declining numbers, small butcher shops are experiencing a resurgence of growth in the United States over the past five years.

This come back is happening despite reports showing 12% of all 18 – 49 year olds in the United States are vegan or partly vegetarian. This is also happening with a cut-throat grocery store industry with Target, WalMart, and Amazon all grabbing share of the consumers grocery and protein dollars. Still, butcher shops are standing out among meat lovers that want better quality proteins.

Ready to cut into some catchy name ideas for your own specialty butcher shop? Here are hundreds of name suggestions for an artisan butcher shop.

Brainstorm Outline: 

Butcher Shop Name Ideas 

As you brainstorm for the name of your butcher shop, you can incorporate one of the butcher shop names listed below. Make sure that when you get names from here, you double-check to see if any other brands or shops are using the same name already.

Aside from avoiding the use of existing brand names, you should make sure it’s distinct or unique and that you do not have any competitors with names that are closely similar to yours. It is critical to ensure that you will stand out and not be confused with the other shops in the area.

  • Best Choice Meat Co.
  • Buckhead Butcher Shop
  • Freshly Butchered
  • Red Blood Butcher Shop
  • Empire Butcher Shop
  • Red Ace Butcher Shop
  • Brave Butchery
  • Premium Butchers
  • The Block Butcher
  • Pioneer Butcher Shop
  • White Eyed Butcher
  • Alpha Butcher Shop
  • Red Alpha Butcher
  • Sharp Slice Butcher
  • Country Butcher
  • Torro Meat Market
  • Prime Meat Co.
  • Rare Meat Butchery
  • Farmer’s Fresh Meat Market
  • Family Meat Market
  • The Castle of Meat
  • Park Avenue Butcher
  • The Meat Trap
  • The Butcher Boss
  • The Organic Block
  • Meat Meets Butcher
  • Fresh Meat Galore
  • Meat Dreams
  • The Butcher’s Knife
  • Butcher’s In Business
  • Little Butchery
  • Lord Of Butchers
  • Butcher Kingdom

Inspirational Names

All of these names have been taken by a current successful butcher shop. But we thought they worth worth including here for inspiration to see what’s working. It’s also worth your time to check our the websites of these small businesses and visiting them if you live nearby one. Getting perspective on what they sell and how they treat customers will offer valuable insights into what’s working now.

Naughty Pig Butchery & Encased Meats: This is a small butcher shop in my area. I visit them monthly and I feel like they do everything right in terms of serving their customers. They have two locations near me and a usually busy when I stop by to peer into the display case.

One of the unexpected things this particular butcher shop does is assemble charcuterie boards that are forever popular on Pinterest and Instagram. If you bring in your own board, they’ll assemble meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, pickles, spreads, and other goodies in social-share worthy presentation. Here’s one I got for a football playoff game at my house:


Another aspect of this shop I love is that they make really good sandwiches. The pastrami sandwich blows any other restaurant sandwich out of the water in my opinion. One of the locations happens to be directly next to a chain sandwich shop. I legitimately feel bad the owner of the sandwich shop because they are located directly alongside a place serving up some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Here are a few more award-winning butcher shops you can look to for inspiration:

A look inside Big Steer Meats.

Meat Related Names

The simple names are often the best names. Pick your favorite cut or style of meat to title your business. This approach makes it clear to prospective customers what they can expect when they enter your store.

