In my opinion, litter bugs are some of the worst pests around. Not only do they make our local communities look bad, they can cause serious long-term harm to our planet. Plus, it’s just plain lazy considering it’s usually convenient to throw a piece of waste in a trash can or recycling bin.

This list of slogans, sayings, and quotes helps remind everyone about the importance of keeping things clean. These are appropriate for most businesses and organizations that want to put litter bugs on blast in the most kind hearted way possible.

No Littering Slogans

375+ "No Littering" Slogans To Put Litter Bugs on Blast.

“No Littering” Slogans.

  • Keep it Clean, Keep it Green. No Littering, Please!
  • Toss Your Trash, Not Your Class. Use the Bin!
  • Wrap it Up, Bin it Up. Let’s Keep it Tidy!
  • Litter Makes Bitter; Bins Make Grins!
  • Don’t Trash Our Place, It’s Not a Race to Waste.
  • Your Mama Doesn’t Work Here; Please, Bin Your Beer.
  • Litter Not on Our Lot. Thanks a Lot!
  • Be Neat, Delete Your Litter on the Street!
  • Keep Our Scene Pristine. Say No to Litter!
  • Bin There, Done That. Litter’s Not Where It’s At.
  • Don’t Be Trashy, Keep it Classy. Bin it Right!
  • Feed the Bin, Not the Ground. Let’s Keep it Sound.
  • This Ain’t a Litter Buffet; Please Throw Your Trash Away.
  • A Clean Spot is a Hot Spot. No Littering, Thanks a Lot!
  • Trash Goes in the Bin, That’s How We All Win!
  • Our Place Loves Your Taste, But Not Your Waste.
  • Love Our Eats? Please, No Litter on Our Streets!
  • Wrap Up Your Junk, Then Dunk it in the Trunk (Bin)!
  • Treat Our Street Like Your Home; Litter Has No Throne.
  • We’re in the Flavor Business, Not the Litter Mess!

Funny No Littering Slogans 

Sometimes humor can be the best way to teach a lesson without offending people. Here are some funny slogans that still demonstrate the importance of responsible waste management and recycling.

You know, littering is a lot like sending a text to the wrong person. You think it’s no big deal until you realize you’ve just dumped your trash in Mother Nature’s inbox. And let me tell you, she does not like spam!

I saw someone throw trash out their car window and I thought, Wow, they must be really confident about the world being their oyster. Too bad oysters can’t digest candy wrappers.

Why did the can go to school? Because it wanted to be a little brighter and learn how to recycle itself. It’s the only can that graduated magna cum laude in trashology!

If aliens visited Earth and saw us littering, they’d think throwing stuff on the ground was how we plant plastic trees. Look Zorg, another one of those Earthlings planting a chip bag. Harvest will be plentiful this year!

I treat litterbugs like I treat my laundry: sort them out. There are those who recycle (the clean clothes), and those who litter (the socks that mysteriously disappear). I’m still trying to find where those socks and litterbugs go…

Littering in the park is like cooking a beautiful meal and then eating it off the floor. Sure, you still get fed, but now there’s a mess, and the squirrels are judging you.

Imagine if our trash could talk. Excuse me, sir, I believe I belong in that recycling bin, not under your car seat. You’d never hear the end of it!

Littering isn’t just bad for the environment; it’s like telling Mother Nature you forgot her birthday. And trust me, you don’t want to be on her bad side. Have you seen what she can do with a tornado?

My friend says he’s ‘too cool’ to recycle. I said, So cool you’re single-handedly heating up the planet? That’s not cool, that’s global warming.

Why don’t we treat litter like we treat WiFi passwords? Guard it closely, share it with as few people as possible, and definitely don’t leave it lying around for everyone to see.

No Littering Sayings

Keep it Clean, Keep it Green. No Littering, Please!

Keep it Clean, Keep it Green.

