Jam… the sweet, soft and sticky food is concocted when fruit and sugar meet. Jam is one of the most widespread forms of cooked fruit on the world and used to flavor all sorts of foods from the United States to Canada to Korea. Global sales of the product totals more than $3.33 billion in 2019 according to industry reports. In the United States alone, this industry exports more than $104.7 million worth of the product.

But before we get too far in the food startup process, you need to figure out what to call the business first. Finding a striking brand name for your jam is essential even if you only intend to plan to create a cottage food business that sells exclusively in your hometown.

I put on their brain-storming cap to find the best available name ideas in this category and these are the best jam name suggestions they came up with. Let’s get started!

Nicknames for Jam


Jam is delicious by any name.

Jam has many names, in a variety of forms, and can depend on the fruit used, the location and origin, and even how it is made. You can find many different terms for this tasty treat, but all refer to the same basic recipe. Anyone of these descriptive nicknames could be used in accurately describe this business.

Jam (also known interchangeably as “preserve”) – Traditionally, the name “jam” refers to the flesh and juice of a fruit being cut into pieces or crushed and cooked together with water and sugar, as a preservative, to activate the pectin of the fruit before being placed into jars for sale and consumption.

Conserve – This is a jam made from whole, uncut fruits, usually strawberries or other small berries, and most often originates in the areas of Eastern Europe, where it is called “varenye”. The main difference is the wholeness of the fruits, which requires a trickier method of cooking to achieve.

Confit – Taken from the French verb, “confire”, meaning “to preserve”, confits are fruits and vegetables seasoned and cooked with either honey or sugar to make a jam-like preserve.

Fruit Butter – Generally made from larger fruits, such as apples, plums, and peaches, but also pineapples and other tropical fruits in Asian countries, Fruit Butter has the whole fruit forced through a sieve to make it smoother. The fruits are cooked and then squished, before being cooked again with the sugar.

Fruit Curd – A delicious desert topping, this spread is normally made from lemons, limes, oranges, and raspberries. It has the added ingredients of beaten egg yolks to get the smoother consistency, and the zest to add more intense flavors.

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Fruit Spread – There is no set definition of what consists of a fruit spread, though some assert that to be a fruit spread, the jam or preserve must have no added sugar.

Chutney – Mistakenly thought to be a different beast altogether, chutney is just another form of preserve that has spices and herbs added to the fruit. Originating in India, chutneys have become popular as condiments with savory dishes, with the classic Mango Chutney being the most common.

Jelly – Mostly found in North America, this is a preserve that is made exclusively from the juice of the fruits only, with none of the pulp being used.

Marmalade – Basically a jam with bits of peel in it, Marmalade is usually made from citrus fruits, and has a light bitter tang to it that sets it apart from the normal sweet jams.

Catchy Jam Business Names

natural fruit spreads

A variety of homemade natural fruit spreads.

If you’re looking for something a little more catchy for your company, you’ve come to the right place. Using terms of fruits and other jam and less frequently used fruit-related words can be the unique twist you need to get noticed on grocery store shelves. Here’s our compilation of the slickest names.

  • Fresh n Fruity Preserves
  • Forever Fruit Jams
  • Fruity Finds Natural Preserves
  • Citrus Craze
  • Simply Citrus
  • Berries and Bushes
  • Berry Basket
  • The Opulent Orchard
  • Candy’s Conserves
  • Jim’s Jellys
  • The Seeds of Life
  • Fruity Folly
  • Farmer’s Fruit Jam
  • Filled With Fruit
  • Just The Fruit
  • Fruit Fiends
  • Succulent Seeds
  • Something Fruitful
  • Professional Pots
  • The Jam Jar
  • Tarty and Fruity
  • The Fruiteria
  • The Jam Shack
  • Green Apple Jams
  • The Lovely Fruit

