Just like art, scents are considered as a form of expression and can evoke emotions or memories of certain people or places. You can feel sexy or sweet depending on the type of scent you wear.  It is like an accessory before people go out to work or a party.

As an example, I can still recognize the exact apple scent from Bath & Body Works that my girlfriend in high school wore regularly. It’s been almost 20 years since I graduated, but strangely I can still pick that smell out anywhere. That’s saying a lot too, because there’s not a whole I can remember from that time period. I guess that’s part of the power of a memorable scent.

Perfume businesses thrive because of such effects on the senses. If you’re looking into investing in a perfume business, then you need business names that can capture the emotional trigger your scent is trying to capture. Below are a few perfume business name ideas you can use for inspiration.

Perfume Business Name Ideas

smells trigger emotion

Smells can trigger powerful emotions.

Going for the classic and basic business names for your perfume line? Check these out:

  • Lovely Scents
  • Finishing Touches
  • The Fragrance Line
  • The Perfume Expert
  • Sealed With A Scent
  • Forbidden Temptation
  • The Natural Fragrance
  • PerfuME
  • The Perfume Lab
  • One Spritz
  • Heaven In A Bottle
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Troubled Paradise
  • Your Scent
  • 100% Natural
  • Le Scent
  • Scented Dreams
  • Winter Nostalgia
  • Summer Scents
  • The Perfect Scent
  • Fragrant Potions
  • Heaven Scent
  • All About Scents
  • Love Potion
  • Lovely Bouquet
  • Scentsation
  • Epic Desire
  • Bottled Dreams
  • Tamed Passion
  • Midnight Dreams
  • Sun-kissed
  • 4 a.m. Irresistible
  • The Perfume Station
  • Saccharine Scents
  • Delightful Scents
  • Aromatherapy
  • Holly’s Passion
  • The Fragrance Club
  • Wicked, but Enchanted
  • Make it a Memory
  • Heaven’s Blessing
  • The Smell of Bliss
  • Liquid Dreams
  • Scent Zone
  • Passionate Scents
  • The Fragrant Elixir
  • Old School Smelly Good
  • Delightfully Yours
  • Scents 101

Funny Perfume Business Name Ideas

lavender smell

Lavender is a popular perfume ingredient.

If you’re goal is to tickle someone’s funny bone, give these names a try:

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  • The Sixth Scent
  • Scents of Humor
  • Grandpa’s Cologne
  • Gertrudes Perfume
  • Smell Well
  • The Good Smell
  • Olfactory Reset
  • Smell You Later
  • The Nose Knows
  • Tickle my Nose
  • Fancy a Sniff
  • Extascent
  • Message Scent
  • Scents R Us
  • Every Whiff You Take
  • Spray Away
  • One Whiff Wonder
  • GodScent
  • Spritz Away
  • 50 Scents
  • Scenturion
  • Smell Me
  • MagnifiScent
  • The Unexpected Fragrance
  • Eternal Smell
  • Now Watch Me Sniff
  • Bottled Up Fantasies
  • Spritzy
  • Aromatized
  • Smell It Up
  • Perfumed Wonder
  • Spray It On Me
  • The Odor Analyzer
  • Spray O’Clock
  • Wild About Fragrance
  • Come Closer
  • A Startling Scent
  • Surprise Me
  • The Blessed Essence
  • Extraordinary Fragrance
  • Scents in the City
  • The Divine Smell
  • Scent Me Up
  • Fragrantly Yours
  • Fragrance In A Bottle
  • Spice Me Up
  • Aromatic Potion
  • The Fragrant Remedy
  • Wondrously Fragrant
  • Scented Liquid
  • Dumpster Diver

Name Ideas Related to Fragrance

perfume branding

Modern perfume branding.