  • Litter here and we’ll make it clear, your luck might just disappear!
  • Throw trash, face Mother Nature’s wrath.
  • Litter and you’ll be the critter that Mother Nature scolds.
  • Our land’s not a bin, litter and you won’t win.
  • Trash the ground, bad luck’s found.
  • Litterbugs beware, you’re in Mother Nature’s lair.
  • Keep it clean or face the green queen’s mean side.
  • Litter here, and your good luck might just veer.
  • Toss trash, prepare for a karma crash.
  • Make mess, face distress.
  • Litter leads to luck that bleeds.
  • Trash our place, you’ll face disgrace.
  • Dump here, and you’ll summon a bad luck sphere.
  • Litter and you’ll upset the eco babysitter.
  • Trash the land, karma’s reprimand.
  • This is not a litter zone, or else face the unknown.
  • Dispose improperly, invite a curse comically.
  • Break the no-litter law, and you might draw a short straw.
  • Litterbugs get no hugs, only shrugs and ugly mugs.
  • Leave trash, prepare for a cosmic backlash.
  • Our land’s not a bin, drop trash, and you can’t win.
  • Toss a can, ruin your master plan.
  • Litter? I’d reconsider unless you like bitter.
  • Throw trash, face nature’s brash clash.
  • Litter here, and you’ll invoke the eco-sphere’s fear.
  • Discard your junk, attract the bad luck skunk.
  • Mess it up, and you’re out of luck.
  • Leave litter, earn a karma critter.
  • Disrespect the land, you’ll be dealt a bad hand.
  • Trash around, bad luck abound.
  • Leave no trace or face Mother Nature’s mace.
  • Drop litter, stir the eco critter.
  • Litter’s path, incur nature’s wrath.
  • Mess our ground, and misfortune’s found.
  • Trash-tossing guests, expect nature’s pests.
  • Toss litter, and your luck gets bitter.
  • Dispose with care, or face the unlucky bear.
  • Litter our ground, bad vibes compound.
  • Drop trash, attract a luck crash.
  • Mess with nature, face bad fortune’s capture.
  • Litter and risk the eco-sheriff’s brisk.
  • Break our no-litter creed, bad luck’s guaranteed.
  • A litterer’s fate is not so great.
  • Litter leads to luck’s recede.
  • Trash here, and you’ll shed a tear.
  • Toss litter, get nature’s bitter Twitter.
  • Litter on land, karma won’t stand.
  • Dump waste, face an unlucky taste.
  • Litter? Expect nature’s bitter letter.
  • Trash our space, summon bad luck’s embrace.

Litter Slogans that Rhyme

Don’t make our trees grieve with sleeves of plastic they don’t need.

Don’t make the trees grieve.

These slogans rhyme and encourage positive action towards the environment, emphasizing the role everyone has in maintaining the beauty and health of our planet.

  • If you litter without a care, I’ll be there. Keep it clean, keep it fair!
  • Toss it wrong and I’ll be strong. To the bin is where it belongs!
  • Lakes and trees, they plead and plea, keep them clean for you and me.
  • Trash and toss, there’s a cost. Against litter, I’m the boss!
  • Mountains high, waters deep, this green earth we must keep.
  • Litter here, litter there, it’s a burden we all bear. Do your share, show you care!
  • Garbage foul, I’m on the prowl, for a clean world, I’m on the howl.
  • For each can and bottle tossed, a bit of beauty is forever lost.
  • In the fight to keep it bright, I stand strong for what is right!
  • Waste not the land where we stand, together let’s protect our land!
  • When you litter, you dim our glitter. Keep it clean, be a winner!
  • Rivers flow, breezes blow, keep them clean wherever you go.
  • Litter’s blight is my fight. Join me in keeping the planet bright!
  • Tarnish not what we’ve got; keep our planet free of rot.
  • From city street to mountain peak, a clean world is what we seek.
  • Litterbug, meet my hug. The planet needs more than a shrug.
  • Don’t make our trees grieve with sleeves of plastic they don’t need.
  • Ditch the litter, be a winner, Earth’s defender, not its sinner.
  • Throw your trash? I’ll come in a flash. Together, we can prevent an eco-crash.
  • Every piece of litter you drop, my mission to protect won’t stop.

Litterbug Slogans  

Don't Be a Trash Maggot, Bin it, Don't Drag it

Don’t Be a Trash Maggot.

These slogans aim to call out irresponsible littering behavior in a bold yet non-offensive manner, encouraging everyone to take responsibility for their environment.

  • Hey Litterbug, Don’t Be Sly, Trash Goes in the Bin, Not By.
  • No Litter Bugs Allowed Up In Here.
  • Caught Littering? Shame on You, Bins Are Here for What You Do
  • Litterbugs Beware, Our Eyes Are Everywhere, Keep It Clean
  • This Isn’t Your Room, Don’t Assume, Bin Your Trash
  • Act Like an Adult, Not a Litter Culprit, Use the Bin
  • Litter Left is Character Theft, Show Respect, Dispose Correctly
  • We’re Not Your Mom, Don’t Drop That Bomb, Bin Your Trash
  • Don’t Litter, Don’t Lie, Our Earth Deserves to Stay Dry
  • A Litterbug’s Shame, Everyone’s Bane, Be Better, Bin It
  • Don’t Be Lazy, Littering is Crazy, Bins Await Your Gift
  • Litter Flies High When You’re Nearby, Time to Try the Bin
  • Be Neater, Not a Litter Beetle, Bin Your Stuff
  • Don’t Be a Trash Maggot, Bin it, Don’t Drag it
  • Flies Love Your Litter More Than You, Time to Review
  • Dumping Trash? That’s Roach Behavior, Be a Savior
  • Only Flies Are Fans of Your Litter, Be a Winner
  • Ants March Where Litter Lies, Don’t Be Their Prize
  • Be Fly-Free, Not Free with Litter, Use the Bin
  • Cockroaches Applaud Your Littering, Time for Altering
  • Trash Tossers Attract Pests, Bin Users are the Best
  • Be Slick, Don’t Attract Ticks, Bin That Stick
  • A Litterbug’s Feast, A Fly’s Banquet Beast
  • Trash Droppers are Maggots’ Shoppers, Be Cleaner
  • Mosquitoes Mistake You for Trash, Time to Dash
  • Flies Flock to Litter, Don’t Be Bitter, Use the Bin
  • Be a Star, Not a Litter Scar, Flies Won’t Go Far
  • Don’t Be a Trash Termite, Get Your Litter Right
  • Maggots Delight in Litter Sight, Be Bright, Bin It
  • Don’t Feed the Litter Flies, Be Wise, Disguise Your Trash
  • A Roach’s Dream is Your Litter Stream, Break the Scheme

Garbage Slogans 

Don’t Be a Litter Critter. Be a Bin Hitter!

