19 01, 2021

200+ (Not Lame) Herbal Company Name Ideas for 2021

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In this era of healthy living and the move to eating healthier foods, herbal supplements and remedies are growing exponentially too. From herbal supplement brands to natural herb companies, the growth of the industry have been breaking already high sales expectations. The total herbal supplement market is expected to […]

17 01, 2021

201 (Actually Good) Tea Company Name Ideas You Can Use

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An aromatic beverage that originated in China almost 5,000 years ago, tea has become one of the world’s most popular refreshing drinks. And while tea drinking is still more popular in China than anywhere else the beverage has grown into a global favorite whether it is for traditional teas […]

6 01, 2021

150+ Unique Name Ideas for an Innovative Supplement Brand

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In this era of health-conscious people, supplements are an important way consumers are getting the nutrients they need to feel their best. In 2019 alone, the supplement industry was valued at more than $16.6 billion dollars. The onset of the pandemic has boosted sales of these products further. Sales […]

5 01, 2021

189 (Not Boring) Fruit Business Name Ideas You Can Use

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There’s no debate that fruit is one of the healthiest things you can eat. Whether it’s fresh, cooked or dried, it tastes great and is good for you. Quality of the fruit is even been found to be a determining factor where consumers shop for groceries. Fresh fruit sales across […]

3 01, 2021

158 Mind-Blowing Cup Company Name Ideas For Entrepreneurs

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The United States today is produces 64 billion disposable cups each year. Sales from mugs, tumblers, and ceramic cups is more than $25 billion a year. The national drinkware market is expected to increase by 29% over the next five years so there’s never been a better time […]