It’s easy to forget the importance of road safety when driving, especially if you commute for work, is a daily habit. But road safety is essential for personal safety and those around you, especially if you drive a larger vehicle like a food truck or semi that can do more damage than typical sized sedan.

Here are a variety of reminders about the importance of road safety that remind us of the dangers of distracted driving, texting, and even road rage.

Road Safety Slogans

Buckle Up: 101+ Important Road Safety Slogans for Every Driver

  • Keep Your Ride at 55.
  • Loud Kids? Stay Focused on the Drive
  • Hands on the Wheel, Not on the Dial
  • Texting Can Wait, Safety Cannot
  • Drive Safe, Not Fast
  • Weather Rough? Drive Tough, but Careful
  • Rain or Shine, Safety’s Fine
  • Slippery Roads? Steady Goes
  • Distractions Down, Safety Up
  • Keep the Speed Real, Keep the Safety Ideal
  • In a Hurry? Don’t Worry, Drive Safely
  • Phone Calls Can Hold, Life is Gold
  • Changing Stations? Not on Road Foundations
  • Speed Thrills but Kills
  • Stay Cool in Traffic, Keep Safe
  • Text Later, Live Greater
  • Ice on Road? Caution Mode
  • Safety is Key in Rain or Sleet
  • Driving Fast is Not a Blast
  • Keep the Radio Low, Keep the Focus High
  • Driving Too Fast? What’s the Hurry?
  • Snowy Tracks, Careful Acts
  • Your Life is Worth More Than a Text
  • Keep Calm in the Storm, Drive with Norm
  • Busy Roads, Mindful Modes
  • Buckle Up, Every Trip, Every Time
  • Seatbelts: Your On-Board Lifeguard
  • Safe Passing, Safe Arriving
  • Keep a Safe Distance, Keep a Safe Journey
  • Red Means Stop, Not Speed Up
  • Belt Up for a Better Tomorrow
  • Overtake with Care, Arrive with Pride
  • Tailgating: A Shortcut to Disaster
  • Stop on Red, Drive Ahead Safely
  • Seatbelts: The Best Fashion for Every Drive
  • Patience in Passing, Pleasure in Safety
  • Close Following, Close Calls
  • Red Lights: Pause Today, Play Tomorrow
  • Seatbelts: The Best Hug on the Road
  • Drive Through Green, Not Red
  • Safety First, Commute with Care
  • Keep Calm and Drive Safe in the City
  • Respect Space, Avoid Tailgating
  • Ramming Risks Lives, Drive Responsibly
  • Aggressive Driving Harms, Choose Kindness Instead
  • Take a Breath, Ease the Drive
  • Safe Commutes, Happy Lives
  • Courteous Driving Keeps Cities Safe
  • Patience Pays on Busy Roads
  • Kindness Behind the Wheel Saves Lives
  • Tailgating Causes Trouble, Keep Distance
  • Avoid Road Rage, Embrace Safe Engagement
  • Make City Driving Safe, Not Aggressive
  • Commute with Compassion, Avoid Confrontation
  • Think Twice, Drive Nice
  • Peaceful Driving, Positive Journey
  • Road Respect, Accident Prevent
  • Safe Distance, Safe Drive
  • Calm Commuting, Community Caring
  • A Gentle Pedal, A Safer Mettle

Don’t Text and Drive Slogans

Texting can wait, your safety can't.

A sample road signage for ‘Don’t Text’ slogan.

  • Eyes Up, Phones Down, Life Matters.
  • Drive Now, Text Later, Live Longer.
  • Invest in Safety, Divest from Distractions.
  • Your Life’s Worth More Than a Text.
  • Keep Your Wealth of Health – Don’t Text and Drive.
  • Drive with Focus, Text with Caution.
  • Texting Can Wait, Your Safety Can’t.
  • Make Smart Moves on the Road, Not on Your Phone.
  • Value Your Journey, Avoid Text Tragedy.
  • Texting is a Bad Investment on the Road.
  • Success on the Road Means No Texting Zone.

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  • Texting While Driving? Bad for Your Health Portfolio.
  • Safe Driving is the Best Dividend.
  • Eyes on the Road: Your Best Asset.
  • Texting and Driving? That’s Risky Business.
  • Preserve Your Life’s Capital – Don’t Text and Drive.
  • The Road Demands Attention, Not Your Texts.
  • Secure Your Future, Avoid Texting While Driving.
  • Texting is a Liability on the Road.
  • Drive Smart, Your Life’s the Biggest Stake.
  • Texting Behind the Wheel? Poor Life Strategy.
  • Road Safety: Your Most Valuable Investment.
  • Texting and Driving? Not in the Success Lane.
  • Keep Your Drive Profitable, Skip the Text.
  • Eyes on the Prize: Safe Driving, No Texting.