  • Meat Treat Packing Co.
  • Sweet Meat Sausage Factory
  • Local Meat Raffle
  • The Turkey Leg
  • Dark Meat Co.
  • Meat Snacks LLC
  • Fit Protein
  • Medium Rare
  • All Cuts Butcher Shop
  • Mattie’s Encased Meats
  • Secret Steak House
  • The Undercover Pig
  • The Organic Steer
  • Custom Cut Meat Company
  • Friendly Neighborhood Calf
  • The Respected Lamb
  • Marinated Meats
  • Try My Tri-Tip
  • Beef Delight Butchery.
  • Fresh Farm Beef Butchery.
  • Meat Hook Butchery.
  • Hookers Cave Meat Market.
  • Caveman Meat Market.
  • Meat Monk Market.
  • Meat Grind.
  • Meat Grid.
  • Fallen Knife Meats.
  • Holy Meat Butchery.
  • Meat Hive.
  • Zen Meat.
  • Meat Hunter.
  • King’s Meat Shop.
  • Clean Cut Meat Shop.
  • Meat ala Masa.
  • King Carne .
  • Rare Knife Meat Shop.
  • Meat Wave.
  • Naked Meats.
  • Boulevard Meat Market.
  • Chosen Meat Block.
  • Now Butcherin’.
  • Better Meat Mart.
  • Era Of Butchers.
  • Behold The Meat Shop.
  • The True Meat.
  • Radiant Meats.
  • Fresh Meat Here.
  • Here Comes The Meat.
  • Meat Is Ready.
  • The Meat Comes.
  • We Bring Meat.
  • Meat’s In The Bag.
  • Your Meatery.

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Artisan Names

Independent shops that take care in how meats are prepared and raised are important to the new generation of customers. These suggestions all have an elevated aura about them that position your brand as slightly high brow (in a good way).

encased meat

A variety of encased meats on display.

  • The Noble Calf
  • The Fancy Hog
  • Gourmet Encased Meat Company
  • The Grazing Cow
  • Top Shelf Meats
  • The Local Butcher
  • Small Batch Butcher
  • Bread & The Butcher
  • Meat & Cheese Butchery
  • The Poultry King
  • The Protein Aristocrat

Italian Butcher Shop Names

The history of salted and processed pork seems to go back to the beginning of time, Roman times, and continues to be enjoyed people around the world today. These might also be called a macelleria, which translates to butcher shop in American English.

Italian butcher shops will traditionally sell different meats than you’d expect to see in North America. Usually you’ll find more encased meats here like salami, pepperoni, sausage filled canoli, different types of ground sausage. It’s also commonplace to see baked goods like Italian cookies or Stromboli at these establishments.

  • Luigi’s Italian Butcher Shop
  • A Taste of Italian Butchery
  • Old Country Italian Butcher
  • Papa’s Meats & Deli
  • Tocci Meats & Deli
  • Italian Encased Meats & Cheeses
  • Little Italy Meat Market
  • The Spicy Italian Butcher

Mexican Butcher Shop Names

Mexican butcher shops are steeped in a long-standing tradition. If you’re not familiar with visiting them, you may be surprised authentic Mercados make different cuts of beef, pork, and lamb intended for a different style cooking. If you don’t speak Spanish and aren’t familiar with these cuts, you may have a difficult time placing an order as an American. Generally speaking, cuts of meat from these shops tend to be on the tougher side.

If you live in an area with a high-population of Spanish speaking or Mexican customers, a niche Mexican butchery could be a tremendous opportunity to stand out from the local competition.

spanish butcher shop

Outside a Mexican butcher shop.

  • Grande molida de res
  • Pequeno Carne De Res
  • Carne De Res Mercado
  • Milanesas Mercado
  • Bisteces
  • The Mexican Butcher
  • The Spanish Butchery
  • South of the Border Butcher
  • Central Mexico Butcher
  • Mexican Meat Market

Whole Animal Butcher Shop Names

A whole animal butcher shop is one that doesn’t waste any part of the animal carcass. The goal of a whole animal butcher is to respect the animal, but also to make sure meat isn’t being wasted. Often the only time you can be sure this practice is in place is if you work with a trusted butcher or do it yourself.

These shops are becoming more popular too as people are becoming more educated on where their meat is coming from. Here are a few name suggestions for this sort of establishment:

  • The Whole Cow
  • The Whole Chicken
  • Whole Animal Butchery
  • The Entire Pig
  • Nothing Wasted.
  • No Waste Butchers
  • Total Respect Butcher Shop.
  • Complete Meat Co.
  • Every Piece Meat Co.
  • Nothing Wasted Sausage Co.
  • The Sustainable Butchery
  • All Parts Butcher Babes

Funny Butcher Shop Name Ideas

Making use of humor in creating your shop’s name can be extremely effective in attracting the attention of people passing by your establishment. People passing by may not immediately enter your shop and purchase your product, but when the time comes for them to purchase the products that you sell, they will undoubtedly remember “the funny meat shop name.” This technique will not only attract customers, but it will also make their experience as a buyer and your experience as a seller extraordinarily pleasurable and enjoyable.