Be a Bin Hitter!

  • Bin It to Win It – A Tidy World’s a Mighty World!
  • I Never Liked Listening to Garbage.
  • Garbage Gone, Gardens Grown – Keep It Clean, Get in the Green Scene!
  • Trash It Right, Make the Planet Bright!
  • No Trash Mishmash – Just a Flash of the Bin Smash!
  • Litter’s a Loser, Bin’s a Brainer – Let’s Keep It Cleaner!
  • Be a Garbage Goalie – Save the Planet, Score a Clean Sweep!
  • Don’t Be Trashy, Be Flashy – Bin It with Panache!
  • Dump the Dump, Love the Bin – Let’s All Win!
  • Trash Talking Done Right – In the Bin Tonight!
  • Be a Bin Believer – A Cleaner Earth Achiever!
  • Trash in its Place Makes the World an Ace!
  • Garbage Goes, Beauty Grows – Let’s Clean Up Those Throws!
  • Bin There, Clean That – A Tidier Habitat!
  • Garbage? Banish It! World? Cherish It!
  • Throw Away the Right Way, Make the Earth Say Hooray!
  • No Litter Glitter, Just Bin Winners!
  • Put Litter in its Kitty – Make the City Pretty!
  • One Man’s Trash, Everyone’s Treasure – Bin for Pleasure!
  • Trash Ain’t Bashful, But the Bin’s Passionful!
  • Don’t Be a Litter Critter – Be a Bin Hitter!
  • Trash Bash? More Like Trash Dash to the Bin!
  • Keep It Neat, Off the Street – In the Bin, What a Treat!
  • Litter Less, Love More – Cleanliness We Adore!
  • Don’t Fret, Just Jet Your Trash to the Bin Set!
  • Be Tidy, Not Tacky – Trash in the Bin, Backy!
  • Garbage in its Place, Smiles on Every Face!
  • A Bin for a Win, Let the Cleanliness Begin!
  • Litter Louts Lose Out, Bin Believers Boast About!
  • No Trash Fling, Let the Bin Sing!
  • Let’s Get Classy – Bin that Trashy!
  • Garbage? Toss it Right, Keep Our Future Bright!
  • Littering’s Bitter; Binning’s Better – Let’s Get Setter!
  • Bin’s the Thing, Let’s Keep it Clean and Swing!
  • Dump in the Slump, or Shine with the Bin Line!
  • Rubbish in the Bin, Let the Earth Grin!
  • Trash, Dash to the Bin – That’s the Way to Win!
  • Be a Clean Queen or King – Bin That Thing!
  • A Bin’s Best Friend is Trash – Let’s Make a Splash!
  • Cleanliness is Happiness – Let’s Bin the Mess!
  • Trash the Litter Bug – Give the Bin a Hug!
  • No More Trash Clash – Just a Bin Bash!
  • Tidy Tales, Happy Trails – Bin It, Don’t Fail!
  • Trash Talk’s Old – Binning Bold is Gold!
  • Littering’s Out, Binning’s In – Let’s All Begin!
  • Trash in the Bin – That’s How We All Win!
  • A World So Bright Starts with Binning Right!
  • From Trashy to Classy – Bin It, Don’t Pass It!
  • Garbage in, Garbage Win – In the Bin, We Grin!
  • Make a Clean Sweep, Not a Dirty Heap – Use the Bin!
  • Don’t Just Toss, Be the Boss – Bin That Loss!

No Littering Quotes

  • Margaret Mead: “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.”
  • Robert Swan: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
  • Jane Goodall: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

John Denver: “The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”

  • Barack Obama: “This is the moment we must come together to save this planet.”
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: “The future of humanity depends on whether or not we address climate change.”
  • Ellen DeGeneres: “Be kind to one another. And not just the people that are close to you, but to everyone.”
  • David Attenborough: “The only way to save our planet is for each of us to take action.”
  • Sting: “Our actions have a direct effect on changes in the ecosystem.”
  • Gisele Bündchen: “Nature speaks to us all the time. We just need to learn to listen.”
  • Al Gore: “The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity.”
  • Dr. Seuss (from ‘The Lorax’): “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
  • John Muir: “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”
  • Henry David Thoreau: “What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”
  • Ansel Adams: “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.”

These sayings use humor to convey a serious message about littering, reminding everyone of the potential consequences – be it legal, natural, or simply a streak of bad luck – for not respecting the environment.

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