One of the easiest ways to pick a name for your perfume business is to focus on the fragrance. Here are a few ideas:

  • Forget Me Not
  • Lavender Dreams
  • Garden of Roses
  • Floral Oasis
  • Citrus Paradise
  • Earthy Wonderland
  • Peach Fuzz
  • Berry Mellow
  • Creamy Vanilla
  • Citrus Bliss
  • Morning Dew
  • Heavenly Lilies
  • Jasmine Bliss
  • Toasty Cinnamon
  • Orange Delight
  • Down To Earth
  • Exclusively Sweet
  • Fresh Greens
  • Revitalizing Citrus
  • Irresistible Rose
  • Sweet Jasmine
  • Spring Lilies
  • Alluring Lilac
  • Bottled Primrose
  • Garden of Flowers
  • Field of Dreams
  • Floral Wonders
  • Warm Lavender
  • Sweet Berries
  • Wild Chocolate
  • Soothing Sandalwood
  • Peace and Serenity
  • Ocean Vibes
  • Relaxing Green Tea
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Sensual Touches
  • Floral Everglow
  • Hazelnut Madness
  • Coconut Lovers
  • Divine Lime
  • Lavender Breeze
  • Mint Kisses
  • Floral Embrace
  • Fresh Spring
  • Girls Gone Wild
  • Heaven-sent Jasmine
  • Vanilla Afternoons
  • Sweet Mornings
  • Cool Winters

Arabic Perfume Name Ideas

Are you aware that Arabic perfumes exude that sensual muskiness that turns people’s heads? That’s why it’s so popular. Here are a few Arabic perfume name ideas you might like to try:

  • Exotic Sandalwood
  • Arabian Sunsets
  • Rich Oudh
  • Liquid Gold
  • Oasis
  • Royalty In A Bottle
  • Desert Breeze
  • Jamila
  • Earthly Wonders
  • Golden Treasure

Perfume Company Names in India

Did you know that in India there exists a small town called Kannauj that is famously known as the country’s perfume capital? This just shows that India is not only rich in culture and food but they also have a deep history with perfumes.

Below are popular perfume company names in India:

  • Sugandhco
  • Skinn by Titan
  • Embark
  • Bombay Perfumery
  • All Good Scents
perfume brands

Examples of popular perfume brands.

If you’re still undecided on the perfume business names we listed above, don’t worry. We have more perfume company names for you below:

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  • Golden Waves
  • Elixir
  • The Fragrance Experts
  • Scents Inc.
  • Everlasting Fragrances
  • Eternally Yours
  • The Perfumery
  • Feel Good
  • Luxurious Scents
  • The Fragrance Lab
  • Personal Scents
  • The House of Perfumes
  • The Scent Analysis
  • Personal Taste
  • Sweet Dreams
  • The Scent Haven
  • Perfume St.
  • A Touch Of Gold
  • Skin Scents
  • Aromatics
  • Only Yours
  • Delicate Touches
  • Express Yourself
  • Passionate Fragrances
  • Art In A Bottle
  • Body Expressions
  • The Perfume Sanctuary
  • Exotic Paradise
  • Little Miss Fragrance
  • Scented Habit
  • Final Touches
  • Remembrance
  • Long-Lasting Liquid
  • Passion and Co.
  • After Hours
  • Lush Scents
  • Liquid Treats
  • Twenty Senses
  • Almost Breathless
  • Sweet Revelations
  • Spring Breakoff
  • Lingering Lover
  • The Fragrant Brewers
  • The Weird One
  • Liquid Luck

How Do You Name a Perfume Business?

perfume names

Perfume name ideas.

The global perfume market is valued at over $31 billion with anticipated growth through 2025. This is a massive market, but it’s also extremely competitive. When’s the last time you saw a startup perfume on retail shelves? It’s not easy to get distribution, unless you on going direct to consumer, which usually means selling online.

Since perfume is a personal form of expression, many perfume businesses get their names from the owners or founders themselves. That is why celebrities and big brands usually use their names when releasing their perfume line or cosmetics.

If you’re in a partnership with someone, you can also pair your names together. For example, you can have “Mark and Andrews” or “Ciara and Nicole”. It may feel a little lengthy but it gives the business name a direct name brand based on the founders themselves.

This is a proven formula you can follow too. Not only does it give your perfume business name a classic and personal touch but it also sounds elegant and very intimate.

You can also go for a themed name. For instance, if your perfume line caters to women or for a more feminine touch, you can use the name “Little Miss Fragrance.” For men, you can use “Passion and Co.”. Although, you may also interchange these names if you want.

You can also use feelings or emotions you think your perfume name radiates such as Desire, Sensual, or Longing. You can even go for the basic ones like Sweet or Mellow. But remember to keep it on brand so it doesn’t feel like your business name is straying away from the scents you plan to release.

Are you ready to get started on your own perfume business? Let us know what scents you plan to formulate and sell in the comment section below.

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