31 07, 2020

Dilled Delights? 147 Creative Pickle Company Name Ideas

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Whether you like them sweet or sour, mild or spicy, or even flavored with horseradish to whiskey there’s a pickle to suit every taste. These briny delights are used to compliment burgers, but can be enjoyed alone as well. And with more 4.67 million Americans consuming at least at […]

29 07, 2020

99 Hand-Picked Snack Food Name Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Have a brilliant idea for a snack food business? Maybe you discovered an unappreciated kernel of popcorn that needs to be shared. A raw energy bar that helps people lose weight. Or perhaps even an innovative flavor of kettle chip the world hasn’t enjoyed until now.

No matter what type of […]

22 07, 2020

59 Artisan Fudge Company Name Ideas You Can Use Now

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Fudge makes for the perfect gift for friends or a decadent treat for yourself. Made in small batches by hand or custom made to order, artisan fudge has taken the specialty confectionery market by storm. And with the average American spending around U.S. $800 a year in confectionery, a certain […]

16 07, 2020

25 Compelling Craft Soda Industry Statistics and Trends

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Craft soda, just like craft beer, is hardly a new competitor in the mainstream beverage market. In fact, locally produced craft sodas have been in existence since the late 1800s.

Among these regional soda brands were Moxie, Cheerwine, White Rock, and Boylan. Today, the craft soda industry is poised to challenge […]

15 07, 2020

101 Artisan Name ideas for a Startup Jam Business

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Jam… the sweet, soft and sticky food is concocted when fruit and sugar meet. Jam is one of the most widespread forms of cooked fruit on the world and used to flavor all sorts of foods from the United States to Canada to Korea. Global sales of the product totals […]