  • We Kill. You Grill.
  • Let’s Meat!
  • Meat Me Here.
  • Nice To Meat You.
  • Pleasure To Meat You.
  • Lean on Meat.
  • Meat and Greet.
  • David Meats Goliath.
  • Beef Boner.
  • American Piggers.
  • Bugger Butcher.
  • Bloated Butcher.
  • Butcher Baby.
  • DarthButcher (Star Wars Reference).
  • MasterBeef (Master Card Reference).
  • Son of a Beef.
  • Butcher King (Burger King Reference).
  • Beef Murderer Meat Shop.
  • Freshly Killed Meat Shop.
  • Butchy Fatty (Crabby Patty Reference).
  • Hickory Dickory Meat.
  • Meat The Butcher.

Arabic Butcher Shop Name Ideas

Because it incorporates lean proteins and healthy fats, Arabian cuisine is well-known for its health-promoting properties. This Arabian advantage in the food industry will have a significant impact on your sales.

Furthermore, if you are an Arabian entrepreneur, these Arabian butcher name suggestions will assist you in maintaining your heritage while incorporating it into your business. This will also attract customers that are particularly drawn to Arabian ways of preparing foods, such as people who are particular in purchasing halal foods only.

  • Premium Lahm Butchery.
  • Blizzare Jazaar.
  • Arabian Meat.
  • Meat meets Arab.
  • Arabian Butcher.
  • Meat Republic.
  • Butcher Lahm.
  • Yum Lahm.
  • Meat meets Arabia.
  • Eastern Meat Market.
  • Ali Meat Shop.

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  • Fresh Lahm Market.
  • Meat Arabica.
  • Arabican Knife.
  • Arabian Jazaar.
  • Jazaam Meat Market.
  • Meat Qasr.
  • Halal Meat Market.
  • Halal Butchery.
  • Halal Meat Shop.
  • Al’Azeem Meat Shop.
  • Meat Emirates.
  • United Meat Emirates.

Butchery Name Ideas

These additional butchery name suggestions can be used to broaden your list of possibilities when naming your butcher shop or butchery establishment. The greater the number of options you have, the more appealing the name of your butcher shop will be. It is critical to your sales that your customers remember your shop’s name because they will associate with you, your shop, and your products.

Remember that everything in your shop is in sync with one another so that customers aren’t confused about the image you’re trying to convey. Other factors to consider are whether or not the name you choose is distinctive and does not conflict with a registered trademark or brand name.

  • Fresh Meat Supply.
  • King Chef Butcher Shop.
  • Queen Chef Butcher Shop.
  • Big Dish Meat Shop.
  • Urban Butcher.
  • Meat Club.
  • Beef Club.
  • Butcher El Torro.
  • Carne El Lokal.
  • The Chosen Butcher.
  • Clean Cut Meat Shop.
  • Meat Corner.
  • Fatty Corner.
  • King Fatty.
  • Meat The Best Butchery.
  • Meat House.
  • House of Meat.
  • Padre De Carne.
  • Onboard Butcher.
  • Meat Mercado.
  • Home of Meat.
  • Last Hive Butcher.
  • Rigid Butcher.
  • The Village Butchers.
  • Bare Bones Butchers.
  • The Corner Butcher Shop.

Catchy Butcher Shop Name Ideas

  • Big Beef Butcher.
  • Heaven Meets Meat.
  • Chop Shop.
  • Elite Meat Butchery.
  • The Organic Butcher.
  • Meat Master Butchery.
  • Big Billy Butcher.
  • Farmer Butcher.
  • Slicer Butcher.
  • City Corner Butcher Shop.
  • Meaty Mind Butchery.
  • WishMeat Butchery.
  • WellMade Meat Shop.
  • Meaty Meat Market.
  • Casa Butcher.
  • Mighty Meat Market.
  • Meats & Peeks.
  • Ribs N’ Legs Meat Shop.
  • Right Red Meat.
  • Meateorologist.
  • Meat me Once.
  • Totally Meats.
  • Bill of Butcher.
  • What’s The Meat?.