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  • Jam Warehouse
  • Charlies Chutneys
  • More-malade
  • The Fruit Grocer
  • Jams n Jellies
  • Riper Fruits Jams
  • The Pickings Co.
  • Berries Galore
  • Olde Worlde Preserves
  • Fairy-Tale Fruit Curd
  • The Cherry Tree Jams
  • The Strawberry Field
  • Juicy Fruit Jams
  • Orchard Preserves
  • Rejoice Fruit Jams
  • Orchard’s Embrace
  • Berry Bloom Bounty
  • Sun Kissed Spread
  • Harvest Heartbeat
  • Fruitful Fervor
  • Sapling’s Sweetness
  • Blossom Berry Blend
  • Sunrise Symphony Spread
  • Groves’ Glory
  • Tendril’s Touch
  • Eden’s Elixir
  • Dewdrop Delight
  • Branch & Berry
  • Seedling’s Serenade
  • Cultivated Charm Conserve
  • Meadow Mist Marmalade
  • Orchard Ode
  • Farmer’s Fancy
  • Sprout & Spread
  • Fertile Field Fare
  • Nectar of Nature
  • Picked Perfection
  • Grove’s Gift
  • Bough’s Bounty
  • Ploughman’s Pride
  • Sunlit Savor
  • Field’s Feast
  • Root’s Radiance
  • Orchard Oasis
  • Bloom & Berry
  • Sapling’s Syrup
  • Fruitful Fusion
  • Amber Orchard
  • Berry Branch Bliss
  • Harvest Hymn
  • Cultivated Cradle
  • Garden Gem Glee
  • Pristine Patch Preserve
  • Crop Crown Conserve
  • Bountiful Berry
  • Rustic Radiance
  • Golden Grain Gelée
  • Blossom’s Best
  • Sown Sweetness
  • Verdant Valley
  • Tiller’s Treasure
  • Nature’s Nectar
  • Orchard Opera
  • Foliage’s Feast
  • Celestial Seed Spread
  • DoubleDuo Preserves
  • Dukeberry Fruit Jams
  • Froyogo Fruit Jams
  • Taste Like Real Fruit Spread
  • FruitSpark Preserves
  • FruitTwirl
  • The Natural Sweetness
  • WhichBerry
  • SlidingFruit
  • Doodle Fruit Jams
  • The Fruit Jamsery
  • DayBreak Fruit Jams
  • Better-Fruitz
  • FruitStix Preserves
  • Delicious Queen Jams
  • Fruit Darling Preserves
  • Fruitz Den Fruit Jams
  • Sweetness from the Tree

Funny Jam Name Ideas

canning jelly

The joys of at home canning.

Jam is fun and delicious, and there are plenty of opportunities to give your business a new fun-sounding name. Puns are a great way to be remembered, as long as you remember to keep it memorable and reference something the average citizen will understand.

  • Jammie’s Jars of Jam
  • The Jammie Dodgers
  • Jammin’
  • Jammy and the Fruits
  • Hallie’s Berries
  • Preserve the Fruit
  • Juicy Jams
  • Blackberry Passions
  • Just Fruits
  • Johnny No-seeds
  • The Jam Team
  • Super-Jams
  • Pump up the Jam
  • Jam Deep
  • The Traffic Jams
  • Caught in a Jam
  • Chopped Apricot Jam
  • Life Preserves
  • Plucked Blackberry Spreads
  • That’s My Jam
  • Jammin Natural
  • Just Jam (Nothing Else)
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Just Jellies
  • Always the Apricot
  • Silence of the Jams
  • Toast Toppings
  • Jam-Packed
  • Sticky Situations
  • Space Jam
  • Sweet Blackberry
  • Raspberry Rhapsody
  • Berry Blush Boutique
  • Crimson Cascade Conserve
  • Raspberry Ripple Retreat
  • Whispering Willow Raspberry
  • Razzle Dazzle Berry
  • Radiant Raspberry Reserve
  • Wild Berry Whirlwind
  • Raspberry Reverie
  • Sunburst Seedless Spread
  • Red Velvet Raspberry
  • Sweet Thicket Treat
  • Raspberry Rose Radiance
  • Enchanted Berry Essence
  • Ruby Radiance Relish
  • Raspberry Raindrop Delight
  • Bramble Berry Bliss
  • Raspberry Rendezvous
  • Berry Bountiful Spread
  • Orchard Opulence Raspberry
  • Jam in a Million
  • Jelly Masters
  • Jam-maica
  • The J for your PB
  • Jellytastic
  • Curdn’t be Preserved
  • Elephant Jam
  • The Log Jams
  • In a Jam
  • The CandyJam
  • Pearl’s Jam
  • Nothing But Jam
  • Reggae Jam

