Come one, come all, and behold the spectacle of a lifetime – the loud and lively circus! For centuries, the circus has enthralled spectators with its spectacular exhibitions of acrobatic prowess, audacious stunts, and, naturally, the magnificent beasts. 

Here’s a list of clever circus name ideas designed to appeal to the young and old alike. I even share suggestions for the classic circus characters like the ringmaster and acrobat. 

Circus Name Ideas

circus tents

Circus tents.

  • The Clowning Diablo
  • Juggling Batons Circus
  • Mesmerizing Circus Madness
  • Mario’s Fantastic Feats
  • The Circus Wonders
  • The Amazing Circus
  • Sanrio’s Sensational Spectacle
  • The Texan Circus
  • Haven of Bliss
  • The Marvelous Daredevil
  • Marco’s Thrilling Ride
  • The Main Circus
  • The Spellbinding Splendor
  • Defying Gravity Space
  • The Unforgettable Marvel
  • Show Stopping Circus
  • Ball of Life
  • Mysteries and Miseries
  • The Bingbong Circus
  • Fun and Toil
  • The Wonder Place
  • Clowns and Giggles
  • Peria de Agua
  • Goof and Spoof
  • The Night Circus
  • The Circasa
  • Sundance Wild Circus
  • Cirque du Monstre
  • The Electric Circus
  • Gorjo’s Unbelievable Feats 
  • Harley’s Exciting World 
  • Fire Eating Bonanza

Carnival Name Ideas

Selling tickets to the carnival.

  • Alice in CarnivalLand
  • The Diamond Carnival
  • The Mayfair’s Carnival
  • Games and Treats
  • Tweedle and Twaddle
  • The Grand Carnival
  • The Annual Fiesta
  • Fest of Feast
  • Creme dela Creme
  • Face of Beast
  • The Century Carnival
  • Festival in Olympus
  • Dumbledore’s Festival Spectacle
  • The Welcome Carnival
  • Crater of Fest
  • Amazing Magic World
  • World of Mystery
  • Mirrors and Magic
  • The Golden Festival
  • The Hourglass Fair
  • Old Timey Carnival
  • Gustavo’s Wonderful Festival
  • The Parade Carnival
  • Antics and Splendor</