Fantasy Butcher Shop Name Ideas

A creative name infused with fantasy can help your meat shop stand out.  It is a fantastic idea to incorporate elements of fantasy into your business, as the atmosphere of your establishment will not be as heavy as it appears. It will make your customers’ shopping experience more pleasant, increasing the likelihood that they will return whenever they need your product.

  • Butcher Artisan Meats.
  • Hometown Butcher.
  • Neat Meat Butchery.
  • The Art of Meat.
  • Monty Butcher Shop.
  • Green Acre Butcher Shop.
  • Green Ranch Meat Shop.
  • Red Stone Butcher Shop.
  • Bill the Butcher.
  • Local Cave Butcher.
  • Butchopia Meat Shop.
  • The Castle of Meat.
  • Golden Crown Meat Shop.
  • Knives Out Meat Shop.
  • Knight and Knives Butchery.
  • Empire Butcher.
  • Diamond Butcher.
  • Meat Prince Butchery.
  • Butcher King.
  • Meat The King.
  • Meat Warrior.
  • Beef Palace Butcher Shop.
  • Lord Of Butchers.

Butcher Shop Name Generator

If you haven’t found inspiration in any of the examples above, you could try your luck using an online name generator. Tools like this one over at Shopify let you enter a core word that you want your business name to include and will spit out all sorts of different suggestions.

It’s worth testing out some of these tools as part of a brainstorm process because I guarantee you’ll find suggestions you would have never come up with on your own .Here are a few interesting ones I got when testing the tool myself using the keyword butcher:

  • Buckeye Butcher
  • Onboard Butcher
  • Hashtag Butcher
  • Butcher Butcher
  • Mindset Butcher
  • The Butcher Cup

Some more suggestions using the term “butchery” instead:

  • Big Idea Butchery
  • Butchery Fresh
  • Clover Butchery
  • Pine Tree Butchery
  • Square Butchery

Here’s more fill-in-the-blank name ideas you can use to come up with something creative: 

  • [your name] Meat Shop.
  • [your name] Butchery.
  • [your name] Meat Market.
  • [any color] Ace Butchery.
  • [any color] Alpha Butcher.
  • [any color] Diamond Meat.
  • [any color] Stone Butcher.
  • Big [name] Meat Shop.
  • Pioneer [top product (ex: “beef”)] Market.
  • [“urban” or “rural”] Meat Club.
  • [Block number (ex. 6th)] Block Butcher.
  • [main product (ex. “beef”)] Delight.
  • [main product (ex. “beef”)] Hive.
  • King [your name]’s Butcher Shop.
  • King [your name]’s Meat Shop.
  • King [your name]’s Meat Market.
  • [your name] The Butcher.
  • [family name]’s Family Meat Shop.
  • Carne ala [your name].
  • [shop location] Meat Shop.
  • [shop location] Meat Market.
  • [shop location] Butchery.
  • [shop location] Butcher Shop.
  • [Avenue Location (ex. 6th avenue)] Butcher.
  • [Boulevard Location (ex. Hollywood Boulevard)] Butcher.
  • The [your nationality] Butcher.
  • [your place of origin] meats [your location now].

Why are local butcher shops making a come back? My hypothesis is while you can pick up a hotdog or burger anywhere, you can’t get the really good stuff unless you visit a specialty butcher shop. For folks who want to enjoy a premium product even just for special occasions, the local butcher is the only destination for quality cuts.

Food service meat sales increased 19.2% from 2019 to 2020, according to the IRI’s 2021 Power of Meat report. This is an increase from the 1 percent growth experienced in 2019. (This compares to a growth rate of only 1 percent in 2019). The American Meat Conference published a paper on this topic. 210 Analytics conducted the annual Power of Meat study on behalf of FMI—The Food Industry Association and the Meat Institute’s Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research. The study was funded by the Meat Institute.

I truly hope this guide helps you come up with a catchy name for your butcher shop. If you’re thinking about starting a shop of your own, download my food business canvas template for free that will help you determine your customer and get specific on how you intend to generate sales.

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