Jelly Business Name Ideas

  • Grape Glitz Spread
  • Strawberry Serenade
  • Blueberry Bliss Gelée
  • Blackberry Bramble Burst
  • Raspberry Rapture
  • Apricot Aura
  • Cherry Charm Conserve
  • Marmalade Majesty
  • Pomegranate Paradise
  • Fig Fantasy
  • Peachy Keen Preserve
  • Citrus Samba Spread
  • Plum Perfection
  • Cranberry Crave
  • Mango Melody Marmalade
  • Lemon Lush
  • Berry Ballet
  • Kiwi Kiss Conserve
  • Apple Ambrosia
  • Pineapple Passion
  • Orange Ovation
  • Guava Gleam
  • Elderberry Elixir
  • Boysenberry Bliss
  • Raspberry Rendezvous
  • Tart Cherry Treasure
  • Tangerine Tango
  • Mixed Berry Medley
  • Nectarine Nirvana
  • Watermelon Whirl
  • Passionfruit Pavilion
  • Spiced Pear Panache
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Rhapsody
  • Banana Berry Blast
  • Coconut Charm
  • Lychee Lagoon
  • Papaya Paradise
  • Currant Crush
  • Mulberry Muse
  • Lime Light
  • Spiced Apple Allure
  • Cranberry Citrus Symphony
  • Raspberry Rose Reverie
  • Apricot Alchemy
  • Berry Basil Bliss
  • Cherry Cinnamon Charm
  • Strawberry Saffron Swirl
  • Blueberry Lavender Luxury
  • Blackberry Basil Breeze
  • Raspberry Lemon Luster
  • Ugly Fruit Jelly
  • Organic Orchard Oasis
  • Pure Pantry Purity
  • Vegan Berry Virtue
  • Nature’s Nectar Nurture
  • Wholesome Fruit Wisdom
  • Green Groves Goodness
  • Ugly Fruit Unity
  • EcoBerry Elegance
  • Zen Zest Harmony
  • Botanic Bliss Bounty
  • Earth Essence Elixir
  • Raw Radiance Revival
  • Sustainable Spread Spectrum
  • Pristine Plant Pulse
  • Healthy Harvest Halo
  • Nourish Nature Nectar
  • Rustic Roots Rhapsody
  • Vibrant Vegan Variety
  • Renewed Resource Radiance
  • Organic Origami Orchard
  • Purely Plant Prestige
  • Vitality Vegan Vibe
  • Earthy Elegance Essence
  • Natural Nectar Notion
  • Uplifted Ugly Unite
  • Wholly Wholesome Waves
  • Garden Grace Glee
  • Ethical Eden Eats
  • Simply Sustainable Sweets
  • Naked Nature Nibble
  • Kind Karma Kitchen
  • Blessed Berry Bliss
  • Eco Elegance Embrace
  • Raw Reverie Reserve
  • Nutrient Nook Nirvana
  • Serene Seed Symphony
  • Organic Oasis Odyssey
  • Purely Peaceful Preserve
  • Vital Vegan Vision
  • Conscious Crop Cradle
  • Nature’s Nurture Nook
  • Thrive Through Thicket
  • Honest Harvest Haven
  • Sacred Seedling Savor
  • Fruitful Fidelity Feast
  • Earth Embrace Elixir
  • Vibrant Vitality Vault
  • Wholesome Wonder Wave
  • Green Gratitude Grove
  • Organic Odyssey Orchard

Strawberry Jam Names

  • Strawberry Serenity Spread
  • Wild Berry Whimsy
  • Sun-Kissed Strawberry Silk
  • Handpicked Happiness
  • Berry Bushel Bliss
  • Strawberry Sunbeam Spread
  • Wildwood Strawberry Whirl
  • Blossom Berry Burst
  • Strawberry Fields Forever Fresh
  • Patch Picked Perfection
  • Ruby Red Radiance
  • Berry Blush Bonanza
  • Strawberry Symphony
  • Velvet Berry Verve
  • Handpicked Harmony
  • Strawberries ‘n’ Sunshine Spread
  • Rustic Red Revel
  • Bountiful Berry Blend
  • Strawberry Solstice Spread
  • Country Cottage Strawberries
  • Sunrise Strawberry Spread
  • Crimson Crop Conserve
  • Strawberry Samba
  • Meadow Mist Strawberries
  • Strawberry Splendor Spread
  • Purity Patch Preserve
  • Wild Wanderlust Berry
  • Blushing Berry Blend
  • Strawberry Soulful Spread
  • Orchard’s Own Strawberry
  • Berry Basket Bonfire
  • Strawberry Summit Spread
  • Garden Glory Gelée
  • Strawberry Satchel
  • Nature’s Nectar Strawberry
  • Berry Bliss Bouquet
  • Handgathered Harmony
  • Strawberry Heartthrob
  • Dewdrop Delight
  • Strawberry Sanctuary Spread
  • Crimson Canvas Conserve
  • Strawberry Soirée Spread
  • Twilight Tinted Strawberries
  • Bush Berry Banquet
  • Strawberry Sprinkle Spread
  • Celestial Strawberry Spread
  • Berry Breathless Bliss
  • Strawberry Sigh Spread
  • Daybreak Dewberry Spread
  • Strawberry Spirit Spread

