Everyone needs to water to live. Tap water is usually safe enough to drink and widely available in the United States, but the use of a water filter or purifiers has become a necessity for many consumers. Part of the catalyst for growth is for health benefits of clean water, but improved taste is important part too. If you live in an area with high-mineral water for example, filtration can improve the appearance and smell of water.

According to reports, 85% of Americans receive their drinking water from the public water systems with only around 15% buying water from private companies. And with modern tap water containing fluorides and other chemicals to improve water quality, the need for filter and purification systems is higher now than ever.

With the desire to have cleaner and purer water, sales of water purifiers are rising exponentially with the average American using around 100 gallons of water each day and staying at home more than we are used to.

Starting your own water purifier brand means entering a market with rising tides, but entrenched competition too. There are literally thousands of water purification brands and products on the market today. So here is our take on the best in brand names for water purification to kick off the ideation process.

Water Purifier Name Ideas

The most common water purifier, fitted to the pipes in your home

The most common water purifier, fitted to the pipes in your home like the one shown above.

If your purification brand is too generic, you might miss out on sales that could make or break your business. If you’re looking for the best name for your water purifier brand, then we have some memorable suggestions here.

Best List: 101 Bottled Water Company Name Ideas

  • Acquasprings
  • Agua Pure
  • AquaForce
  • AquaLife
  • AquaPower
  • Aquarom Water
  • AquaWorld
  • H2Hydro
  • H2O
  • H2O Outfitters
  • Helpful Hydro
  • Hydro Pro
  • Hyrdopure
  • Mr. Water
  • My AquaDay
  • Natural Springs
  • Pro Hydro
  • Pure Hydration
  • Pure Water
  • The Water Filter Co.
  • Water Warehouse
  • Water Well
  • Water Well
  • Wayside Water
  • West Side Water
  • Rip Tide Water Solutions
  • Splash Water Co.
  • Rain Drop Solutions
  • Droplet Industries

Straw Water Purifier Name Ideas

Straw type water purifiers are great for outdoors and people on the go

Straw type water purifiers are great for outdoors or people on the go.

Water purification is not reserved for the home. Purifiers come in many forms, including straw purifiers which mean you can drink almost any clear water from most water sources. Even a nearby stream although that’s not recommended unless 100% necessary.

Portable enough to fit in your pocket, this product makes traveling with water bottles a thing of the past. Here are the best ideas we came up with for a portable straw purifier.

  • Alight Straw Purifiers
  • Arctic Drops
  • Aspira
  • Beyond Water
  • Blackprime
  • Brigga
  • BringPure
  • ChillSip
  • ClearSpring
  • Continuum
  • CoolDew
  • CreekSpring
  • Crest Water
  • Crystal Chill
  • Crystal Source
  • Essen Well
  • Everpure
  • Experiya
  • FreshBliss
  • FrontWater
  • Hightechno
  • Instant water
  • Life Filter
  • LifeCrest
  • LiquPour

Camping & Back Packing Water Purifier Name Ideas

Water purifiers for camping are lightweight and compact

Water purifiers for camping must be lightweight and compact.

The hobby of camping offers bringing along all sorts of supplies to make the experience more comfortable. Whether it’s coolers, food, or BBQ supplies there’s a lot to bring on any camping trip. One way you can reduce the amount of stuff you need to bring and waste is to invest in a water purifier designed for the great outdoors.    .

Water purifying equipment for camping and backpacking is light, efficient, and easy to use. Here are our best options for camping purifier brand names that make life easier for everyone.

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  • Aqua Puro
  • Aquabliss
  • Aquafount
  • Clean Streams
  • Crystalpoint Waters
  • Crystalwells Water
  • Envirodrink
  • Envirodrink Water
  • Fineacqua
  • Frescowater
  • Fresh Streams
  • Geosprings
  • Glacialpure