Looking for a milkshake slogan and brings all the boys and girls to the yard? Look no further than this library of milkshake slogans and quotes honoring this timeless beverage.

If you own a milkshake shop, truck, or ice cream shop serving milkshakes, you can use any of these taglines to entice more customers visit. We also included some famous people’s quotes to shakeup your marketing collateral. Grab a straw and let’s get to it.

Milkshakes are

Milkshake Slogans

Let’s start out with simple but effective slogans for a milkshake station.

  • Life is short. Drink our milkshakes.
  • Make every sip count.
  • Colors of the rainbow in the form of different milkshake flavors.
  • Packed with flavor and power.
  • The milkshake for real men.
  • The milkshake for the modern woman.
  • Our milkshakes are made by hand.
  • Conquer the world with our milkshakes.
  • When milkshakes attack.
  • Divine milkshakes for mortals.
  • This is where you can find the best milkshakes in the world.
  • Our milkshake, your milkshake.
  • Shake up your day.
  • The milkshake that sticks in your heart.
  • 100% tasty milkshake, 100% pure love.
  • Milkshake finesse.
  • Perfectly disciplined milkshake.
  • Come try our (name of your specialty milkshake).
  • It’s not an earthquake. It’s our milkshake.
  • Try our must-try milkshakes.
  • Pretty cool, pretty sweet.
  • Special events deserve special milkshakes.
  • Your short gateway to paradise.
  • We have bigger straws.
  • Try our boba-rich milkshakes.
  • Space-age milkshakes in here.
  • Enter the flavorful world of superb milkshakes.
  • Your favorite milkshakes are here.
  • Classic milkshakes available.
  •  Most unique milkshakes are here.
  • We customize milkshakes.
  • We make fabulous milkshakes whatever the weather.
  • Why milkshakes? Come inside to know why.
  • The universe of stunning milkshakes.

Cute Milkshake Slogans

  • Most romantic milkshakes.
  • Shake rattle and enjoy.
  • Brewing the best milkshakes for milkshake lovers.
  • Making the best milkshakes for you is our passion.
  • Unbelievably sexy milkshakes.
  • Kisses with milkshakes.
  • Milkshake? Bring your sweetheart along.
  • We specialize in dating with milkshakes.
  • Kids will love our milkshakes.
  • Hearts and milkshakes.
  • The milkshakes of love.
  • Pretty milkshakes indeed.
  • Even the smell of our milkshakes is an elixir.
  • Sweetness and coolness overload.

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  • Best cookies and milkshakes here.
  • Sweetness begins here.
  • Milkshakes for sweeties.
  • Please be mine.
  • Your journey to happiness begins inside.
  • Feeling blue? Our milkshakes will cheer you up.
  • Making your dream milkshake come true.
  • Teddy milkshakes.
  • You’ll love each sip.
  • Each sip is a great adventure.
  • Will emote for a great milkshake.
  • Chic a shake.
  • Milkshakes with a view.
  • Shaken with love.
  • Solving your craving with a quenching milkshake.
  • Go milkshake go!.
  • Bond with friends over our milkshakes.
  • Whipping up your dream milkshake—yes, with whipping cream.
  • What a milkshake chump.
  • Sweetheart milkshake.
  • All our gorgeous milkshakes have syrups.

Disturbing chocolates.

Chocolate Milkshake Slogans

Chocolate milkshakes are all-time favorite flavors. Use these cool slogans if you’re serving them.

  • Buy 1, get 2 chocolate milkshakes.
  • The mere look of our chocolate milkshake gives you chills.
  • Healthy chocolate milkshakes here.
  • Not just a kiddie drink.
  • So good even scientists love our chocolate milkshakes.
  • Our chocolate milkshakes are perfect for burnouts.
  • What would you do if you’re craving a chocolate milkshake? Come to us.
  • Our chocolate milkshakes are always there for you.
  • The all-in-one chocolate milkshake.
  • Personalized chocolate milkshakes.
  • Fighting doesn’t solve anything. Our chocolate milkshake does.
  • Win an argument by giving your opponent our chocolate milkshake.
  • We have a ton of chocolate milkshake varieties.
  • The essence of existence is our unique chocolate milkshake.
  • Award-winning chocolate milkshakes here!
  • How about a caramel truffle chocolate milkshake?
  • Brown never looks so good!
  • Our door is all that’s standing between you and the best chocolate milkshake in the world.
  • Where all the best cocoa beans end up.
  • Chocolate milkshake, at your service.
  • We deliver your favorite chocolate milkshake—still cold.
  • Chocolate milkshake that does not let you worry about calories.
  • The perfect chocolate milkshake for bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Shorthand for sweetness and goodness.
  • You can’t go wrong with our chocolate milkshake.
  • Our chocolate milkshakes are the gifts of angels.
  • Ours is THE chocolate milkshake.
  • Today is a perfect day to enjoy our chocolate milkshakes.
  • It’s our milkshake or nothing.
  • Our chocolate milkshakes are second to none.
  • Best milkshake in (name of your locality).
  • Our chocolate milkshake. You made the right choice.
  • Brighten your day with our rich chocolate milkshake.
  • Chocolate milkshakes, here you go.

LOL milkshake slogans.

Funny Milkshake Slogans

Milkshakes connote fun, laughter, and good times.

  • Shaken, not stirred.
  • So good your mouth will water.
  • You’ll never lose with our milkshakes.
  • You lose nothing with our milkshakes—except for a few dollars.
  • Choose between the good, the bad, and the ugly milkshakes.
  • Milkshaking to eternity and beyond.
  • Earthquake? That’s just us making your favorite milkshake