Pineapple Jam Names

  • Pineapple Paradise Preserve
  • Tropical Tree Treasure
  • Pineapple Palms Pantry
  • Exotic Pine Elixir
  • Chopped Charm Conserve
  • Golden Tropic Gelée
  • Pineapple Pinnacle Spread
  • Island Breeze Bounty
  • Pineapple Sunsplash Spread
  • Juiced Jewel Jar
  • Tropical Trance Treat
  • Pineapple Prism Preserve
  • Sunny Slice Symphony
  • Pineapple Purity Pot
  • Tropic Tang Twilight
  • Pineapple Crown Confection
  • Island Infusion Indulgence
  • Pineapple Zen Zest
  • Tropical Harmony Hub
  • Pineapple Peak Pleasure
  • Exquisite Pine Essence
  • Pineapple Paradise Pulp
  • Golden Grove Goodness
  • Chilled Pineapple Charm
  • Pineapple Whisper Waves
  • Aloha Pine Ambrosia
  • Pineapple Lush Lagoon
  • Tropicana Twist Tickle
  • Pineapple Passion Panache
  • Pine Perfection Pot
  • Sunlit Pineapple Savor
  • Pineapple Bliss Breeze
  • Tropical Tidbit Treat
  • Pineapple Dew Delight
  • Luminous Pine Luxe
  • Pineapple Patch Paradise
  • Golden Glint Gelée
  • Pineapple Pulse Potion
  • Tropic Tingle Treasure
  • Pineapple Mirage Marmalade
  • Dazzling Pine Dream
  • Pineapple Celestial Spread
  • Pineapple Coral Caress
  • Vibrant Pine Vista
  • Pineapple Luau Layer
  • Breezy Pine Buffet
  • First Taste Pineapple Spread
  • Pineapple Whisper Whirl
  • Tropical Spirit Spread
  • Pineapple Radiance Rhapsody
  • Island Echo Essence

Fruit Business Name Generators


Grapes: a timeless ingredient for fruit spreads.

A business name generator is another tool that can be used to build list of business name ideas. One of our favorites is from Shopify that will yield over 100 ideas with the click of a button. Enter a descriptive keyword and voila… You’ve got a brand name!

You can get the hang of business a business name generator by entering nicknames like preserves, conserves, jellies, fruit Curds or Spreads, to make your name stand out. Such as:

  • Candy’s Jams
  • Pete’s Preserves
  • Josie’s Jellies
  • Land’s End Fruit Spreads

Location is another good way to choose your business name, especially if there is a local landmark that stands out. The use of the location does make it more homely when being sold locally, as well as making positioning it as a specialty food product if plan to grow nationally. Examples include:

  • Liberty Preserves
  • Grand Canyon Jams
  • Strawberry Fields Jams
  • Mason’s Farm Preserves
  • Delight in the Preserves

Here are some other strategies for coming up with a unique name idea that isn’t already taken.

