Have a brilliant idea for a snack food business? Maybe you discovered an unappreciated kernel of popcorn that needs to be shared. A raw energy bar that helps people lose weight. Or perhaps even an innovative flavor of kettle chip the world hasn’t enjoyed until now.

No matter what type of snack you plan to serve to the world, you’ve selected a growing market. The snack food industry enjoys $305.43 in annual spend per capita in the United States according to the market research firm Statista. Annual consumer spend on snack food is expected to increase by over 1% annually even further in the coming years.

I don’t know about you, but $305 bucks per year on snacks seems like a pretty low estimate. I personally spend at least 4x that number in my own household annually. I’ve also got kids, which skews the numbers a bit. But I digress.

Any business catering to the snack food market is bound to grow over the coming years, assuming you’re well run and have a product that consumers resonate with. If you have ideas for a snack food related business, whether it is as a snack food company or just a simple snack bar on the corner, you’ll still need to pick a name that appeals to new customers. These are the best ideas our crack team of creatives could come up with for this type of product.

Creative Snack Company Names

Be as creative as you like to make your store known

Be as creative as you like to make your store known

A little creativity can help you stand out from the crowds of snack companies entering the marketplace. Taking the time to make your brand name inventive can make the difference between being remembered or overlooked. Here are a few suggestions you can use as inspiration.

  • Snacks n Stuff
  • Tea Time
  • Tummy Ticklers
  • Tasty Dainty
  • Lush Bites
  • Deli-Life
  • Sweet Relish
  • La Familia
  • Kickback Snacks
  • Hunger Games
  • Foodienator
  • Jackers
  • Snack Zillas
  • Eatzers
  • Creative Snacks
  • Snacks R Us
  • Snacoholix
  • The Snackfood Emporium
  • Deli Snax
  • Delishus

Funny Snack Company Names

Giving yourself a funny name can help

Giving yourself a funny name can help

Being somewhat quirky can help with being remembered in the snack food business. Don’t take your snack food branding too seriously. Since many of the snack foods themselves have odd-sounding or funny names this is not an unusual in this category.

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After all, who would have thought “Twinkie” would be such a famous name 90 years ago? So go with what makes you happy, and if it makes people laugh or think, you could be onto something big.

  • The Naked Bun
  • Beast Snacks
  • The Urban Chowboy
  • Pick a Plate
  • Goodfilla’s
  • Food Picasso
  • Skewer Enigma
  • Taste Triggeria
  • Me Snack
  • Instantia
  • Mesmeric Snax
  • Fortune’s Cookies
  • Yumniastix
  • Creaturez Snax
  • Fro Zone
  • Chummies and Tummies
  • Taste Crusaders
  • Eateria
  • That Snackin’ Thing
  • Sole-Man Snacks

Snack Store Name Ideas

Make your Snack Store name really stand out

Make your name really stand out.

Owning a snack store means your catering to a veritable plethora of different snackers. Each person has different tastes and preferences of what they like. Make sure your name conveys this point.

Think of a name that gives meaning to your products. Or if you specialize be sure to call out that unique element of the brand.

  • Sweets Treats & Little Eats
  • Snak Attak
  • Bytes
  • Hangry?
  • Bellyworth’s
  • The Vege Table
  • Treat Trunk
  • The Pit
  • Snack Shack
  • Tidbits
  • Gonna Snack You
  • Snack It!
  • Greekorian
  • Meatiesta
  • Desserty
  • Porkella
  • Sultans of Pulp
  • Coal Delights
  • Indie Snack Barn

Snack Stand Name Ideas

Snack stands can be a great business

Snack stands can be a profitable business.

Snack stands can be a great business and your brand name should make it obvious what you sell. For snack stands that have more than one product on offer. Consider choosing a name that highlights your top selling items. Here are some suggestions.

  • Munchers Stop
  • Bite Moguls
  • Snaxville
  • Munch O’ Holics
  • The Grill Reaper
  • Pan Frombies
  • That Noodle Thing
  • Snax & Relax
  • Chip Inn
  • Tangilicious
  • Roasty
  • Pies N’ Fries
  • Poetry Between Buns
  • Mughlai Maven
  • Wanton Dynasty
  • Ethnic Twist
  • Pancake Pirates
  • Desserta
  • The Snack Bolt
  • Minute Of Desire

Snack Bar Name Ideas

Snack bars are popular with people on the go

Snack bars are popular among busy clientele.

Snack bars are also popular with people on the go and can make a profitable business in the right location. When choosing an appropriate name for your snack bar, you need to consider the food you are selling as part of the naming process.

No point having a snack bar selling fried noodles and calling it the Hot Pot. Make the name true to your products and give people a heads up on what they should expect.

  • SnackOPedia
  • Gluttony
  • Chill Out
  • Side Street
  • Munchies
  • Waffle Delezia
  • Fry Samaritans
  • Toasted Ping Thing
  • Mexilicious
  • Snack Hack
  • Tacos and Toasties
  • Fryderia
  • Somethin’ Dishy
  • Inside Slice
  • Meat Monarchs
  • Instantia Snax
  • The Snack Bolt
  • Lord Fries Snacks
  • Alley Food
  • The Snack Bakery
  • Sinister Snackers
  • The Snackeria

Snack vendors are found around the world and across every culture. From the hotdog stands in New York to snack bars selling falafels in the Middle East, an in-between meal is something we can all get behind.

Lessons from Snack Food Founders

I’ve had the opportunity to interview all sorts of snack food founders through this website. One of my personal favorites has to be with Snacktivist Foods based in Idaho.  Snacktivist specializes in baking mixes and baked good using ancient grains. The company was founded by Joni a full-time registered nurse.

Joni gets pretty deep into the reality of opening and running a startup food brand for multiple years in the interview. I highly suggest checking it out because it will prepare you for what’s ahead when starting this business. For the first five years, the company had less than $20,000 in annual sales. Joni continued to work as a nurse to pay the bills while operating the business.

An eight pack of Snacktivist cookies.

It’s a harsh reality that most food entrepreneurs need to work outside their normal work hours to start a business. This might mean waking up early, staying up late, or giving up weekends to make the idea work. Take this reality into account before getting started. This is not a business for those without determination.

But don’t think we’re all doom and gloom about the process of starting a food business. Quite to the contrary. You can also see rapid success starting this type of business as proven in our case study with Atlas Bars. The founder James Oliver was able to sell over 1 million protein bars since in the first two years running the company. Not bad!

Jamie attributed the fast growth of his company to the correct market fit, a successful KickStarter campaign, and press coverage in magazines like Women’s Health. If you want to start a successful food then investing your time and energy into getting your product in featured in blogs and targeted magazines is an effective use of your time. More often than not, the food businesses that experience longterm success are the ones that put their efforts into marketing.

Snack bar sales in the U.S. are valued at around $7 billion dollars a year and are forecast to rise to as much as 8.8 billion dollars by 2023.  This is a market with significant growth expectations in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean every individual product will be a success. If you want to learn the marketing strategies of others successful food founders, I encourage you to sign up for our free food business startup kit.

What type of snack business are you thinking about starting? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

99 snack food name ideas

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