Slogans to Prevent Road Accidents

  • Stay Alert, Stay Alive on the Road
  • Check Mirrors, Save Lives
  • Keep a Safe Distance, Keep Everyone Safe
  • Share the Road, Share the Responsibility
  • Turn Signals: Small Gesture, Big Impact
  • Speeding Kills: Slow Down, Live Longer
  • Look Twice for Motorcycles: Save a Life
  • Trucks Need Room: Give Space, Stay Safe
  • One Road, One Rule: Safety First
  • Big or Small, Safety is for All
  • Respect Red Lights, Protect Lives
  • Stay Sober, Stay Behind the Wheel
  • Seatbelts: Your Lifeline in Every Ride
  • Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel
  • Never Text, Never Regret: Drive Safely
  • Expect the Unexpected: Drive Defensively
  • 18-Wheelers Alert: Safety in Size
  • Night Driving: Be Bright, Be Seen
  • Road Courtesy Saves Lives
  • Weather Wise, Accident Free
  • Bikers: Gear Up for Safety
  • Stop at Stop Signs, Stop Accidents
  • Blind Spots: Check, Then Proceed
  • Pedal Responsibly, Drive Responsibly
  • Every Life Matters: Drive with Care
  • Night Eyes: Slow Down, Wildlife Around
  • Mountains Ahead: Watch for Wildlife
  • Deer in Headlights: Drive Slow, Stay Alert
  • Moonlit Roads: Caution Brings Safety
  • Twilight Travels: Vigilance Keeps You Safe
  • Dark Roads, Bright Awareness
  • Mountain Roads: Expect the Unexpected
  • When Stars Shine, Drive with Care
  • Wildlife Wonders: Drive with Respect
  • Night’s Beauty, Driver’s Duty: Stay Alert
Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel.

A sample slogan for preventing road accidents.

Road Safety Slogans for Schools

These road safety slogans were written for schools. They focus on protecting kids, emphasize safe crossings, and caution in school zones.

  • Kids at Play, Drive Safely Today
  • Slow Down: School Zone Ahead
  • Protect Our Students, Drive with Caution
  • Little Steps on the Road, Big Steps in Life
  • Safety First for Every School Journey
  • Every Child Safe, Every Driver Aware
  • Keep Our School Zone Slow and Secure
  • Caution: Future Leaders Crossing
  • Drive Carefully, Children Learning Nearby
  • School Zone: Where Young Lives Matter
  • Safety in School Zones Saves Lives
  • Look Out for Little Learners on the Road
  • Guard Our Kids, Guard Their Future
  • Drive Gently in a World of School Adventures
  • School’s In, Speed’s Out
  • Respect Our School Zone: Slow Down, Save Lives
  • Kids Crossing: Patience Brings Safety
  • Bright Futures Ahead, Drive Safely
  • Little Feet Crossing, Big Responsibility
  • Be a School Zone Hero: Keep Kids Safe
  • Small Steps, Big Impact: Drive Safely in School Zones
  • Slow Down for Smiling Faces
  • Young Minds Ahead: Proceed with Care
  • Let’s Make Every School Journey Safe
  • Safe Roads, Happy Students: Drive with Care in School Zones

Funny Road Safety Slogans

These silly slogans provide a serious reminder about road safety.

  • Honk if you love safety. Drive safely if you hate honking.
  • Drive like your mom is watching. Even if she’s not in the car.
  • Remember, the ‘Fast & Furious’ is a movie series, not a driving manual.
  • Drive like you know each pothole personally.
  • Your car’s not a phone booth. Hang up and drive!
  • Keep the road rage in video games. Drive nice in real life.
  • Turn signals. They’re not just for decoration!
  • If you can read this bumper sticker, congrats, you’re not tailgating!
  • Speed limits. Not just a suggestion.
  • Stop signs are red, violets are blue, I stop at the sign, and so should you.

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  • Driving faster can cause disaster. Be a turtle, not a hare.
  • A car has brakes to make you brake.
  • You’re not a GPS, don’t drive as if you know everything.
  • Be a pal, check your blind spot for a car, not a mythical creature.
  • Wear your seat belt, it’s cheaper than buying new teeth.
  • Don’t drink and drive. You’re not a blender.
  • Driving with care makes you a bear – big and powerful but not reckless.
  • A red light is not a suggestion, it’s a stop invitation.
  • Don’t make your car a moving disco. Eyes on the road!
  • If you love your car, set it free. (i.e., Don’t crash it.)
  • Keep calm and don’t turn your car into a bumper car.
  • Zigzag driving is for video games, not highways.
  • Speeding won’t turn you into a superhero.
  • Your horn is for warning, not for DJing.
  • Drive as if your pet is sitting on the dashboard!
'Fast & Furious' is a movie series, not a driving manual.