Naming Strategy Description Examples of Jam Business Names
Fruit Forward Names that emphasize the main fruit ingredient. Berry Bliss Jams, Raspberry Radiance, Picked Perfection Peach, Orchard Opulence, Strawberry Serenity, Crimson Cherry Conserve, Blueberry Burst, Apricot Aura, Plum Perfection, Golden Grape Glaze
Location-based Names that reference a specific location, often where the fruit is grown. Hillside Harvests, Meadow Mist Marmalade, Orchard Oasis, Valley View Preserves, Suncrest Spreads, Riverside Raspberry, Grove’s Gift, Blossom Hill Berry, Countryside Conserve, Orchard Lane Luxuries
Texture & Taste Names that highlight the texture or a unique taste of the jam. Silky Seedless Spread, Zesty Citrus Zing, Tart & Tangy, Sweet Symphony Spreads, Velvet Berry, Rich Raspberry Reserve, Lush Berry Layers, Heavenly Homestyle, Mellow Marmalade, Smooth & Sweet
Artisan & Craftsmanship Names that emphasize the handmade, artisanal quality of the product. Crafted Confections, Artisan’s Preserve Pantry, Handstirred Haven, Rustic Radiance, Mastercrafted Marmalade, Heirloom Homestyle, Boutique Berry Blend, Trademark Tastes, Connoisseur’s Collection, Craft & Berry Co.
Whimsical & Creative Names that are playful, fun, and imaginative. Jammin’ Jubilee, Berry Bonanza, Piquant Plum Parade, Whisk & Wish, Puddlejump Preserves, WhimsyBerry, Jolly Jars, Frolic Fruit Spreads, Mirthful Marmalade, Giggling Grape Glaze
Health & Wellness Focused Names that emphasize the health benefits or natural/organic quality. Purely Preserves, Wellness Whirl Jams, Nectar Naturals, Wholesome Wonders, Organic Orchard Spreads, Vitality Vittles, Nature’s Nectar, Berry Beneficial, Holistic Harvest, NutriBerry Naturals
Elegant & Sophisticated Names that sound refined, high-end, and luxurious. Luxe Berry Co., Velvet Vine Jellies, Opulent Orchard, Gourmet Grove, Prestige Preserves, Elite Elixirs, Refined Raspberry, Sumptuous Spreadables, Majestic Marmalade, Exquisite Essence
Heritage & Tradition Names that reference tradition, heritage, and a sense of legacy. Legacy Lane, Heritage Harvest, Ancestral Apple, Timeless Tastes, Vintage Vittles, Old World Orchard, Roots & Fruits, Generations Gelée, Classic Conserve, Lineage Luxuries
Pun & Wordplay Names that involve puns, wordplay, or clever twists on common phrases. Spread Heads, Jam Packed, Berry Tales, Preservin’ the Peace, Jam Session, Berry Berrific, Spread the Love, Jammin’ on Sunshine, Berry the Hatchet, Spreadable Edibles

How to Start a Home-Based Jam Selling Business


Better ingredients = better tasing jelly and jams.

The first thing to think about when planning to start a home-based spread business is to make a clear plan of action or business plan. For a more detailed list of food business startup steps, read this guide. But bottom line, you need to consider your personal goals before building out a specific plan for producing the product and getting sales.

Goals – Setting goals shouldn’t take up a lot of your time or be complex. Simply imaging what kind of a business you want to operate can reveal your goals. Do you want to meet directly with your customers on the weekend at farmers markets and generate a little supplemental income? Or do you want to build a $1+ million per year revenue brand with employees that’s sold on grocery store shelves or online? The goals you make will determine the plan you need to build to achieve it them.

Costs – These can be quite low for a startup jam business, since you can run it from your home kitchen for very little outlay. If you have enough pots and pans, you can dispense with buying too much equipment, though you may need some special tools, depending on the types of jams you will be making. You also need to take into account the cost of jars and labeling, licenses and identify a producer. To explore startup costs and considerations further, read our post on how much it really costs to start a specialty food brand.

Target Market – Thinking about your target market is as much an important step in the jams you will make as it is in the naming of the business. Some examples of an ideal customer include local businesses that use jam as a key ingredient regularly like your local grocery stores, restaurants, and bakeries. You can also include attendees at farmers markets that prefer supporting local vendors.

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Legal & Taxes – If you are going to open a startup jam business, then you need to consider the legality of running a business, and take the necessary steps in registering your business as a legal entity, registering for taxes, and opening a business bank account.

You should also make sure that you have all the necessary federal, state, and local permits and licenses, especially as you are running a food business. These can be found on the link to the SBA (Small Business Administration) government website.

If you’re thinking about getting into the jam business, one of the advantages is that you bootstrap the business from a home kitchen. And with the ability to sell it to friends, neighbors, shops, markets, and bazaars, and of course online thanks to more friendly cottage food laws you can build a business while staying small.

If you’re thinking about starting a food business of any size, we encourage you to join our free startup community here. Enrollment is free and you’ll get access to exclusive entrepreneur interviews to guide you on the journey to your successful business.

jam business name ideas

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