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17 03, 2021

301+ All-Time Best Global Construction Company Name Ideas List

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Construction is one of the largest industries in the United States. Despite a global pandemic that disrupted other industry, the massive part of the economy thrived during the same time period. The construction industry swelled to a reported $1.31 trillion in total value representing 4.1% of the country’s […]

15 03, 2021

365+ Creative Bed Sheet Business Name Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Home bedding is valued at $13 billion dollars in 2018 and projected to increase to $18.5 billion dollars by 2025. The global pandemic actually had little impact on home bedding industry in the United States. America represents 17% of the global market. With more people staying at home, this […]

11 03, 2021

201 Catchy Sports Card Shop & Memorabilia Company Name Ideas

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Collecting and trading baseball cards isn’t just for kids. In fact, sports cards and other memorabilia have become legitimate investment alternatives to low-interest savings accounts and bonds. According to a recent piece in Forbes magazine, the sports memorabilia market is a $5.4 billion dollar opportunity.

And with some cards

11 03, 2021

400+ (Actually Good) Board Game Company Name Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Due to digital gaming and the abundance of other at home entertainment like streaming entertainment competing for attention, the board game industry experienced many years of decline. Ironically with more people staying at home over the past year, the industry is experiencing an unexpected resurgence. People are rediscovering board game […]

10 03, 2021

401 (Not Ironic) Hipster Business Names Ideas You Can Use

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Hipster culture in one way or another has stuck around for generations. Even in this age, indie culture can still be seen from clothes to coffee shops, stationery materials, food, tattoo parlors, dance studios, eyewear, jewelry, barbershops and more. For almost every business, there is a hipster demographic to address […]