A funny slogan for reckless drivers.

Road Rage Slogans

A reported 80% of U.S. drivers displayed significant anger, aggression, or road rage in the past 30 days, according to 2019 AAA data​. Even though driving can be stressful, keep it cool even if you get cut off or are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

  • Keep Cool, Keep Cruising: No Room for Rage on the Road.
  • Breathe In, Drive Out Stress: No Rage in This Lane.
  • Traffic’s Tight, But Keep Your Cool Light.
  • Rush Hour Zen: Stay Calm, Stay Safe.
  • Honk Less, Smile More: Peace Begins on the Road.
  • Road Rage is All the Rage, But Safety is Timeless.
  • Stay Calm, Drive On: Even in the Slow Lane.
  • Cooler Heads Drive Safer: No Heat on the Street.
  • Keep Your Temper Tucked, Keep Your Journey Safe.
  • Traffic Tests, Calmness Bests: Drive With Serenity.
  • In a Jam? Stay Calm: Safety is No Accident.
  • Gridlock’s a Pain, But Anger’s No Gain.
  • Don’t Let Traffic Heat Up Your Cool.
  • Slow Traffic Ahead? Keep Peace in Your Head.
  • Keep Calm and Drive Along: Say No to Road Rage.
  • Bumper to Bumper, But Cool as a Cucumber.
  • Rage is a Cage, Drive with Sage.
  • Even in a Rush, Keep a Hush: Drive Calm.
  • Tailgates Don’t Open Gates to Safe Driving.
  • Traffic’s a Test, Patience is Best.
  • Road Zen: Where Calm is Your Copilot.
  • Brake the Rage, Not Just the Car.
  • Congested Roads, Relaxed Modes.
  • Traffic Tantrums? Not on Our Roads.
  • Keep Your Head, Even When Traffic’s Dread.

Rail Road Safety Slogans

Don't rush over rails, safety prevails.

Sample slogan for railroad crossing.

Driving safety near railroad crossings is crucial because trains, unlike regular vehicles, can’t stop quickly. Imagine a train as a massive, fast-moving object that, once it’s in motion, requires a long distance to come to a full stop. This means that if a car is on the tracks when a train is approaching, the train can’t just brake suddenly to avoid a collision. The result could be a serious accident, potentially causing severe injuries or even fatalities. These slogan ideas remind us to take extra care near rail road crossings.

  • Stop, Look, Listen: Railroad Crossing Ahead
  • Train on Track? Stay Back
  • Rails Rule: Always Yield to Trains
  • A Red Signal Means Stop Every Time
  • Don’t Race the Train, It’s Not a Game
  • Beware of the Tracks, Trains Can’t Brake Quickly
  • Train Approaching? Patience Saves Lives
  • Tracks are for Trains, Not for Games
  • Look Both Ways at Every Railroad Crossing
  • Expect a Train on Any Track, Any Time
  • Crossing Safely: Better Late Than Never
  • Don’t Rush Over Rails, Safety Prevails
  • Stay Alert Near Tracks, Avoid Tragic Impact
  • Railroad Wisdom: Wait Your Turn, It’s Worth It
  • Flashing Lights? Train in Sight
  • Keep Clear of Tracks: Trains Can’t Swerve
  • Safety First at Railroad Crossings
  • Never Stop on the Tracks, It’s a Risky Act
  • Trains Don’t Stop on Dime, Give Them Time
  • Be Train Smart: Cross with Care
  • A Quiet Zone Isn’t a Safe Zone
  • Heed the Signs, Save Lives
  • Crossing Tracks? Take Extra Care
  • Train Warnings are Lifesavers: Heed Them
  • Safe Crossing, Safe Journey: Respect the Rails

Railroad crossings are equipped with warning signs, lights, and sometimes barriers for this reason. It’s important for drivers to always obey these signals and never try to outrun a train or go around them.

The AAA Foundation’s Annual Traffic Safety Culture Index reveals alarming data: 22% of drivers reported passing another vehicle with less than a car length, 25% admitted to speeding up to prevent another vehicle from passing, and 31% confessed to driving through a red light. Based on all of this data it’s safe to say that most of us have room for improvement when it comes to keeping our roadways safe. I hope these slogans will serve as an important reminder.

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